Friday, September 30, 2011

Check it out!

I LOVE the way Blogger lets you change the design so easily now! check out my new halloween themed header! it would have been better if I had tiny skinny markers, or even felt pens, instead of the kids school crayola markers LOL

But whatever, it's pretty cute, hey? The one finger, the green one (duh) is a zombie, and he is eating the other fingers brains LMAO

Instead of trying to make money with a Night Audit Clerk Jobs, I think I will hire myself out as a finger painter LOL. I might even splurge on better markers!

I think I will take a photo of the boys in the leaves for November, and of course something Christmassy for December. I'm looking forward to finding a monthly header photo for this blog! I wish my other blogs were this easy to design!

Phone advice

I have a first gen LG Rumer. its old, its worn, you cant see the letters on some keys, I've left it out int he rain and its worked for me, and i really love it. When my sister died, it was hers. It was in her purse, it had a log of her text messages - it had one sent from the hospital hours before she passed.

My brother already had a cell phone, so i took it home with me. I waited out her contract because I didn't know her password, and then activated it myself.

BUT I need a new phone. the space bar is really, REALLY temperamental, and I have to really work to convince the phone to work. I don't know a lot about technical stuff. I don;t even know what golf gps reviews golf digest is. is it a book? Is it a machine? I just don't know!

So tell me. Is the LG bliss or LG flick any good? The reviews are mixed online, so what I want is a real person who has owned one, to tell me.


Shopping Lists!

So we finally got the Insurance bill in the mail. I've been calling them since May, since the flood, asking what our bill amount was gonna be - once you put in a claim, your insurance goes up :( - I wanted to know what the amount was gonna be so that we could take time and save up to pay it off. Now, September 30th, they finally sent the bill, and we owe damn near 500 bucks. The worst part? it has to be paid in LESS than a month, on October28th.

Luckily, I got a job, unluckily, its a very part time job, 12 hours every payday, at 9;50 an hour, doesn't net you much. BUT, it will pay for half the bill, by the time we need to pay it. Hubs is gonna snag a few hours overtime, and that will pay the rest, but dammit, its not fair. Why are they allowed to give so little time to pay such a big bill? If we had time, we could have set money aside every month and this wouldn't be a stress at all, but even as early as two weeks ago, I had called and asked for a total and they refused. Its fricken MEAN!

SO. Shopping lists! I had plans for my paychecks. The one I get tomorrow I wanted to buy Blakes present from santa, (A long board) the one after, I planned on buying Logans drum set (santa too) then, who knows/ I'm not putting names to stuff, but I wanted to check out luminox watches at too!

Of course, its only September 30th, we have tonnes of time before Christmas, but dammmmn it. I am not happy with my insurance peeps!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sammi saga

This past month I noticed that samantha had a loose tooth, and that seemed wrong. She just turned three in August, why were her teeth loose? Within two weeks, she had three teeth loose and her gums around those teeth were receding. We didn't have insurance to cover this kind of thing, so i was pretty damn worried.

We simply could not afford a huge vet bill, but faced with the knowledge that her teeth were progressively getting worse, and in a short time frame, we had to do something!

I took her for an estimate at her normal vets office and was quoted 483.24 for a cleaning, tooth extraction, and iv fluids. I was horrified. They have no payment plan, and we don't have the extra cash knowing Christmas and house insurance is coming up soon.

I posted on facebook about our woes, about it costing nearly 500 smacks to fix Sam's mouth, and my groomer said "Call me,. I know a different vet".

Well Sam went in yesterday morning and had a cleaning, three teeth extracted and iv fluids, and we paid a whopping 220.00. Thats it. Less than half of the other estimate, for the same service. What the hell?

Last night sam was groggy and kind of funny, but today she is back to her old self. her teeth are sparkling white and she looks to be healing very well on the extraction site. I'm disappointed in our vet, on the over charging (in my opinion, it is over charging), but i will continue to go to them for the girls annual shots and check ups.

And don't tell Smokey, but I'm gonna start saving for her to go in and get her teeth cleaned.....

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Christmas Is Coming

Like I said on Facebook last night, I am super anxious to get my Christmas shopping done. I have my list of people to buy for, and what I want to get them, now I need to start buying, ASAP!

I've already bought for my littlest nephew, and that just puts me even more on edge, wanting to finish. I don't worry about christmas gifts from husband, as the husband type dude always has that in control, but its pretty much up to me to decide what everyone else gets - he has his say too, but I generally come up with an idea and he says "Go for it!"

Personalized gifts are an awesome choice, I always find.