Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spare Tire


guess what!

My husband, the stick thin, turn sideways and become invisible man, the one who laughs and jokes about eating a horse and losing weight - is gaining weight!!!

He has the teeny tiniest tummy pooch right now !!

I'm not sure if he has even noticed he has gained weight and It's not something I can point out either, becuase HELLO!!! I've gained weight since we got married so how hypocritical would it be of me to say DUDE! Take some vitamins for men or do some sit ups or something!'s kinda cute LOL

My chocolate plan

In order to not have to stock up on a decades worth of Lipofuze this halloween, I have decided to limit my intake of chocolate - note I said limit not avoidance of.

I already know that I will eat halloween candy (mostly becuase Ive had two mini chocolate bars in the last hour LOL) so saying that I will NOT have any is just setting myself up for failure.

I have decided to limit myself to four pieces of whatever candy. Except gum, becuase gum is not candy LOL

Caution! Thin Ice!!

We got snow on the 26th and it has not gone away, those some of it has melted - just enough to cause a horrible layer of ice on everything. Then, to make things worse, we are getting a wet fog every night which means EVERYTHING is coated in a thin thin layer of ice when you go out. Cars, roads, houses, grass, trees, everything has a thin layer. it sucks, becuase I AM A KLUTZ!!!

I take the best calcium supplements I can find, and try to be alert, but it never fails, ice outside? I WILL fall. So far I have not broken a bone (YAY!) but as I age, I worry that THIS will be the winter I slip and break my wrist or ankle. And how horrid would that be? To be a klutzy person already, and try to navigate snow and ice with crutches?



My husband opted to take an extra shift at work today so I told him that I would do our grocery shopping so he could take a nap - he got up at 4 am to work, so he was tired.

Because there was no impatient man to rush rush rush for, I took my time shopping, it was just me and the boys, and we had a blast. I picked up some hair dye (red). Normally I don't even look at the dye becuase my husband likes to get in and get out of a store as fast as possible, and I like to walk around, take my time, relax and enjoy myself!

Normally, my BFF, Nikki dyes my hair for me, but she is working a lot lately, and I've decided that I will dye my own hair. people dye their own hair all the time, so it should be OK, right?

I'm worried that I should have bought some muscle builders when I bought my hair dye though. My arms get insanely sore when I try to use my straightener, something about holding them up over my head makes me get stiff super easy, and There is no pause and rest during hair dye application, not like when I straighten my hair, I can do a section, take a break and do another section. With hair dye, the timing is important so once I start, that's it, I have to finish!

I'm also super worried that I will miss parts of my hair, and since I am going from a light-ish brown to red, it will be noticeable if I miss! I bought two boxes of the color so that I don't have to worry about running out, and i will have more than enough, I hope to fully saturate my hair!

Any tips and tricks to dyeing hair? I wont be doing it until Tuesday or Wednesday night so hit me with everything you've got!

Happy halloween!

Once again it is Halloween time :D

I love halloween, the excitement of making costumes, the deliciousness of the candy and of course, the pumpkin carving!

My husband did Doctor who, isn't it awesome!

I did Edward and Bella from Twilight, its OK, but not super. Oh well, I am pleased with it anyway!

Here are all five - the boys each did their own as well :D

Tomorrow it will be time for dressing up and going door to door for candy, which is awesome! it's not gonna be very cold, they say anyway. About plus five during the day, dropping to minus ten in the evening/night, so not appropriate for womens sandals, but not the end of the world either. the kids will be able to wear just normal pants under their costumes instead of ski pants :D

Friday, October 29, 2010

Best Costume Ever

Did you hear that Ellen is going as Snooki's POOF for Halloween? She is, really! it's true! I have Proof !!

If you do not know who Snooki is, then count your lucy stars! she is a douce from teh "reality show" jersy shore - here is a picture of her

Notice they did not let her hold onto the horse tack? Yeah, well thats becuase the most elaborate thing Snooki can handle is a pickle.

Seriously. she is quite the specimen!

So A lot of people are painting themselves orange and going as snooki, but Ellen, as snooki's poof/ PURE GENIUS!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So I have been working really hard - SUPER hard, to save money to buy my husband something he has wanted for about 18 months now. Its a special drum set, but it costs 300 bucks. So even though we kept saying we were gonna save X amount and buy them, we never did. Real life gets in the way, you know?

So finally I saved the money - he has NO idea I saved it, and I even found a coupon online,like tiger direct coupons, kinda. The coupon saved me 10% of my order - and on 300 bucks, ten percent is a LOT

Anyway. The drums will be here in about a week, and I will have to hide them until Christmas, but holy crap, I cannot wait to see his face Christmas morning!

