Thursday, August 30, 2007


Coffee has been canceled for tonight. I'm disappointed, but I understand why.

See, me and BFF Kissy try to go for coffee together at least once a week, but last night she felt ill and this morning, after a doctors visit, has discovered her chest and throat are infected!


Obviously coffee will be no fun if she cannot , you know, drink the coffee! plus, who wants to spend a few hours talking with a sore throat?

Not, As sad as it males me, it is much better she stay home and rest up so that we will be able to do coffee at a later date.

And Kissy, If you are reading this, You are worth the wait!


This Just In

Remember my earlier post about Sending Rainbow Man off to Third Grade this morning? I just remembered I had snapped a photo of him as he walked out the door. His back pack is disgustingly heavy. Thank goodness they don't have to carry that much stuff every day! I had trouble lifting it.

Don't worry, he got a ride from his papa to school so he did not have to walk the three blocks with it!

Doesn't he look all grown up?


I sent Rainbow Man off to school today. He started third grade. All this time I have been worrying that Blue Boy would be upset becuase kindergarten doesn't start for another two weeks.

I never once thought Stuperman would get upset his big brother is gone.

He has gone down to Rainbow Man;s room three times already and he has only been up for an hour!

What will I do next year when Blue Boy and Rainbow Man are in school five days AND the girl I baby sit is home with her mom*?

*The girl I baby sit - I will lose her for a year because her momma is pregnant and gets a full year of Mat. Leave.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


A few days ago I began painting the spots in our bedroom and it went very smoothly. Unfortunately for some reason i got mad that the husband was sitting playing his PS2 instead of helping and tonight I demanded asked him to help me.

He agreed without hesitation!

Tonight? Nope. Not smooth at all. If I wasn't double checking his painting or wiping up and freaking out about his spills (the same spills i made on every single circle I had painted too) I was a witch with a B!

We finally decided to stop for the night becuase both of us realized we would be fighting before long, and a few spots painted are not worth that to me.

I will work on them at my own pace tomorrow.

There will be no pictures now until the room is complete.

OMG Ewwwww

I started my antibiotics at supper time today. - the antibiotics are for the infection in my jaw.

The dentist and the pharmacist warned met they were going to cause upset stomach, and man oh man! Do they ever!

I feel like I am pregnant again! (trust me that is NOT a good thing!!)

Ohhh! A Day For Secrets!

This secret will be a bit easier to keep. You can tell anyone about it that you want... except my husband!
See that bed set? I want it. Want. Its a part of the Century furniture Collection.

Some how I doubt it is going to fit in with my "spots" theme, but me and that bed? Love at first sight. The bed we use now is almost twenty years old (the mattress is newer!) and is a converted water bed. It's an OK bed, Has a great amount of storage, but its just not...pretty.

However. In no way s there room in our budget for a new bed, and I don't want the husband thinking we have to make room for it, becuase its a want not a need.

Still. Isn't it purrrrty?

Wait just one GD minute!

I refuse to link to the site I read *it* on. Perez Hilton is a blight on humanity and does not deserve links.

Sigh. Hypocrite that I am, my loathing for him does not stop me from reading his site (through bloglines - I mean that doesn't give him a hit on his stat counter - does it??)

I read that Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide. Surely they must be mistaken. Sure I know thta he recently broke up with some chick, but come on! this man - this *funny* man is famous, he has money and cars and friends. Lots and lots of friends.

I know money doesn't mean you are happy but it helps, but friends and family have been in and put of his hospital room since this started.

This man has a support team, and yet, he chose to slit his wrists?


What are your feelings on this?


I was wondering how many people have insurance. I have home owners insurance and to drive here in SK, you are required by law to have vehicular insurance.

But term life insurance? Do most people my age have it? (28) I mean, Is it really needed?

My husband has an insurance policy, but his is through work. And I see that the school's are selling insurance policies on KIDS.. which freaks me out by the way! But I don't know.

Actually I waver on this matter. Someday s I think I should have it, you know, just in case, but most of the time I feel that it would just be a huge waste of money.

Well Intewebs, what say you?

Right On Time

What is a sure way to tell that school will be starting right away?

Two out of three children are currently ensconced on the couch watching Finding Nemo with "puke buckets" on their laps.

Which two you ask?

Well, of course, the two that are due to start school in two days!.


