Friday, July 30, 2010

two weeks

It has been two weeks since we have last talked :D It has also been two weeks since I have last smoked :D :D :D

The chantix works so good! And it is a tiny pill, not like those prenatal vitamins! the only problem was that when I started week three of the pills I started getting a sore stomach for an hour or two immediately after taking my pill.

Dont tell anyone, but I haven't been taking my evening pill for a few days now, and I completely ignored this mornings pill.

I haven't had any cravings, even though I didnt take my pill, and seeing as my husband also quit, I'm pretty darn positive that this is going to be the last time I quit smoking :D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunday Is Quit Day

When i wake up on Sunday morning (or afternoon LOL) I will not head to the garage to smoek. Nope. Sunday is Quit day. I remember having a tad bit of nausea when i was on champix last time, and other then a day of somewhat stomach upset on day four when I went from .5mg to 1.0mg, I have been fine. I guess the test is tonight becuase I took1.0mg this morning and take another 1.0mg tonight, this is day eight and the first day of the 2.0mg dosage.

I've stocked up on herbal weight loss products - LOL, just kidding, I stocked up on carrots and celery, the weight loss products will come in three months when I realize the carrots did nothing for me HAH!

Oh, and I bought a lot of gum, a box of it at costco, 14 or 18 packages i think it was.

I totally expect this to be hard, Im not expecting to not have to work at quitting, but I feel different about it, I've mentioned that before. i feel more..excited? Joyful? I don;t know the word, but AH! I'm so hopeful!

Ive read online how keeping a journal of your journey can help becuase if you, for example, want to smoke on day 10 of not smoking, you can look back to say, day three and see what you went through and how far you have come. I have thought about starting a free blogger or wordpress blog, just for myself, not indexed by google or anything, to see if i would keep up with it. I know from childbirth, the mind has a way of letting you forget the really hard things!



This (cant find a picture of the skylight before we started for some reason) turned into this:

This turned into this:

Which matches (sorta) this (These are throughout the house):

Fingers crossed

We are heading to the city tonight (Me and Micah) (See the post below to find out why LOL) I want to stop at a few places. First off, I want a kiddie pool. My kids are indeed way too big for that pool, but I find that having that pool in the driveway is an excellent way of keeping them occupied, they cool off by splashing in it, they fill their water gins and sometimes they just sit in it, either way, its cheaper to fill that up than have them run the sprinkler all day long!

In our house, those kiddie pools only last one season, I have boys and they are a wee rough in their play and things do get broken. This week is the opportune time to get the kiddie pool becuase we will have an empty car, the kids are gone for the week so we can fold down their chairs and hopefully fit the pool in. I dunno yet what I will do if we cant fit it in LOL

The otehr thing I want to do is stop and look at and maybe purchase a new faucet. We are nearly done the kitchen, the interior is done, and we cannot take off the skylight int he roof until we get a day, a full day, without rain, bunt seeing as we are done except the roofing material and are WAY under budget, I can get my faucet now instead of later.

I want the kind with a pull out sprayer so I can 1. Spray the kids (I remember my parents doing that to us) 2. Strap out the sinks easier, and 3. (most important) fill the coffee machine without having to use the stupid drippy pot.

The facet doesn't have to be fancy, not the whole house water filter kind or anything, just so long as it has a good guarantee and a pull out sprayer.

Three months ago when we looked at them and priced them out I found a great one that i really liked, so I hope it is there when we go back!

Fingers crossed!


Last Friday, Micah and I went to a movie (Jonah Hex) and we arrived very early for it. We ended up having to wait a full three quarters of an hour for the movie to start. I was very annoyed at our timing.

While waiting, we had a bit of wifi coming in, not a strong signal for sure, but enough to go online and bitch about waiting on facebook LOL. When the signal would cut out, and it did often, all we could do was wait, not very patiently. One time when the signal had cut, I noticed that the theater we were in had the exit signs for that particular theater situated right beside the screen. Now, as you are aware, an exit sign is a bright red glowing sign. I pointed it out to Micah while we were there and told him that I bet the sign is going to be a big distraction during the movie, after all, its Right.There, right beside the screen we are watching, but you know what? I wasn't distracted from it at all, in fact, one point during the movie I remembered that I was annoyed at the sign and turned to look a t it, but I looked to the wrong side of the screen!

