Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chrome Browser and rpc Blogrolling

I had a blogroll on the side of this blog as well as Where Was I, But for the first time I visited these two sites while using the Google Chrome Browser. On both sites I got a huge malware pop up telling me the blogrolling site, rpc.blogrolling, that I was using was unsafe so of course I went in and removed those scripts!

however, this blogs template has boxes for the different sections and I don't know how to get rid of the box.

I know as much about coding a website in HTML as I do about, which, to say, is nothing.

I've searched online for an answer to the box thingy and I cant find anything, SO, tomorrow night (coffee with BFF Kissy tonight) I am going searching for a brand new template!


Hip Hop Dance FAIL

Yesterday I dusted off my copy of the 30 day Shred and popped it in the DVD player. Today I can't move without wincing.

I could not bear to do another day of the Shred so I put in a DVD called Hip Hop Dance. What I neglected to notice when I bought it a looooong time ago was that the disc I bought was level two, not level one, and did you know! Level two is harder than level one!


So I don't have any sort of stamina, it seems. I was tuckered out after the freaking warm up, though my legs do feel less OMG ON FIRE than they did when i rolled out of bed this morning, but this crap is hard, Yo.

I need some good fat burners to help me out. I hate apples, but celery i heard takes more calories to chew and digest that they contain,so thats a start.

Also...maybe I should start this whole exercise thing off slower. For example, I could walk around the block? Or the mall....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Scratch and Flip

Let me point out real fast that yeah, we missed a super opportunity in naming Flip. We know now we should have named the wee beastie Sniff, not Flip, but we suck, we admit it, lets move on!

I can tell you that when my son first showed up at the door with his plastic bucket and hopeful face, telling us "his name is scratch momma, cus he keeps scratching the bucket!" I knew as much about Salamanders as I did about! Now, I still know nothing about, but I know a heck of a lot more about Salamanders!

For example. Did you know that it costs 12 bucks for 100 crickets? And that two healthy happy, hungry salamanders will eat 100 of them in a few weeks time - IF you can keep the damn crickets alive that long!

But still. They are cute, aren't they!

These little guys can grow up to a foot ore more long, and will live for (hopefully) about 5 years!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Last night I was sitting on the couch with Micah watching a MythBusters special (It was 2 hours long!!) I was rubbing my calf absently when Micah asked whats wrong. I pulled up my pant leg and we both saw a huge ass bruise on the back of my calf.


I hardly recall when I got hit on the calf, it must have been Saturday afternoon when we were in the forest chopping down trees, but whatever hit me didn't hurt, at the time, anyway!

My legs, right from ankle to hip, are bruised, and either some bug fell in my shirt and bit me a bunch of times, or I reacted badly to the sawdust that flew down my top as we chopped trees becuase my chest and upper stomach look like I should spend all my time on LOL

The bites/sawdust scratches are fading, the bruises are still dark, but they will fade too!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I just clicked over to the Weather Network and found out that we are under a frost warning. The first frost on the ground is a definitive sign that summer is OVER. Over, done, finished, THE END, over!

No more tank tops and flip flops. No more bare lags and men's running shorts. No more sunning myself in the back yard, and no more leisurely walks to the pond.

BUT! On one of those walks to the fountain pond, we did find a sweet hill that we will be using for sledding purposes, I will get to wear my heavier socks, leg warmers and arm warmers without dying of heat!

I`m trying to be positive LOL. is it working?


Chop Chop Chop!

After shopping today, we put away the groceries, tossed Logan down for a nape (he was up, all the boys were up, until late late late, last night) then me and Micah went to the forest and chopped chopped chopped down trees :D

Now I feel comfortable that we have a very nice supply of wood. We can't have a fire this year yet, it's way too cold now, but come summer we will be good to go!

In the mean time, while I wait for spring and summer and warmth and endless nights in front of a fire, I should spend some time furthering my education. Spend some time doing gmat prep and then I can get a job other than pouring coffee at the little restaurant on the corner :P

I'm gonna be helping Logans teacher in her classroom. She has no teaching assistant this year and yet she has over 30 kids in her classroom, and is wasting a lot of time stapling pages taking attendance and other menial tasks that need to get done!

It should be interesting, and It will good for me to get out of the house!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Yet another thing!

Late last night my inlaws called asking if we had any left over powdered grout and floor cement for tiling that they could use.

I told them I would check in the morning and attempted to do so, but was stalled by a dead bulb. I *could* have gotten a stool and changed the bulb, but I am too scared that there are spiders just waiting in the roof to attack me in the dark, so I just left the room.

My father in law came over in the afternoon to have a look see and went to change the light bulb for me but instead discovered that the electronics or wiring or something in there is screwed.

Does it ever stop? The little fixes, I mean? Because it seems like it sure doesn't!

It will have to wait for the weekend when Micah has time to take it down and see what is what, but it had better not cost a mint to fix so help me sock!

Friday, September 03, 2010

I smell like campfire

I just had a nice hot gooey, chocolattttty S'more. And you did not!


Logan (6) kept calling it camping, us sitting int he backyard with the fire, it was too cute. In the summer - becuase by 11 tonight it was just too cold to stay out fire or not - In the summer, we plan on setting up the tents back there and pretending we really are camping - only, the kind of camping where we get to have showers, wireless internet and television LOL

Heh. No more motorhome insurance, no more disgusting campsite bathrooms and showers. Now, we can camp, literally, in teh comfort of our own home :D

Oh and also? I had S'Mores tongiht.

And you did not.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A great Find!

One thing that both Micah and I love is camping, and in our opinion, the best part about camping is sitting around a campfire late at night shooting the shit. We started talking about a backyard firepit about eight years ago, but didn't actively start looking until this year.

Well, we found one! And it was a very good deal too! it costs 110-120 in stores and we paid 60! It's barely been used, and is in super condition!

Obviously, because today is day 46 of Micah and I quitting smoking, we will not be enjoying any arturo fuente cigars, and man will it be weird sitting around a campfire and NOT smoking! I haven't done that since I was a kid, living at home with my parents!!

We don't have any firewood, per say, what we do have is a lot of branches, a few disassembled pallets (cut to size with an most awesome saw ) and the slats of a pine bed that was waiting for backyard garbage pick up day!

We have a forest, four acres or so, right by our hosue and we are in talks with teh man who owns it to go in and chop down a few trees to set up a nice supply of fire wood. The trees are mostly green, so they will have to sit and dry over winter before they will burn, but next summer will be a blast!

(We are hoping to have a fire tonight with my dad and my very favorite stepmother, as well as having a few fires in the evening before it gets toooo cold to do so!!)