Oh well, its a great excuse to finally pop in the Finding Nemo video. We haven't had time to watch it since we borrowed it.

Also odd. Even though they are busy filling their buckets ( and I am busy emptying them), the minute I popped the DVD in the drive, they asked for popcorn.

I'm way better then Pavlov and his silly drooling dogs!


I'm going to admit something here. And you cannot tell a soul!

Its secret you will take to your grave, OR ELSE!

Last week, my husband's work hours changed. He has to start a half hour early. Because I am incapable of hearing the alarm clock in the morning, I have to get up whenever he gets up.

The secret? I'm enjoying the extra time to myself.

Before, I got up at seven, the girl I baby sit came at seven 15 and rainbow man had to be up by seven thirty to get ready for school. I was always tired and grouchy.

Now? I have a full forty five minutes to an hour all to myself.

Yesterday I painted spots on my walls, This morning I made cookies!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas

But.. What is it that happens in Vegas? I went through Vegas on a school trip. We stayed the night at a hotel motel thing. it was a neat experience, the pool was out side but it was on the second level, suspended between the two rows of hotel rooms. And I mean suspended. There was nothing under it.*

I still kind of wonder how they did that. Not only does concrete weight a tonne, but ad the water too? that's a lot of weight to be supported! Truthfully, I was a little scared of it, and did not go in it.

Our class took a late night ride down the strip and the lights and such were awesome. I often hear of other bloggers talking about going to Vegas and get a wee bit jealous. I wonder if they are going to be staying at the Imperial Palace Las Vegas? That would be cool.

Regardless when they do go, I hope they win a LOT of money while playing the slots!

*I think I should get a scanner so that I can download some of those pictures and share them with the online world!

I Won!

My husband went to pick up gas and milk. I asked him to get me a three dollar "crossword" Scratch and Win ticket at the same time.

He came home with the five dollar crossword multiplier! I hate those! Sure you get to scratch twice as much, but they never win!

I wasn't too pleased, but my addiction had to be fed so I picked up the top ticket (he bought himself one as well) and started to scratch.

Now this ticket is really two separate tickets. On the first one, I won ten dollar's, and then scratched the multiplier to uncover "Four Times" !!!

I won forty freaking dollars.

This of course means I have no chance at all of winning on the second part of the ticket, but!
With "cap", "might", "Bush", and "mix" I won ten more freaking dollars!


Fifty bucks. On a five dollar ticket. Sweet.

Oh, I should mention that the husband didn't win a red cent on his. *giggle*

How Do I

Get paint off of my bar stools? It's not a lot, but we didn't see it drip down, and so it's dried right on, and quite thick. I tried just scrubbing/scraping it off, and some of the thicker parts did come down. But.. For the most part?

Pink paint all over my oak Bar stools. And when I say Oak, i might mean pine. Or uhm. Any other wood that is really light in color. Seriously. Does the type of wood the stools are made out of matter?

Anyway. It's latex paint, not oil based. Can I use turpentine on it? Or will the turpentine remove the finish on the stools as well?

I wonder if it isn't time for me to go home furniture shopping. If it is, I want to get barstools that have a padded seat and a padded back rest. They look super comfortable!

Don't tell my mom

I'm drawing on the walls.

Pics to come

Uh. turns out its really hard to take pictures of pencil on tan walls.

Pics will come when we start to paint. Hows that for a compromise?

Sorry. I posted the photos over at BPR.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Question Time!

I wonder if blogging for money is considered a home based business? I have been wondering that off an on the past few weeks. Does the little bit of extra income I make online need to be declared with my government?

Honestly, I think the best bet will be to copy VIA screen shots, the amount si have made and bring them into our accountant to check over come April.

What do you think? I know for a fact that a lot of sites demand SS numbers from US bloggers, But nothing is checked with Canadian bloggers.


Am I the only person who thinks SNL (Saturday Night Live) is the best television show out there? I do wonder though, how they get past the censors with some of their "news" Items.

Today they were talking about a football player who got in trouble for trying to bring weed on a plane. Thats not bad, The part that made me wonder was when they started telling the people how to get the weed past the security in the airport.

Is that even legal?

Aside from the questionable parts of the show, I love it. LOVE.IT! There are very few shows. actually none that I can think of at the moment, where I will actually sit and watch it after I have already seen it once. Re runs are just not my thing.