Johna Hex was a cute movie, but it wasn't THAT good, I wonder why i wasn't distracted by the sign?

Anyway. I thought of this now becuase Micah and I are heading to a movie tonight - not sure what though, and I was wondering if they would have their exit signs in an annoying (or not) place as well!

(pee ess: movie? In the middle of the week??? How? Simple,my dear! My inlaws have the boys over a their house for the next week! It rocks. Except Micah is at work. I miss him, and the house is way too quiet in the day. guess that is what I have to look forward to in the fall when Logan goes to school full time :( )

Have you seen...?

I was directed to a facebook group late last night.

Lyle & Marie McCann left St. Albert, AB on Saturday, July 3, 2010. They were planning to be in Abbotsford, BC on July 10, but did not arrive. Though the week of July 3 to July 10, they had planned a camping trip through the Yellowhead on their way to Abbotsford.

If you have any information that may be helpful in our search, please contact the St. Albert RCMP Detachment immediately at or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Maybe they stopped a the campsite becuase they needed motor home repairs, or just a good nights sleep, but where are they now? The family is clearly frantic and so far, not very many leads have been found! Please be on the look out for the light green SUV they were driving, and if you have any tips at all, please let the RCMP know!

If this was my parents,I would be devastated. My dad and his wife like to go on long motorbike trips and they do not check in along the way. we know when they are leaving and when they are coming home, and that is it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Speaking of coffee

I just poured myself a cuppa, and am waiting for it to cool a smidgen so I can drink it.

I forget how many calories a teaspoon of sugar (white, granulated) has in it, but I looked at my creamer when I poured it, and it is 40 calories per table spoon.

Too freaking bad coffee is not one of those weight loss drinks, cus I bet I waste prolly half my daily calories on cream and sugar every day with how much coffee i drink!


And do not ask me to give up coffee, but if only I could give up my cream and sugar - coffee itself has no calories, if i am remembering correctly.

*Oh! still too hot!!!!*

I hate burning my lips on my mug :(

Heading to facebook to see if anything fun is happening there!


last night My niece K woke up coughing and wheezing, and at 4 am her baby sister woke up the same way. Now I think I am getting sick, and that terrifies me, becuase one of the ways I combat a sore throat and coughing is to smoke menthol cigarettes - it seems counterproductive, but it "helps" me.

I know there are electric cigarettes that come with flavored packages, but I wouldn't get one here in time, and it rather defeats the purpose too, so I am gonna be suffering a whole hell of a lot if I am indeed getting sick :(

Keep me in your thoughts becuase if I get sick, it might be a mountain too tough for me to climb in this stop smoking thing.

Im gonna get another cup of hot coffee, my throat is sore and my chest is tight.


Shhhhh! I'm Hiding!

Micah is on the very last day of his two week vacation (BOOO!!!) he goes back to work on Monday (BIGGER BOOO!!!!) But right now, instead of relaxing and playing video games or whatever, he is stomping around the house, garage, and backyard, looking for clamps that his dad either lost or the boys absconded with.

How flippin' annoying! And, i don';t blame him for being noisy and upset, he has spent 99% of his shutdown doing work all day long, on the house, so not really a vacation at all, eh?

Only good spot is that his parents are taking the boys for a weeks tarting monday or Tuesday night, so we will be kid free, BUT, its gonna be damn boring round the house with just me at home while he goes to work!


I guess i should help him find his clamps so that we can get back to relaxing!

Almost done

We are nearly done the remove the skylight that leaks and annoys me project. the interior is all sealed up, insulated and painted, the lights are even up - and if I may say so, it looks fucking awesome!

(there are two of these track lights in the "hole", they cost 69$ each. They are cute, but the halogen light bulbs are both pricey and put pout a tonne of heat.

Here is the whole thing, with both lights

Bad bad photo, when the lights are on int he evening, it looks awesome, I can only assume that the bright bright light from the window is interfering, becuase IRL they do not cast a yellow glow!

It still needs another coat of paint on the crown molding and the short wall, but other then that, it's done.

