Monday, November 28, 2011

Candy Canes!

Oh I wish I had a set of tiny paint brushes to play with in the nail polish, this was hard and messy to do, and took FOREVER to dry! Plus, the lines are all squiggly! It looks cute from kinda far away, but up close, trust me, they aren't a pretty site!

When I originally took out the red polish, I had planned on painting lady bugs on my nails, but them my bratling walked past me with a candy cane sticking out of his mouth and I put away the black and got out the white!

Sometimes inspiration doesn;t need to hit me round the head with an industrial rubber hose, eh?

I really want to try and make Christmas trees, but first I need to pick up some tiny brushes. no way I can do it with the bottle brush!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Something interesting has happened in the last six months. Our family has grown, not in number, but in size.

Before, all three boys fit comfortably on the love seat, with room in between each, for wiggling. Now, they are crammed into that seat like salty sardines, and it ends with one of them laying on the floor.

....And the floor sucks, to tell the truth, no carpet, just wood, so it's not soft at all!

It is time for new furniture in casa del bulepaintred.

Now, I cant ask you for suggestions, i'd end up knowing everything about cheap furniture stores in los angeles, but not have a clue where to go close to home, but what you can help me with is materials.

We have two dogs, one who sheds a LOT. We have one person (me) who hates leather(too hot!) and we have kids,m so nothing light colored.

So is there something that isn't the above, but is still good? Comfortable? Affordable?good option?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stocking Stuffers

I was very pleasantly surprised the other day when Logan came up to me and explained that he wanted me to buy him a certain book. See, his teacher had read the class the first book in the Dinosaur Cove series, and then she had helped him check the second one out of the library, but the library did not have the third book, and he really wanted to keep reading the series.

This was shocking because it has been a damn hard struggle to get Logan reading, he absolutely hates reading our nightly books. I mean, he has been getting better, he no longer fights and argues when I call him down to read his nightly reading books, but to have him ask me specifically for a book, it was a very very nice thing to hear. Obviously I bought the third book for him, as well as the fourth, I took advantage of my scholastic coupons too! I plan on, if he reads the third and fourth, on buying him the rest of the series. I will do just about anything I can to foster a love of reading in him. I love that my two oldest love curling up with a goof book, and I'd love to have the whole team reading!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Forty Seven Days

With Forty seven days til christmas, IO am gathering my Christmas invitations, gift wrap and tags, making lists and making plans for baking. I absolutely LOVE this time of year, Its just a blast for me, every bit of it!

I know that a lot of people dislike the shopping part of Christmas, maybe they don't know what to give their loved one, or maybe they cant afford it, there are lots of reasons, but for me, its just a ball of fun.

I love the planning, the smells, the decorations - there is nothing better then driving down a dark lit street admiring the neighbors Christmas light display!

If I had to pick one thing that I love above all of the christmas season, It would be how excited the children get, second to that, the smells and sounds of christmas! What about you? Love it? hate it? Tell me!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today at work I asked the waitress to bring me "anything cold" As she waled away I cursed myself for not thinking to say, "But no root beer" Because I hate root beer!

What never occurred to me, is that she might bring beer beer. Like the alcohol drink, beer. It was over the noon rush, and i didn't figure anyone drinks during the day in real life, it just never occurred to me she might bring that. It was a mix between a lime beer (?) iced tea and seven up. And.. it tasted good, I took a biiiig drink, about an inch, and complemented her on the mix and just as she was getting around to telling me what was in it, my ears started to buzz...uh oh. Beer.

Better call the roadside assistance club because I am very very allergic to beer! Le Sigh.

Lucky, I only had 25 more minuets of work to bumble through, and there was only one order come in while we waited, I spent the majority of the time trying to prep garlic bread, but that scant inch I drank was really wreaking havoc on me. I got home, took off my pants (LOL) and crashed on the couch.

I got up long enough to put pants on when the kids got home and then crashed again til now, 7 pm-ish.

Next time I ask for a cold one, Ima specify NO BEER> root or other wise!