Also. Im considering marrying Seth. He's freaking hilarious!

Rant of the day

First I want to rant about the one and only thing (besides the Y key sticking) that bothers me about this laptop of mine.

When I accidentally hit the CAPS LOCK, there is no green light glowing to let me know if it is on, I have to start typing to check. It sounds like a small thing, but since i have to watch the keyboard to type, I often fill out whole pages in caps and then have to re do the whole thing.

which brings me to another matter. with as advanced as computers are, why is there no button you can use to revers caps? I would love a feature that lets me select what I have typed and revers it from all caps to lower case!

You .Over there in the corner. Get to work on that!

Vacations in September?

Would you go to a New York Bed and Breakfast In September?

I think that of all the months there are, September might possibly be the worst month there is to go on vacation during.

Lets see.

January is awesome becuase how better to start off the new year than to go on a vacation!

February is the month for cruises, valentines lovers and all that rot!

March April and May? Not much happening then, so workplaces aren't busy, you are bound to be able to take time off in march!

June July and August are the perfect time for any vacation becuase school is out.

September sucks, we have already discussed this.

And for October, November and December? Thats the right time to leave here because it is starting to get cold in October and its down right freezing in December! I'm thinking tropical paradise!


We just got back from our normal twice monthly shopping extravaganza! They had some awesome sales! We got 165 bic pens for 7 bucks! And all of the different school snacks are on sale too!

Next shopping trip I am getting a table for the sewing room. We have a couch in it right now. Its a hide a bed thingy, but with it in there I have absolutely no room, plus, now that my granny gave me the serger, I need room to play with it and see how it works!

Unfortunately, to move the couch from the sewing room, we have to move one of the couches out of the living room, and as we all know, physical labor is NOT ,my thing!

Friday, August 24, 2007

I think my spell check is American

I do not want to be racist or whatever, but I am sure my spell check is American. It just told me that Grey was spelt wrong. I checked the box of crayons, It's spelt right.

Neihbour, labour all of those words it screams NO and scratches them out with red lines.

Listen Mr.Spell check, I love you dearly for correcting my teh to the and my becuase to becuase, but if i want to add random 'u''s to everything, then I darn well will!

Fall is here, right?

It has been so grey, over cast and chilly the last two weeks that i almost * note I said ALMOST!* welcome the advent of winter. At least then I won't be getting strange looks for wearing sweaters and socks!

The other day I was talking to a friend on the phone. Her husband was playing golf! It was nine thirty at night and apparently he was playing with a golf ball that lights up.

Now to me, thats just weird. Why go out on a chilly night, int eh dark and play golf? Granted, you would be able to see where your ball was flying too, but still! Cold nights are for coffee and card games, not playing with your Titleist golf balls!

Have you ever done this?

Last night I went down stairs to put Blue Boy to bed. He was up very early and as a result, by seven thirty he was nasty cranky. I didn't pay attention tot he basement while I walked with I'm to his room, but one I got to his room I noticed that it was in shambles. Sheets off the bed, his blanket and pillow were missing and the toy box was empty whilst the floor was not.

We went to the living room to search for his blanket and pillow and found them buried. How could they not be buried, everything, from the big cat tree to the lazy boy chair had been shifted around. Even the area mat had been lifted and moved halfway across the country.

I got very upset, becuase I had spent three hours the week before organizing the toys and washing the floors and Hay! - is that a new dent in the wall?

I got MAD. I was already a little peeved about the amount of toys in the upstairs living room, but the mess in the basement it was the straw that broke the mothers back.

I grabbed a bunch of black garbage bags and loaded them (three) full of toys. I told the boys I threw them in the garbage, but in reality I put them in the furnace room.

But the kids really do think they are in the trash and I feel kind of bad about that, but maybe they will start to take care of their toys.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

tee hee

Ok, so my husband is playing Leisure Suit Larry - Google it if you don't know it!

Anyway. Today the Rainbow Man and his friend K decided they were going to play Eye Spy on the PS2 and went to go put it in. Meanwhile I had forgotten completely that the Hubs has been playing this game at night.

K "hey whats this game" Pulling out LSL

RM "I dunno, It's probably my dads"

K "Should we play it?"

