Saturday, February 26, 2011

With wee tiny marshmallows

I just put the kettle on so that I can make a mug of hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate, and to hell with diet pills, I love it the best when it has wee tiny marshmallows on it!

My mouth dries out fast, I need to have water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, gum, hard candies or soemthing in my mouth pretty much constantly, so I have a wiiiiiiiide variety of hot cocoas, teas and flavored coffees to choose from :D

Right now I am loving the Acia Berry tea, but i really want chocolate, so the hot chocolate won out!

The only part about the kettle that I dislike is the way it screams at me when it is done. OMG SHUT UP you stupid kettle!!!

Ordering online

I ordered a Kodak Playsport video camera (in Blue) online the other day, and it should be arriving on Monday or Tuesday.

It has some pretty good reviews and my sister in law has one as well, so I felt pretty comfortable with the the purchase. I feel more comfortable buying electronics online then supplements, I worry about being caught in a hoodia scam or that I will get catnip or some other unidentifiable instead of what i wanted, so I buy my stuff in person.

But online there are a lot of safe places to shop for things you want, and I prefer to go straight to the source and buy from the store, I bought my iPad from apple, and so on.

I can;t wait till my playsport arrives becuase I am gonna be annoying you all with SO MANY videos of my kids and my dog and even, if you are lucky, ME!

Monday Morning Plans

First thing Monday morning I need to call the vets office. Samantha is 3 weeks overdue for her annual shots, but more concerning, she has a big patch of dry flaky skin on her elbow..knee..uhm...front leg joint!

Anyway I need to know if she is gonna need eczema treatments or has an allergy or is developing a hot spot or WHAT!

Sam is soooo precious to me, so the idea that she may be ill or have a medical problem, bothers me SO much.

The boys have their cleanings on Monday as well, so it will be a busy, busy day!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


OMG how funny.

My sister and brother in law are ridiculously religious. Like, REALLY religious. That is an important point. Please remember it.

Last week they went on a Jamaican vacation. Unfortunately, they didn't check the fine print over too well, and ended up at a CLOTHING OPTIONAL resort.

My sister in law was laying on the beach and looking towards the ocean, She though, "Gee it looks like those men out there are not wearing anything..." and then they turned around and their "dangles were dangling" LOL

Even in the restaurant there were people who ate totally nude!

My sister in law always takes pictures, LOTS of pictures while on vacation, she has to charge her toshiba laptops batteries seventeen times before she can download all her pictures (Joking, that's an exaggeration LOL) But exaggeration aside, she takes a tonne of photos (And we "get" to look at them all, YAY!) so I very VERY much look forward to bugging her about the photos - or lack there of!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reno Plans

With our mortgage payment on Friday, our remaining mortgage balance left the 70K mark and entered into the 60k's. That's right,m just 69K more to pay on our home and it is ours free and clear.

Imagine what you could do with a paycheck, if you did not have a mortgage payment coming out of it.

I'm super happy about the new amount, becuase the less we owe, the less interest we pay, and the less we pay on our mortgage, the more I can spend fixing up the house. The house is in good shape, but cosmetic changes need to be made. The pain on the living room, hall and kitchen MUST go, and I would love to put up glass tile as a back splash, and outside, I want a sidewalk put in, from the side to the backyard.

Anyway. Micah is watching some stupid show on TV, so now is a great time for me to go soak in the tub :

Bubble Time!

Im so looking forward to tonight's bath. I piggy backed onto Blake's Library card this afternoon when I took him to the library to return the old, and pick out new books.

I had been wanting to read Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, but was very leery knowing it was CO-written by him, not solely written by him, so i was pleased to find it in the library today. I did not see the rest of the series with it, but that doesn't matter, becuase if the book is good, i will buy the series myself.

Blake passed up reference books on hgh pills to bring home a book on Great White sharks, As well as two encyclopedic type books, one on Siberian Tigers, and one on Komodo Dragons.

Very soon I will be gathering a nice thick towel, pulling a bottle of ice cold water from the refrigerator, and sinking into a HOT, bubble filled bath, and that makes me happy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Six weeks, tops

Logan was complaining about the cold today - he had reason too, it was -28 and very very windy. I told him to buck up because it's the middle of February already, we have 12 days or so to go and we are into march. march is the last "cold" month. April can be chilly but its usually not cold, and when it IS< It is one day of cold to a week of cool.

Six weeks at the most before we have springy weather. Don't look for me to get out some zamberlan hiking boots, because I;m not that kind of girl, but dammit, I picked up a sweeeeet lounge chair for my back yard last fall, and I am super anxious to get out there and use it! YAY!

It is supposed to be cold all weekend, then warm up, -9ish for the next week, and in my books, -9 is effin AWESOME!!

Ready for an 8 Hour trip!

SO. An eight hour trip with a six year old. Sounds horrible, right? Not really. All you have to do is be ready.

I have my iPad fully charged - 11 hours of battery, and loaded with the movie Despicable me, and Marmaduke. I have my husbands ipod Touch fully charged (4 hours and 53 minutes) and loaded with the movies Space Pups and Scooby doo and the Vampire island.

I downloaded twenty or more free apps from the "kids and family" section of iTunes, and I downloaded two books for myself for the evenings for the ebook readers.

I have a bottle of juice and two bottles of water. Licorice whips and a bag of goldfish. In short, I am ready for anything :D

I will let you know how it goes - oh and he has his game boy as well1

Friday, February 04, 2011


My inlaws think that feeding me a ham dinner (YUMMY! Scalloped potatoes!!) and keeping my boys over night is payment enough that I won't be mad they are ditching me for Arizona for 7 weeks.

Jerks! I want them to stay home! butttttt nooooooooooooooo! They hate winter and want to head south where it is sunny and warm and htere is no snow anywhere. And also, They might hate me. What other reason would they ahve for ditching me like this?

Le sigh. I'm gonna be stuck here, in the snow and cold, while they buy silver coins, watch road runners and work on their tans.


And worst of all? I'm gonna miss them :(

The light bulb is dead. YAY!

So. abnormal reaction, I know, but it really is cheer worthy that a light bulb is dead. Way back in August we removed our skylight that leaked and put up a fake wall and these lights.

Uhm. Well the picture is upside down lol. that's Odd. Oh well. As you can see, one of the bulbs is burnt out and I am GLAD!
We paid sixty bucks for those bulbs (total, not each) and they are so crappy we prefer to elavet he lights of then turn them on!

AND. why is that one out and none of the others? First of all, those lights are supposed to last four years, and yet one is out.

Le sighkitchen lighting...damned if you do, damned if you don't