Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer's coming!

there are only about ten more days of school left, and I am looking forward to summer vacation. Not as much as I normally am, what with my job, but that cant be helped. the boys have made all sorts of plans, like using paper craft supplies to make this and that, trips to the pool, and of course, jumping on the trampoline. I am hoping that I can work less hours over summer break, but we will see..

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No luck..yet

A month ago, I was offered a shed for my back yard for my birthday. Of course I said hell yes, motherfucker! I have wanted a shed in the back yard since we moved into this house. everyone around us has either a shed or those residential steel garages for storage because on this street all the garages attached to the house are single car garages, and are quite small. I have no room for the bikes, and the mower and the wheelbarrow and the..the list goes on. However, my husband thinks that if we put a shed in the back yard we will have no room to enjoy the backyard, which is just ballocks. Im still working on him, wish me luck.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Its nearly May! that means school will be out in like two more months. I cant fricken wait for summer vacation OMG! June 17th is fahters day and I found these are gift baskets dad will love, so that's taken care of. I don't actually know when mothers day is this year, but I was so spoiled last year that it almost seems rude for me to expect anything this year! Im astounded at how fast this year has gone. No really, iM shocked. I feel like I just got my job, oh, say three months ago, but I just worked it out and I have been a working woman for like eight months now, nearly nine! that's CRAZY! gotta admit im not looking forward to working over summer, but now that I am back to 20 hours a week, it will be better, and if my co-workers are looking for more time, they can have some of my shifts too lol!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Music is life

I need music to get things done. When I need to clean the house, I put on the tunes. When I go for a walk with the dogs, i slip my ipod into my pocket. Ghs . I have a radio on the counter. its been there for nearly two weeks now, with meaning to bring it to work each day. I keep forgetting, and it is so so annoying to be spending all that time, at work, with nothing to listen to but my own thoughts. Music is life.


I am so annoyed at all the crap on the internet. I never know what I can or cant click on any more, one day a link is fine, the next day it is a progene scam. Today I clicked on a video a friend posted, knowing my friend is pretty internet savvy, and doesn't fall for scammy crap, and ended up falling for the same scam they had fallen for :( Why cant people be nicer? whats the point of all these scams, all they do is piss people off!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Awesome news!

I came in to work this morning to find two strange people in my kitchen. I asked my boss what was going on and he told me he had hired two new girls! I could have hugged him!

Finally, after weeks, I will be going back to my regular part time hours. NO more of this six days a week crap!

Im so excited.

Now I dont have to worry about the kids over summer break, or worry about swimming pool fences. I will work my 20 hours and spend the rest of the time with my family :D

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Angry Birds

So the boss brought in the business laptop today, and he send quite a bit of time playing games online. It looked like angry birds from where I was, but I couldn't be certain...

I think if he is gonna play games he should have set the lappy up in the office, because all he did is make me jealous it wasn't me sitting there fooling around on the computer LOL

The Hunt is On

I want a new keybaord. Something wireless, because the one I have now has the shortest cord in the history of all corded things. Seriously.

I was just online looking at cherry keyboard but its difficult to try and make up your mind when you cant hold the actual product, you know? I think i will sleep on it, maybe wait a week, we are going to canadas biggest shopping mall in a week, so I will probably be able to find what I a looking for there, anyway!

Oh, And...

The reason I had to work the double is because my brand new co-worker, the one who worked one whole shift, is down and out waiting for herniated disc surgery! He fell over the weekend and ruined his back!

Shitty god-damn timing, is all I can say. We needed him! I have to pull a double tomorrow too, but my boss promised that I could have Thursday night off (YAY)

I spent the weekend at my dads, with the two eldest boys, Logan was home sick, and he was in bed when I got home tonight, so I feel like I haven't seen him in days, and it bugs me, a lot!

Oh, So Tired

I worked the double shift today, which was, quite frankly, tough. I am totally knackered and would love to hit the sack, but if I do, I will mess up my sleeping, so awake I am!

Work was especially tough as the boss got a new ordering computer and was trying to install the software bundle and figure out the machines. WHY he chose to do this on wing night, our busiest night of the week is beyond me. The poor waitresses had to try and learn a whole new system, AND serve the customers!

I had it pretty easy, plating food in the kitchen, it was just a long, long day., my feet are KILLING me! I wish I knew what happened to the peppermint foot lotion I had bought near Christmas, as peppermint is supposed to be super good for tired, sore feet!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Light bulb

I spent the past twelve years listening to hubs complain about various things at work. The heat, the cold, the lack of pallet racks, the annoyances of his co-workers, and I never really understood.

Now I do. I have annoying co-workers, people who refuse to put things back wher ethey belong, people who don;t do their jobs, but get pissed when I do the same thing, people who talk and talk and TALK, but have no idea how stupid they sound!

I enjoy letting hubs know the varied annoyances at my workplace, and in turn, I understand more where he is coming from when he complains about his job!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

work issues

I was looking for work schedual template sonline, but all I could find were conferencing services. Our work schedual is crappy. it is hard to read and very messy. I should be able to glance at it and know when I work, but instead it takes a few minutes of looking and searching to see when and where I am needed.