RM "It looks like a girly game - there are boobies all over it"

K "Hmmm"

RM "Did you know that when you grow up, you actually like boobies"

It was so hard to NOT roll on the floor and laugh till I was crying.

Paris Hilton Voice : That's Hot

I have heard stories of burning passion, of love lasting forever and hearts being aflame, but this? Thats too much.

The link says that they are divorced but still live together, now, whats the point? If you are going to get a freaking divorce, move away from each other, its not working!

I guess he got the message now. And really? I hope she does time in prison.

"It was monstrously painful," the wounded ex-husband told Tvoi Den newspaper. "I was burning like a torch. I don't know what I did to deserve this."

Ohhh Excitement!

Lol what I would not give to have the same sense of excitement as kids do. The neighbours are having their driveway pourde today and to the kids, this is the best thing to ever happen. The minute the truck backed up the kids were out the door like a flash!

I don't feel very comfortable taking photos of the guys at work and posting them on the net, so here are the kids. If you look close, just past them you can see a worker! I will post a photo after the driveway is done!


Listen. I think in the next few months i will get tired of jello and soup very early on. if you have any recipes for soft foods send them my way.

Tonight I am going to try pasta, and hopefully tomorrow i can go back to a regular diet, until the fifth of course, then i will have no more molars at all.

Hey!. . . I wonder if I will lose weight this way?

anyone want to take bets?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To take my mind off my mouth...

When I was little I wanted to be wither a veterinarian or a hugely popular country singer.

Then I went through a stage where I was going to take on Wall Street. I could picture myself at the head of conference tables wearing a snazzy but feminine suit - and I always had a clip board with me. And I was rich. very very rich!

Then I remembered that I hate math and stuff like that so a career in the business world would not be for the best.

I chose to be a mom quite by accident, and it wasn't the job i originally applied for, but it's the job of a life time.

Back. And still alive *edit*

Well I made it out of the dentist office alive. Just.

It might have only been 35 minutes, but it felt like forever and even though she told me that while she removes about 700 teeth a year and has yet to break a jaw, I sure felt like she was going too.

I had two molars removed on the top, and will get two more removed from the top and one from the bottom on the fifth of September.


(that was sarcasm!)

why cant i get the bleeding to stop? she said thirty minutes. I followed all the rules. no smoking. no coffee. i laid for two hours with my head elevated biting the gauze. it has been almost 5 hrs and it wont stop bleeding!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sigh and double sigh

Just when life is going completely according to plan and beyond it in some cases, something has come up.

See. I baby sit a little girl five days a week and depending on her moms schedule I make between 300 and 400 dollars a month watching her.

Now We do not need that money to survive, but it really really comes in handy. For example, I pay all of my bills with it!

Now in the next six or seven months I will be forced to go over our budget and see what will get cut out. And that pains me.


I just realized that I am not done school supply shopping. We bought all of Blue Boys school supplies but forgot to pick up Rainbow Man's stuff. It's not my fault though! he was off at a sleep over the weekend we shopped with Blue boy!

Now I have to look forward again to braving the lines of Wal*mart.

Don't get me wrong! I love wal*marts' prices and wal*marts selection and most of all, that walmart has McDonalds in all of it;s stores.

Mmmmm Big Mac.


In any case, it really looks like our Saturday is going to be very bus indeed. We have to stop over by my sisters in the morning for her birthday, then the shopping, then school supply shopping, and if by some miracle we aren't flat broke by then, we have to stop by the paint store!

Also. Now I want a big Mac in the worst kind of way!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Have you ever

Had such a wonderful day that the following day is the worst ever just by comparison? Not only has today been a freaky weird horrid day, but I just wrote this post, published it and it is no where to be found?

I talked about how sucky my day was and then how for the first time since June i wanted the brats in school, and how Blue boy will cry when he doesn't get to go to school with rainbow man becuase kids in kindergarten start two weeks later than and OH

So mad my post was lost!

*****FOUND MY POST***** it got posted to August 02, not August 20~

Here is is :

had such a good day that the following day is like hell warmed over on a piece of toast?

Thats what today has been. For the first time since school let out in June, I thought to myself "School starts soon"

And in fact, it does. In nine days. or ten. or whatever, soon it starts.

