Saturday, October 30, 2010

Caution! Thin Ice!!

We got snow on the 26th and it has not gone away, those some of it has melted - just enough to cause a horrible layer of ice on everything. Then, to make things worse, we are getting a wet fog every night which means EVERYTHING is coated in a thin thin layer of ice when you go out. Cars, roads, houses, grass, trees, everything has a thin layer. it sucks, becuase I AM A KLUTZ!!!

I take the best calcium supplements I can find, and try to be alert, but it never fails, ice outside? I WILL fall. So far I have not broken a bone (YAY!) but as I age, I worry that THIS will be the winter I slip and break my wrist or ankle. And how horrid would that be? To be a klutzy person already, and try to navigate snow and ice with crutches?


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