In short, it sucks.

The waitresses have a clear, concise, color coded chart that is easy to read at a glance, and I dont know why the head boss of the kitchen cant use that template.

And yes, Ive asked him to do just that.

Le Sigh.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

hard choice

Im very close to buying new couches.. We have two love seats right now and that is just not enough for a family of five. I really kinda sort of want an L shaped sectional, but Im not positive it will fit in the room. How does a person tell that anyway? measurements I suppose.

i want microfiber too. Leather is OUT because with our Smokey Dog, we would be paying for leather sofa repair beofre we had the furniture paid off!

I kinda want to get something where the seats recline. and Definitely something that is comfortable to sleep on!

Im still a few months away, We are going on vacation in April, and i want to have fun with that before saving up for a couch!


I picked up my tips today, 16.70. I love getting tips, I loce checking to see if I have gotten a good coin - something rare or odd. Like the silver eagles, those are a great coin.

I think its super when the mint offers special coins. The bratlings have a few speciality coin collections - they don't give a hoot about them yet, but they will some day :D

i didn't care about coins either. I still don't really, but every once and a while, like today when I got my tips, I remember that maybe, just maybe there is a treasure in my pocket!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my child is adorable

Logan got a drum set for christmas, and he is just the cutest thing ever! the other day micah brought out his drum set, its like the sd7pk electronic drum set, but a little different. In any case, Micah brought out his drums, and Logan started dragging out his drum set! It.Was.So.Cute! OMG Just look at him!

The firce concentration on his face is so adorable! He was watching micah hit and was trying to hit the same pad as his daddy. I LOVED it. It was super loud, but it was too cute to stop!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I went shopping tonight with my BFF. We hit quite a few stores, and bought nothing that wasn't on sale! I got a mid thigh wool coat for 20 bucks, and a bunch of shirts regular 20$ for 2.99$ which pleased me.

We also bought stuff like seaweed body cream and a tonne of flavoured lip balms, just because! I Was going to buy some yoga pants, but I put them back because bras were on sale and I finally found a comfortable bra. Because it was comfortable - and I have been searching fro more than a year for one that fits nice, I bought the same bra in four colours, and even when a bra is on sale, they are still pricey things, so the pants had to stay. Next time, there is always a next time!

I am super pumped about the coat though, not just because of the price, but because I have been looking for one like it all winter. I *may* have put on *cough* a bit of weight, and my current coat *might* be tight in the shoulders and the buttons *might* not quite button yeah, pumped about the coat :D

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What do you think...

Of my new header? its my two youngest messing around on the iPad (1). the feather is his moustache, if you were wondering.

I hate the couch they are sitting on, its uber heavy, and I never fail to hurt my back when I am moving it to clean under it. I wish it was on casters. Then again, if it were on casters, I can just see Smokey (the bog one) jumping onto the cough and the couch zooming across the room, knocking everything in it's path over.

Oh well.

it's minus 46 right now. yeah. seriously. Its gross outside. I asked my neighbour to drive me to work because if I drive myself to work, my car will be frozen before the end of my shift, and then I will be screwed. This way I can get a ride to work, and Hubs will pick em up and everybody wins.

as for the cold, I just keep reminding myself that there are only six weeks left. I can survive six weeks....right?

Christmas is officially over

One would think that this late in January everyone would just assume that of course Christmas is over, what are you insane? Christmas? No way! It's January, but then, if you thought that, you would be wrong - at least in our house!

You see, the boys all got gift cards to various stores. The youngest two were easy to deal with. The littlest one bought games and stuffed animals and a nerf gun and was happy, and the middle guy spent exactly half of his gift card amounts on toys, then requested we purchase the rest of the gift cards from him so that he could save that money for our trip to Edmonton.

Smart kid, huh?

But our oldest was hard. Dude, its not like we were looking for gifts for girls, because believe me, girls are SUPER hard to shop for, no! we were looking for something a 12 year old could spend his money on, and be satisfied, but each time he went to the store he came home with gift cards unspent, until finally, this weekend, when he hit the mall with his daddy and spent his money.

....And so I say, now, on January 17th, Christmas is FINALLY done!

Knock Knock?

long time since my last post - so much has happened - Christmas (new desktop) My boy got two stripes in Kempo at his term grading, and my job was sold from one owner to another. I'm still working, with the new owners - who are great, but I am working a sight more hours, and as such, I'm often exhausted by ten PM.

I work Monday and Wednesday for 6.5 hours in the day, then I work Thursday for 7 hours in the evening, so really, Compared to what a regular person works, I'm hardly scratching the surface, but for me, its been a real challenge!

As for my depression, I am happy to report that I am doing good, more than good in fact, I am doing great!

In fact just this Saturday I went to my bosses house to attend a "passion party" with my neighbour and co-worker, and I had fun. actual fun. I didnt sit off to the side worried and anxious and feeling like a sore thumb, I felt good. It was awesome!'

I also managed to drive through rush hour traffic with my boy, to a place I;d never been, and not once did I have an anxiety attack! I dunno if I want to hug my doctor who gives me the pills, or the wonderful girls on facebook who supported me and pushed me until I went to the doctors. Probably both LOL