I am a little annoyed that RM gets to go to school (grade three) but BB has to wait till mid September to start (kindergarten) I think that the first morning he has to watch RM walk out the door for school there will be a lot of tears.

Sigh. I'll stock up on chocolate.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

webkins. again

I . am. addicted

so badly.

My husband will be playing and leave the computer for a second, say , to refill his coffee cup and I sneak in and start playing his game.

Wait? Did I just say "his"?

That;s right. Me and my husband have played so much webkins in the last three days that today Rainbow man tried to explain to us it was HIS game, shouldn't he get to play it?

We told him that it would be winter soon and he should go out side and play before it snows.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Uh. Ok then

I might as well admit it now.

I'm addicted to Webkinz World.

Its a world you join with a code that comes with a plush pet you buy. Rainbow Man got one as a gift from his Aunt Kissy.

Me and the husband spend all sorts of time on this game. I just bought RM's dog a 7x7 bathroom. I don't have enough kinscash to buy the bathtub yet, but I got the potty and the mirror. What do you think of my wallpaper? I wanted a beach theme. I think I'm going to need some plants though.

I have to go answer more trivia now. The bathtub is 1000Kinscash and I.Need.It!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I itch

Today is the day we empties the pool, but i wanted it to be really clean for the winter storage so I got int and scrubbed down the walls and bottom with a weak solution of algaecide and sprayed it down again.

Now the pool is draped over a table and four chairs int eh back yard to dry and I sit in here itching like crazy!

I think I will have to go have a shower. My second of the day! ( plus, my hands and arms smell like the algaecide and thats gross - i tried washing with soap and coffee grounds already lol)

Progress. Slowly

So how does it look so far? I have to go and iron it after each strip is sewn on. I'm not a fan of Ironing.How bout an up-close view?

Don't worry. I have more to add.

Much. Much more.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I've had coffee

Which is an euphemism for I've calmed down.

Yes, I told them not to touch the fabric, but they are just little boys, and I should have had the door closed, or gotten my butt off the computer to investigate the giggling sooner.

I've fixed most of the damage, I just need The Husband to come home and check it over. He has a better eye for this kind of stuff than I do.

In the nick of time, my mother in law stole the two older boys for the night, so that really , really helped me calm down about the whole thing.

So mad.

For the last month or more, I have been working on a quilt. The top is made up of sixteen million gazillion strips of fabric from 3/4 of an inch wide to 2 inches wide.

The are different colors.

I spent WEEKS making it go gradually from burgundy to yellow in color. A gradual, slooooow change. Made it seem natural.

Weeks and weeks. I set it out on the bed to look at it and make sure it was right, and finally, the other day, I moved it into the sewing room to put it together.

This morning, my children, even after I had told them yesterday how important it was not to touch, decided to play tornado or some other such shit.

The pieces are everywhere.

I'm not sure when I have been this mad before in my life.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

lunch time

I just sat the kids down at the table with sixteen million bananas and told them to eat untill they are full and when they are full, to eat just one more.

Why do I have sixteen million bananas? Thats a good question.

My mother in law went to an auction and bought two forty pound case of banana's for 6 dollars a case.

Now I have forty pounds of bananas. Forty pounds. That must either be eaten or smooshed and frozen for bread and muffins.

Being who I am, I would rather they eat them all.

You can;t overdose on banana's ...can you?

EEK a bug

My BFF Kissy is here today. I love those days. We have coffee and do our nails and sometimes, eat chocolate.

And some days we scratch lotto tickets. but it's not an addiction!

She was telling me about how she got stung by a hornet seven times the day before she went on vacation.


I got stung by a wasp onetime when I was about ten, but it was my fault , I stepped on him running toward the beach and he stung me between my toes.

And once, way back when I was pregnant with RM I got stung. That hurt. I remember the pain and that I brought an ice pack to coffee with me that night.

have you ever been stung by anything?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Almost done

I do not know when I have been more glad to see the end of a day, what with cleaning the snake tank, which, let me tell you, that tank weighs a freaking tonne! I hurt my knee and my back, plus it SMELLS.

And then I moved the furniture back to where it belongs in the bedroom, experimented with spot painting, folded two months worth of laundry, and dealt with the kids.

I might not be ready for the back to school structured life, but I think rainbow man is. He was off the bleeping walls today!

I need a long soak and some therapeutic time with my sewing machine!

