Saturday, October 16, 2010

Late Night Driving

Over Thursday/Friday, Micah and I spent 16 hours in the car driving. Fun times. not. The worst of it was Friday night, driving home in the dark. I have very bad night vision, and it is worsened by headlights and other lights, like a close to the highway, barn or farm yard with those big security lighting set-ups.

Micah would be driving and I could kinda sorta see then BAM! He would round a corner and I was blinded by the lights!

We saw a Moose last night on the Hanson Lake Road, it was RIGHT at the shoulder! It was both scary and exciting! We also picked up our very first hitch hiker, but that was because on the Hanson Lake road its not OK to leave people who are stranded, it is just too long and lonely of a road!

He was a Nurse from Flin Flon (Manitoba) and had blown a tire. He was rolling his new tire back to his car. He had another 25 KM to go when we picked him up!

Anyway. Night driving sucks. Driving for 16 hours sucks and I'm pretty sure my ass is still numb!

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