Sugar Crisp

The local grocery store is somewhere we try very very hard not to shop at, It has super ridiculous pricing. However, when you run out of toilet paper, that's not exactly a thing you can say "Oh well, I guess we will do without until we can get to the city"

So I went to the grocery store, and BAM! right up front and center, grabbing your eye the minute you walk in was a display of sugar Crisp. OMG.


I forgot they even make that cereal!

And BONUS! it was on for 2$ a box! I of course, snapped up five (or six) boxes and brought them home.

I might as well start pressing the click here buttons on weightloss websites, becuase as well as forgetting about the cereal, when I saw, and b ought it, I had forgotten just how bloody sweet it was!

The kids of course, love it.



We have a birthday in our home every three months - with the exception of mine, which occurs 5 days after Logans', in July. Micah January, Parker October, Blake April, Logan June. And me, as i said, July.

I enjoy making sure that cakes are made for Birthdays, Even Micah's, and in return, my husband makes sure I have a cake too. This of course means any weight loss plans I have must run for only 2 months and 29 days, becuase on that third month, Im getting my Cake On, Baby!

For the children, we make both a birthday cake for home (often two home birthday cakes, as we tend to celebrate once with my husbands folks and once with mine.) and we also make either a cake or cupcakes for them to take to school.

here are Parker's School Cuppycakes :D Being born October 29th makes it super fun to do his cakes and et el, LOL

First we (Meaning I) (Let me say, Micah usually helps 50% or more on these cakes/cupcakes, but this one was so damn easy, he sat this one out.) First I made the cats. Using candy wafers (bought at a craft store, you melt them) I used wax paper over a printed template, and "drew" the cats on with the melted candy. Then, while the candy was still wet, I covered them liberally with black sugar sprinkles. When they set, I knock off the excess sprinkles.

Here is a finished cat. They are VERY delicate. The break quite easily, so always always always make more of whatever you are making with the wafer, that you will need. I made 45 cats for 30 cupcakes and ended up having to use broken cats anyway. They. Break.EASY

I cut the tops of the cupcakes off to make them flat(er) (I cut crooked on a lot, which broke a few cats) After cutting the cupcakes I crumb coated them, heated the icing in a glass bowl and dipped the cupcakes in to coat them.

I put them in the fridge to let the icing set so the hot icing would not melt the candy cats in any way. once they were cooled, I piped a dot of icing on the backs of the cats and stuck them on the yellow cupcakes.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I had to run to the store for butter and TP - more the TP than the butter, but whatever LOL. while I was there I saw the rudest thing in the freaking world. Some dude pushing a cart , nothing wrong there, but as I watched him he was deliberately swerving to hit kids with his cart.

not hard enough to knock them down, just enough to jostle them. If the parent spoke to him about it he told them to "Keep you Fu*king brat from running wild" but in 99% of the cases, the kid was either holding the parents hand or onto the cart! It takes a lot of hate to deliberately - and I followed him for a bit to watch, he would walk down and choose which aisle to go down by if it had a kid in it or not!! if there were no kids in the aisle he stayed out!

He must have a stick so far up his ass that no amount of colon cleanse is gonna cure him of his hate-a-tude!


Oh Snap! Winter is back!

I hate winter. it's cold. It's wet. It's dangerous - I worry every day when my husband hits the highway heading to work that the roads will be icy and he will be in an accident! It's cold , did I mention that winter is cold?

I think the only good things about winter is that it brings with it Christmas and a reduction in the amount of acne creams that we use becuase winter is COLD, and people do not sweat in the cold.

Personally, I don't find clear skin to be a good trade off for frostbitten skin!


Popular name!

We have another Parker in the family. My second cousin had a wee tiny boy, Parker Lewis just the other day! He is adorable, a large shock of white hair on his wee wrinkled head, just a cutie!

i cant wait to get the baby shower invitations in the mail! I love shopping for babies, the tinier the better!

MY Parker thinks its "Way Cool" that our cousin named her son Parker as well.

but WHY?

See, I don;t get it. Why do celebrity males allow naked pictures of themselves to be taken? They WILL end up on the internet. It is a fact of life people. Nakedness and the internet go hand in freaking hand.

So the latest "celeb" - do we call athletes celebrity's now? Anyway, the latest to drop his drawers and pose for pictures is none other than Brett Favre. Allegedly, anyway.

I'd deny it was me too if I was a dude with that tiny thing too! OMG! I mean, if you have a super nice, should be made into a statue type body, with matching dangles, then fine, take the shot, but if you should be the before in a natural male enhancement pills commercial, then DO NOT POSE!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Loving the October Movies!