Come here


I want to tell you a secret.

I haven't folded my laundry since school let out at the end of June. Not.One.Load.

It's been sitting in the sewing room. Wrinkling and sighing, waiting for me to fold it. But I refused.

Until today

Today I spent SIX.HOURS. folding and ironing and hanging. It really sucked.


Toady I folded AND put every item away in it's proper place.

But only becuase I could no longer shut the door on the mess.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Confessions of a bad painter

I thought I would save this entry for Paint. I know you are still here, reading, but I feel a bit more anonymous. And a bit hopeful that the laughing and finger pointing wont be as bad here as it would be over at BPR.

My Husband and I are not good painters.

I know! Shocking. You can;t even tell from the photos, can you?

Lets start with sin number one.

It's a biggie.

We taped the door trim and the base boards. We taped the corners where yellow meets burgundy. We rocked!

Then we painted the wall in primer. And left the tape on. The next day we put coat number one of Ground Ginger, and two days later, half of coat number two. Still another two full days later we finished the second coat.

It was time to take the tape off.

Hey! who knew you had to remove the tape immediately or it becomes part of the wall? No one told us that if it didn't come off immediately and we attempted to take it off a week and three coats of paint later it would come off - with half of the freshly painted coats of ground Ginger!

Yay! We suck!

Our second sin?

My husband put me in charge of "cutting in". you know. the part where you paint a line by the roof and base boards? Half of the roof has been painted, a good portion of the carpet and the trim is fifty fifty white and ground ginger.

Sigh. It was obvious we were in over our heads and that it was now time to take drastic measures.

*ringing phone*



"Remember back when we said we were painting and you told me that if we needed any help, that all we had to do was ask? - this is me asking!"

My mother in law came over this afternoon and fixed the roof, re-painted the burgundy so it's no longer a strange zebra streak effect in the sunlight . She is coming back to morrow to touch up the spots of Groung Ginger we ripped away with the tape.

Mother in laws are awesome!


I just cannot seem to wake up this morning. I haven;t even made my coffee. I have been sitting on the couch, dozing.

I only got of fit because the phone rang.

My mother in law is going to come help us paint something today and I need to get up and get a few things organized before she gets here.

But I'm so ...Blah.

Ever have those days?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Miss. Popularity

Yup thats me.

I rank high in the friends department.

So high in fact that I was able to force ask my friend to take my very annoying talkative child for the night.

the whole night.

Allllllllll night.

Yup that's right. We spent all night without yappy yappy yap yap yap.

Life is gooooood.

Oh wait. He is home now. Nevermind.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


The most pressing thing on my mind now is, Do I have a donut, froot loops or brownies for Breakfast?

I love Saturday's

Friday, August 10, 2007


I find it really hard to come up with ideas on what to post. But today it was like lightning in my brain and I worked for two hours this afternoon getting ready for tonights post on BPR.

If you love or hate Wal*Mart, be sure to tune in for an exciting display of my love for Wal*Mart.

Also. My legs are very sore from DDR right now AND the dude in the red truck across the street is in BIG trouble now. He always backs right into the neighbors blue car to park. ALWAYS.

but this time someone was outside the blue ar house and saw him!


I hope they call the cops. If they do I am going to walk over there with pictures to prove that the red truck dude does hit the car.

Uhm....Not that I take pictures every afternoon at four of him doing it.

Fine. Yes I do take pictures.

The End

This is the end of a great vacation.

Usually, at some point during m husbands two week vacation we have a huge fight and spend two or three days pissed off at each other.

But this time, other than a small - and ongoing- argument on whether mixing red, blue and yellow paint will result in paint ( It won't) (he says it will) (but it can't possibly) (he says it can too) ( this is when i change the subject) we have not had any big arguments at all.

I think that it makes this vacation the hands down winner of them all!

Unfortunately, Monday he has to go back to work. We had planned on winning the lotto so he could quit, but that didn't happen.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

on the phone

So I have been on the phone for the last half hour and about three minutes into the conversation I wanted to end it.

now she is talking about home renovations!


(that was sarcasm)

Also. She has no idea what the hell she is talking about.

Just thought you should know that.

I want off the phone.

Normally I would get the baby to cry - by whatever means- and say oops the baby is crying and I have to go!


I'm just saying uh huh and murmuring shit.

hol-eh blah! blah! blah! blah!

