Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Victory is Mine

Now that I can reach the top shelf, I am planning on taking goer the world. It was inevitable that the power, the ability to take any cup no matter the shelf height, would eventually go to my head.

The first step in my evil plan was, of course, the shoes:

And now that I have the shoes without a stop to, And I can reach the cups, it's time to move on. Should my next step be to take over the Canadian government or......should I work on building up an army of animals first; Kitties at the front, Puppies bringing up the rear. Goats will be my cavalry.

I've always loved goats.

But seriously. The shoes are soooooooooooo Comfy! I haven't worn them outside yet, and until I do, they are indoor shoes (becuase they aren't dirty), and I have been wearing them every day for three days. No blisters, no soreness in my calf from the heel, and, AND, the ability to reach all shelves!!

Comfy Shoes + The ability To reach The Top Shelf = World Domination; Obviously

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