We tied the electrical (and went by code, never fear) to the light in the kitchen, so that it operates all on one switch, but when they guys took down the kitchen light a wire got pinched and it blew a thingy int he light (It was one of them ugly florescent box lights) so instead of letting Micah and his dad fix it, I insisted we just get a new fixture :D

We went to a hardware/lighting superstore looking at lights, but ended up ordering online LOL.

The last thing to do in the kitchen/dining room* - other than painting, which is a huge job for reasons I wont get into in this post, is to change the kitchen faucet. Right now we have a Moen kitchen faucet, and it is a very good one, no signs of wear (its nine years old) no leaks, we haven't had a single problem with it, ever, BUT. I want a faucet with the spray attachment so that i can use the attachment to fill up my coffee pot instead of messing with filling the pot and pouring.

When I was a kid, nine or ten, I fell down a flight of stairs and broke both wrists, badly. I have since, broken the (various) bones in my worsts no less than 13 times. my wrists are extremely weak and it is physically hard for me to make coffee.

We are looking for a faucet that has the pull out spray thingy on the side, not one that it comes out the tap, and I am more than willing to pay good money for a good faucet - we will probably get a Moen again, it's a line that has proven itself to me, but if they don't have the faucet I want, then I will go elsewhere :P

(pee ess: I would show you a picture of my faucet, but I made cookies late LATE last night and all those dishes are in the sink LOL)

*eventually I want a tile back splash, but its a pricey job so it will have to wait!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Bad Habit!

it is 1:13 Am, Friday, July 9, and the fact that i am sitting here, at my laptop typing means that i have been a bad bad girl.

You see, Friday, today, is the very last day of my husbands two week shut down. He goes back to work on Monday.

On a normal weekday, we head to bed at midnight to be ready to wake for the next day, but becuase neither of us had to be up to go anywhere, we have been staying up later and later and later. For example, I did not put down my book (Steven king's the Dome) until around 4:30am.


Now I have tonight, Friday Night, and Saturday night to get myself back on schedule so that I am tired and ready for bed by midnight on Sunday!

So what are my options here? Go online and make myself sleepy reading about nuphedragen? Stay up as late as i want tonight, but wake up by ...say 9AM tomorrow so that i am tired ALL DAY, and bitchy, and am able to go to bed at a decent time?

And to compound things, my inlaws are taking the boys over night on Friday night so me and Micah will be up late for our date night!


And we do this EVERY time! Seriously. Over shut down, over Christmas, every time he is off, we do this - when the boys are in school, I get up with them, feed them, make sure they have clean clothes on and lunch, send them to school and go right back to bed!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Micah-isms LOL

So, apparently, for those of you who did not know this already, the attic of a house, you know, that space above the house with no vents and no moving air, is HOT in the middle of summer.

I KNOW! Shocking, right? Who knew!

Oh wait. ALL OF US. Except my husband apparently, becuase he went up, and was up for about 30 minutes, he had to spread insulation over the new ceiling we put in where the sky light was, and *SHOCK* it was hot up there. He came down soaked in sweat (gross) and swearing.

I just laughed at him and gave him a glass of very cold water. Hey, the job is done now, AND he doesn't have to worry about fat burner pills to boot LMAO!!

It was just..he was so outraged about it all. Like HOW DARE IT BE HOT *add in foot stomp and pout here*. LOL. It was cute. Like the attic was hot JUST to bug him or something LOL.

I have said this before, and I am SURE I will say it a million times again, but :

Men are weird! OMG

Shopping List

So. I'm quitting smoking. Again.


Try try again and all that rot.

Wish me luck!

I feel a bit different about this time, than I ever did with any other time before. i don;t want to jinx myself, but I'm excited about this attempt and in the past I have always been apprehensive about it! Take that as you will!

As well as giving me a prescription for a stop smoking aid, my doctor gave me an informal prescription. She wants me to take daily walks. And i will. Unless it is raining!


We are going shopping, our normal, every two week shopping trip, on Saturday and there will be a few extra items on the list.

Gum for one.

Carrots and celery to be cut into strips.

Grapes and nectarines (Who else here loves nectarines?)

I'm considering searching online for thebest diet pills, but I will try the gum/fruit/veggie/walk thing first.

I'm already a bit over weight, and I do NOT want to go any more over what I am at now, BUT if I do, a few extra pounds will be a small price to pay for my health!!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Chocolate covered birds?