Someone give me an excuse!

Fall is coming

This is going to be a "Mommy Post"

And also a confession.

I am not looking forward to school starting in a few weeks. *gasp*

Some of my family have implied that it is due to the fact that I must send Blue boy off on his way to kindergarten.

But he is so excited about going, how on earth could I feel badly about sending him?

I LIKE my kids. As parents we HAVE to love them, but I also like them. I like spending the days - full days- with them. I love not having to worry about bedtime, and that we can catch Frisbees until dark - or until someone gets hurt.

I love that my seven year old will help with dishes and entertain the babies.

I like just sitting and talking to them. Coloring on the driveway together and splashing in the pool!

And yet, school will start - soonish. I actually don't know the day that they go back to school. How bad is that?

I figure I can call the school at the end of August and they will tell me!

When school starts, all of a sudden pancake mornings end becuase we have to rush breakfast and make lunches.

I have to make sure they have clothes out for school before they go to bed, and make sure they go to bed at 8 not midnight.

Its the end of renting movies in the middle of the week, or taking evening runs to the city for coffee with them.

Its the end of a great summer and back to the structure and rles of school season.

And I am NOT looking forward to it!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I went shopping.

And no. I don't care it says "Kids Club" on them.

I think they are cute!

What do you think?


am I freezing and in jeans and a sweater when everyone else is hot and complaining?

And why are there so many flies out today?

First we had a million mosquitoes then a billion dragon flies to eat the mosquitoes. now we have a Squillion flies to buzz around and annoy me!

I am expecting the plague of locusts any day now!

Monday, August 06, 2007

I need your help!

Recently, I created a new blog. It's called Where Was I? I had help from the always sweet Nobody to get it on it's own domain, but for some reason, Google does not recognize Where Was I?

Now. It's really really important that Google come to love my sweet baby blog becuase its conception was planned purely for monetizing reasons. But. Unless I can get some sort of a page rank, and trust me, I would take a one at this point!, I can;t do anything with her at all!

So. Here is what I get when I check - or try to check - my blogs info:

Warning: fopen(/home/google/public_html/domains/ [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/google/public_html/function1.php on line 36

Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/google/public_html/function1.php on line 58
NOT Valid !!!!
So what are those lines (36 and 58) and how do I fix it?

Anyone know??

Today is August Sixth

this morning I woke up at one PM.

thats odd I thought.

Odder still, I was woken by a kiss on the cheek.


I came out to the kitchen to find that the dishes ( a lot of them) ( trust me, a lot of dishes!) had all been done.

Still, I'm not making the connection, I don't quite understand it.

There is a fresh pot of coffee. A cup of it has already been poured for me.

Its now 1:53 and I finally realize why this afternoon is so different from any other.

Once again, the Husband has remembered better than I that today is our wedding anniversary.

Eight years!


Bonus: I love him more today than I did the day I married him..

Sunday, August 05, 2007

iPod Annoyances

I recently bough myself a silver iPod shuffle off of eBay. Its a pretty neat little gadget. I really enjoy listening to it and I admit I sometimes turn it too loud to drown out the bickering between the children.

It did however, get annoying to pick it up and find it full of my husbands music.

While our tastes are somewhat similar, there is no way i want to listen to 82 metallica songs one after the other.

So I bough him his own iPod, curtosy of eBay.

The only problem now is that he has it on 24/7 and I have to repeat myself about ten times before he can hear and understand what I am saying.

I'm not sure I made the right decision, getting him his own.



So the whole fiasco with our first camping trip has done something unexpectedly good.

not only did the kids get more pleasure out of the second trip becuase OMG! YAY! we got to go camping, but we spent the first week of the two week shut down really busy do the second week is going to c.r.a.w.l by.

Plus! we have company today!

Contain your jealousy people.


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Have you ever

had such a good day that the following day is like hell warmed over on a piece of toast?

Thats what today has been. For the first time since school let out in June, I thoughtt o myself "School starts soon"

And in fact, it does. In nine days. or ten. or whatever, soon it starts.

I am a little annoyed that RM gets to go to school (grade three) but BB has to wait till mid september to start (kindergarten) I think that the first morning he has to watch RM walk out the door for school there will be a lot of tears.

Sigh. I;ll stock up on chocolate.