Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blind as a bat

Without my glasses I am as blind as a bat, and after the horrible time when my glasses broke and I had to last and entire eleven days not being able to see anything. At.All. I decided that it would be best to find a pair of glasses that I could use in case anything ever happened like that again.

Because I had no desire to spend 3-500$ on a pair of just in case glasses I checked online for discount prescription glasses and hit the jackpot! There are quite a few, people, and Over the next few days i am going to pick out and find a pair.

It's also a great chance, I think, to try out different styles of glasses and see if they suit me. I tend to always get the same style, just to be safe, but if the glasses are going to cost me pennies, I may as well have some fun with it!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


First, please head to Bluepaintred.com and give me some much needed advice.


Back yet?

How about now?


Yeah, it was long wasn't it? Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Ok. Today I want to talk about skin care, and how to prevent bad skin. Parker is ten, and he is already deeply entrenched in a nightly routine of washing his face, then wiping with an anti acne pad, just in case, but should he be doing more?

Does he need to moisturize?

I know that girls do, well most girls anyway, I only do when I remember too.

I want to prevent ever having to get severe acne treatment for him. I remember clearly what it was like in junior and upper high school and having a forehead covered in zits and I'd like to prevent that if at all possible for my kids.

I know to a certain extent, he will get zits and pimples, but I want to prevent huge outbursts of them like I had.

Tips please!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Talk

As in, THE talk. It has to be done, and soon. Parker is only ten, but he is the youngest in his grade, there are some 12 year olds in his class, and at PTI on Thursday, we asked his teacher and the girls are definitely into boys and making no bones about it!

So far, his teacher said, he is oblivious to the looks and giggles, but soon he will catch on and I really want him to know the truth, the right and proper truth about it, from us, not from an ill informed friend.

Every time he comes to us with a question, like how to get rid of blackheads, I want to start in and tell him, just TELL HIM but I can't!

It just really bugs me. I know he needs to know but i cannot stand the idea of him actually KNOWING. I mean., How do I tell him "penis goes in vagina" and not look at him differently PLUS, if i give him The Talk, he is gonna know that his FATHER AND I DID THAT!


Im sooo conflicted.

We have set a date though, We have decided that we have to do it before September becuase he will be in grade six, at the high school in September.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Bunny is Coming

Easter is at the very beginning of April this year, the fourth I believe, and we are ready. its hard to not be ready becuase this year we are doing something very different that what we normally do, which is spread tonnes of chocolate all over the house and make the kids find it. We used to spend about 100-150 dollars on chocolate and treats and spread it around, but becuase I am Anal about their candy eating, most of the chocolate either went in me, or in the trash.

This year we bough a set of seven star dragon balls from the anime cartoon, dragon balls(and Z), and we are going to hide them along with one of those little mesh bags of chocolate eggs that cost 1.29.

The kids are in love with the TV show, the games and the books, so we thought it would be more fun to have a scavenger hunt for the balls then to waste chocolate on them that I am not even going to let them eat.

Plus, its gonna be super hard for me to insert weight loss pills into the chocolate bunnies so I can justify eating them this year!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What happens when...

People give kids weird names like Alexsiss or Neveah? My boys have pretty normal names, Parrker, Blake and Logan and yet, when I try to find them a personalized gift the only one I can find premade for is Logan, and half the time, I cant even find them for him.

It is possible to order them online, but I love stopping at little kiosks at the mall and searching through the personalized water bottles and pencils looking for their names.

So I really wonder, when people give their kids weird names, what do they do when they want something personalized?

Speaking of, my name is super normal, Shannon, but I hardly ever find anything with my name on it either!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Victory is Mine

Now that I can reach the top shelf, I am planning on taking goer the world. It was inevitable that the power, the ability to take any cup no matter the shelf height, would eventually go to my head.

The first step in my evil plan was, of course, the shoes:

And now that I have the shoes without a stop to http://www.humangrowthhormone.org, And I can reach the cups, it's time to move on. Should my next step be to take over the Canadian government or......should I work on building up an army of animals first; Kitties at the front, Puppies bringing up the rear. Goats will be my cavalry.

I've always loved goats.

But seriously. The shoes are soooooooooooo Comfy! I haven't worn them outside yet, and until I do, they are indoor shoes (becuase they aren't dirty), and I have been wearing them every day for three days. No blisters, no soreness in my calf from the heel, and, AND, the ability to reach all shelves!!