Hubs and I just finished watching a movie called House and are watching Jeepers Creepers 2 right now. All of October there are wonderful movies on the television, but this is the first year we have been able to really take advantage of them!

We recently signed up for a different cable service - we've had our phone through them for 12, 13 years, and our net for just about as long. The only reason it took us so long to finally get their cable was that Sasktel Max wasn't available out here in our podunk town until now.

This is our very first time experiencing the wonders of a dvr, and OMG is it awesome. Take for example about half an hour ago, the kids came upstairs wanting chips, so my husband just paused the movie and I took the kids to the store and when I got back, BAM! he started it right back up. About the only thing that would make this October better would be if we had home theater seating because my back has been seriously jacked up the past year or so and my lower back is spasming right now :(

We have a teensy tiny living room, so all we have for furniture in it are two love seats, so i can;t even stretch out. I used to be able to watch at least 4 movies in a row, but no more, two is my limit (one and a half, really). As soon as this is over, I'm gonna go soak my back in a HOT bath, and then lay on my ice pack.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spacing out

This morning after the boys left for school I let the water run and had a nice hot steamy bubble bath. When i was sufficiently wrinkled I put my bookmark in my book and go out. I would have stayed in longer but I had crap to do LOL.

see, this weekend is my oldest sons birthday. Little brat is gonna be eleven. how on earth did THAT happen?

I pulled up my recipe for marshmallow fondant and started on that first. I've only ever made fondant once before and did not have a fun time with it, but for the cake we are doing we figured fondant was going to be the best option. It keeps well in the fridge, or so the internet tells me, so it is OK to make it in advance like this.

After that I made some pies (apple) but not for the party, just for desert tonight lol.

My problem today is that when I came to my laptop and tried to open the file marked "Parker's Party" it was gone!! I had deleted it. This means that I don't have any idea what time we told the other kids to get here by. Dammit!

I know it is this weekend, and I am almost one hundred percent positive it is Saturday , but what time? Oh man! I'm so spacey lately that maybe the best thing for me to do, would be to locate some Outer Banks vacation rentals and book myself in for a week or two (or three!)

What am I going to forget next? Their names? Where I live?


Pee ess: check out Logan's new turtle jammies! Do you remember the Ninja Turtles??

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Late Night Driving

Over Thursday/Friday, Micah and I spent 16 hours in the car driving. Fun times. not. The worst of it was Friday night, driving home in the dark. I have very bad night vision, and it is worsened by headlights and other lights, like a close to the highway, barn or farm yard with those big security lighting set-ups.

Micah would be driving and I could kinda sorta see then BAM! He would round a corner and I was blinded by the lights!

We saw a Moose last night on the Hanson Lake Road, it was RIGHT at the shoulder! It was both scary and exciting! We also picked up our very first hitch hiker, but that was because on the Hanson Lake road its not OK to leave people who are stranded, it is just too long and lonely of a road!

He was a Nurse from Flin Flon (Manitoba) and had blown a tire. He was rolling his new tire back to his car. He had another 25 KM to go when we picked him up!

Anyway. Night driving sucks. Driving for 16 hours sucks and I'm pretty sure my ass is still numb!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*SHHHHH!* Secret post!

My husband doesn't read Paint!, which is great, cus i can blab to the world about his Christmas and birthday gifts and he has no clue!

I got him a bacon wallet. Yes. I did. And now you know it, and I know it and the cat knows it, but he does not.

Other people who do not read this blog? heheheh Their tough luck, maybe next time they will read when I say "Hey! Go read my blog!"

I want your opinion on something. We like to give little gifts - stocking stuffers- to everyone at Christmas, This year i was thinking about getting personalized rubber stamps with the recipients mailing address on it.

I talked to Micah about it and he said that it was a silly idea because everyone uses email, no one mails letters, but I know myself that I mail cards and gifts and other things that require my return address, so I assume others do as well!

If you had a rubber stamp with your address on it would you use it?

Turkey Or Bust

So. Thanksgiving...CANADIAN Thanksgiving... last weekend. It was interesting, to say the least.

Should I start by telling you my Grandfather passed away? Or that the turkey was so not OK that we ordered Pizza and said it was good enough?

It was, erm. A bad weekend, to say the least. I am thankful for my family, my home, my wonderful friends, but it would have been nice to have spent the THANKSGIVING weekend being thankful and not wishing that my real life was a dream and I was instead tucked away with Micah on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship...


Next year will be better, I know it!