I'm so tired of the oil spill coverage. I know it is important that we all know just what happened and is happening and what will happen in the future, but it is so freaking depressing. Tar balls washed up in Texas this week. Did you know that?

it;s terrifying to think on it too much!

So many, so so so so SO MANY dead animals. Sharks are being pushed closer to shores to escape the oil, people are being bit where never a shark attack had occurred before. widows are filing for claims under the Louisiana Jones Act, millions of men and woman are out of jobs, out of money, out of food and out of or soon will be, out of homes.

Convenience stores are suffering because people are boycotting BP oil, it's just all so much to take in!

I feel bad for the birds, the fish the grasslands and the beaches, but I feel so much worse for the men, women and children who are being directly affected by this horrible event.

And even if they stop the spill tomorrow, nothing is gonna help those families :(

*The title is from a comedian who said something along the lines of "Ive been offline for a while, whats with all the chocolate covered birds?"

Monday, July 05, 2010


Meet Stitch.

Stitch is my nieces rabbit and is staying with us for a little bit. Their house flooded and they needed someone to take care of the rabbit so of course I offered to take him.

I've never really been around a rabbit so its been kind of neat. It sure is soft!
I love its ears, and the rabbit sure seems to enjoy me petting him on his freakishly long ears!

I was kind of annoyed trying to take pictures of stitch though! It wasn't a problem with his totally not modern furniture getting in the way, it was the fact that the rabbit is all OMFG! A CAMERA! TAKE MY PICTURE and shoving its fuzzy nose into my screen!

I did get this one good picture though, this was the first one I snapped, before Stitch knew I was there taking pictures!

Anyway, I thought I would take a few pictures before Stitch has to go back to his own home!

Rain Rain Go Away



I am so fucking tired of rain.

I'm tired of pictures of cars up to their roofs in water, beads and tv stands mixed in with garbage and kids toys floating down the road. I'm tired of phone calls saying the basement flooded again - just one day after it had been cleaned and dried from the last flood.


Look at the 14 day forecast! NO RAIN

I'm very doubtful that we will actually get sun for 14 days, but I'm determined to be positive!


  • My butt is sore from sitting in this chair so long.
  • The dog is horfing up bits of the printed boxes she ate this afternoon
  • Futurama is on TV.
  • it's a re run
  • It's summer vacation, so even though it is 10:30 at night, the boys are still up
  • I'm trying to type and eat a super juicy nectarine. it's not working so well
  • there is a fuzzy bunny in my garage
  • it amuses me
  • my foot has fallen asleep.

I love bullet points. I can say whatever comes to my mind without caring if any of it makes sense or goes together in a logical way!


This morning I woke up to the phone ringing, which I ignored becuase I knew my husband would answer it.

It was his dad, wanting to come over to start removing the skylight.

I got up after I heard my father in law come over, and took my time getting dressed and doing my hair. When I finally left my room, I was just in time to save my son's netbook, my laptop and mine and my husbands iTouch's from being covered in dust.

Sure, the laptop has a 3 year laptop warranty, but I would much rather not lose it to some stupid drywall dust.

Why on earth did they not remove the electronics before they started banging out walls, I have no idea!


Redneck AC

Although summer is a time of heat and bugs, a time to ask your self if you need engagement gift ideas? for the many couples who get married in July and August, it is shockingly, a time for me to be cold.

Yeah, you read that right. We have been having days of plus 20-30 and I am cold.

We did not buy an air conditioner, nope, what we did was lift the attic door up and out of the way. The hot air is going up and the cool air is coming down. The floor under the attic door is positively freezing!

All day today it has rained, and due to the extra chill of the rain, I had to put on my extraordinary thigh highs from sock dreams to fight off the chill. I would have wrapped up in a blankie, but the blankies I usually keep on my couch in the winter and fall have been put away for summer.

We took the attic door off in the beginning becuase my hubs and his dad have been working in the attic to remove our skylight, but now that we can see the drastic change in temperature just by having it open, we plan on doing this every summer. Sure, there will be days like today where I end up shivering in my socks, but that is a small, chilly price to pay to have the house not feel like a sauna on those very very hot summer days!