Comfy Shoes + The ability To reach The Top Shelf = World Domination; Obviously

No rest for the Wicked

This morning is simply dragging on! I am very much looking forward to nap time! It's going to be hard because it is a bright sunshiny day! And it is never easy to convince a little one to sleep when the sun is pouring into the window!

It's not even nine yet, and it is already 1 degrees outside. When the boys left for school an bit ago, the sun was just peeking up over the houses.

I would gladly take "squinting from the sun" wrinkles without ever wishing for ANYanti wrinkle treatment, if only we could have sunny days every day.

It could rain at night from say 2am to 5 am so the farmers could still grow their crops, but a nice balmy 25 would be pretty darn close to heaven right now!


Its morning. 7:34AM to be precise and I am awake, but holy hell, I am tired. I wish I could sleep another..say six hours, but thats not gonna happen. Maybe I need to find a new best multivitamin, one that gives me pep in the morning?

The boys just got up, why are they always so chipper in the morning? Morning people bug me. Parker at ten is the worst offender, he is always cheerful, so bubbly and happy in the mornings. It just about kills me.

Logan though, dear sweet Logan, is as much a morning person as I am - and I am no, so it makes for some interesting mornings on the days we have to wake him fro school.

I need to go make some breakfast for the kids.

.....Wish I could go back to bed.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

0 degrees

It did not go below zero last night. For the first time since last October, we stayed above freezing for a full 24 hours - and counting.

While This is exciting becuase spring is on its way, it is also kind of sad for em becuase I had planned on losing weight this winter instead of gaining weight. Now i will have the same issues with the fit of my t-shirts and summer clothing as I did last year, only five pounds worse.

I need to get off my butt and either find the best weight loss products, or start exercising in a serious way if I want this summer to be better than the last one, looks wise, anyway.

If I were to start the 30 day shread today, and do it for the full 30 days this time instead of stopping on day five or six like last time, would it work?

Have you done the full shread? Did it work? Did you lose inches?

Friday, March 05, 2010

Not Happy. AT. ALL.

My cousin is staying at my place and a bit ago she decided she would head to the gas station and fill up her car. About half hour after that I wandered outside, sorta wondering what was taking her long, and did she maybe get lost coming back? (Spoiler: she went for gas, ended up at the city in Costco)

While I was outside I could not help but notice the HUGE, and I mean 2x2 feet spot of oil all over my driveway. At first I was worried that her car was leaking and she might have broken down somewhere, but a call to my step mother asking her for my cousins cell number so I could call took care of that.

My sister in law - who's kids I baby sit - her mothers POS car has been leaking oil on the driveway for who knows how long. I don't go out there very often, when I leave the house it is either by the front door or in the car, so I hadn't see the oil, but there is no way in hell they did NOT see the huge spreading patch of crud that was leaking onto my driveway.

And seriously. how hard is it to either park on the street or get the car fixed? it's, as I mentioned a POS car, so its not like she would be out buying Ferrari parts or some shit. How RUDE to let that thing leak oil all over and not even tell me?

That shit is nearly impossible to get off too!

Fuck. I'm so mad right now.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Flash Back

The other night, we drove into the city for dinner - McDonalds, My favorite- While we were there I was shocked to run into an old friend from high school, and the reason I knew it was her becuase even though it has been 13 or 14 years since we got out of high school, she looks exactly, and I mean exactly the same as she did then.

Well, she has shorter hair, but the rest? Yeah. The same.

I would pay good money to find out what anti aging products she is using, because even though she told me that I look the same too, Well, I have a mirror, and my mirror very clearly shows that I am aging!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Olympics are over

Are you a bacon lover? Go read my bacon inspired life insurance post on Where Was I ...AFTER THIS!

So the Olympics are finally over. Don't get me wrong, they are a pretty neat thing, but holy boring. The only time I sat down and watched any part of it, aside from the opening ceremonies was the curling.

I'm happy Canada did so good medal wise and happy that almost everyone had fun (that poor luger) but OMG. Finally twitter and the radio and the tv and the people will stop talking about and freaking out about the games!

Oh just wait now, my cousin is popping in Thursday through Saturday and I expect I will hear a lot of Olympic talk from her as she just spent the last however many weeks the Olympics are, working at them. That's a bit of a different story, hearing first hand personal stories...but still ... hope its not ALL we talk about LOL