Saturday, February 25, 2012

hard choice

Im very close to buying new couches.. We have two love seats right now and that is just not enough for a family of five. I really kinda sort of want an L shaped sectional, but Im not positive it will fit in the room. How does a person tell that anyway? measurements I suppose.

i want microfiber too. Leather is OUT because with our Smokey Dog, we would be paying for leather sofa repair beofre we had the furniture paid off!

I kinda want to get something where the seats recline. and Definitely something that is comfortable to sleep on!

Im still a few months away, We are going on vacation in April, and i want to have fun with that before saving up for a couch!


I picked up my tips today, 16.70. I love getting tips, I loce checking to see if I have gotten a good coin - something rare or odd. Like the silver eagles, those are a great coin.

I think its super when the mint offers special coins. The bratlings have a few speciality coin collections - they don't give a hoot about them yet, but they will some day :D

i didn't care about coins either. I still don't really, but every once and a while, like today when I got my tips, I remember that maybe, just maybe there is a treasure in my pocket!!!