Monday, October 17, 2011


So I survived the split shifts. Barley. By the lat one, I was grouchy, exhausted and had gotten a cold. I still have the cold, but am no longer exhausted. The cold is sucky though. What do people do when they have to work, and have a cold? Am I supposed to call in sick to work? I mean, i work with food and stuff, and I will be coughing and blowing my nose. Now, *I* know that when i cough it will be hygienically, and that i will wash my hands after I blow, but the customers in the dining room might here me cough, and THEY don't know I plan on washing well. Also, What if I get my co-worker sick?

Bah. I will head in, and if I get sent home, then I will know!

I was in the bathroom getting another roll of toilet paper to blow my nose into (HOLY SNOT!!!) and guess what I saw? Yeah. A spider. Little bastard thinks he can come inside MY house to stay warm? I think NOT! Seeing as I didn't have an handy flats fishing guides on hand to stop that MF'er, I uncoiled the central vac hose, plugged it in and sucked that jerk into oblivion. I hope.

Do vacuums really kill spiders? Or have I set a spider death trap in the basement, and my poor husband will go downstairs to empty the central vac thingy and instead be attacked by the spiders I have sucked up?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Down, Two to Go

Well there we go, One split shift down, two to go. My co-worker J is SUPER patient with me, and never looks or acts upset when I ask him the gazzillion questions that I do. LOL.

I did have a thought today, it would be way cool if they got a fake bull for fake bull riding at the bar. How fun would that be? Maybe they are super expensive and my boss would need merchant financing, who knows, but I think it would be a blast!

I worked six hours today (three and three) which is what I worked each of the three first weeks I worked there LOL

Anyway, shower, eat and read my book is whats on my plans for the rest of the night - oh, and watch Glee, my hubby PVR'd it for me :D

i work again at ten AM tommorrow

Not Looking Forward to the Week

Ugg. I like having a job, and I asked for more hours, but I got assigned to work the 10-2 and then the 5-9 shift at work for this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Its not that I don't like the work, I'm actually looking forward to tonight because it's wing night and I know what to do, I am a bit nervous about Wednesday because I think that's burger night and I still don't remember what goes on what burger :(

What I am worried about is how tired I am going to be and how to feed Micah and the boys supper while I am gone. But mostly Im worried about the tireds.

My co-worker Suzie said I got these night shifts because she is on vacation this week, and if thats true and this is a one time thing, great, But in the future Id prefer to work no nights, or if I have too, one per week, max.

Speaking of having a case of the tireds, I snapped this photo the other night. We got back from the in-laws around 11 and all three boys were wiiiiide awake so we rented a movie. Ten minutes into the movie, this is what we saw :


Friday, September 30, 2011

Check it out!

I LOVE the way Blogger lets you change the design so easily now! check out my new halloween themed header! it would have been better if I had tiny skinny markers, or even felt pens, instead of the kids school crayola markers LOL

But whatever, it's pretty cute, hey? The one finger, the green one (duh) is a zombie, and he is eating the other fingers brains LMAO

Instead of trying to make money with a Night Audit Clerk Jobs, I think I will hire myself out as a finger painter LOL. I might even splurge on better markers!

I think I will take a photo of the boys in the leaves for November, and of course something Christmassy for December. I'm looking forward to finding a monthly header photo for this blog! I wish my other blogs were this easy to design!

Phone advice

I have a first gen LG Rumer. its old, its worn, you cant see the letters on some keys, I've left it out int he rain and its worked for me, and i really love it. When my sister died, it was hers. It was in her purse, it had a log of her text messages - it had one sent from the hospital hours before she passed.

My brother already had a cell phone, so i took it home with me. I waited out her contract because I didn't know her password, and then activated it myself.

BUT I need a new phone. the space bar is really, REALLY temperamental, and I have to really work to convince the phone to work. I don't know a lot about technical stuff. I don;t even know what golf gps reviews golf digest is. is it a book? Is it a machine? I just don't know!

So tell me. Is the LG bliss or LG flick any good? The reviews are mixed online, so what I want is a real person who has owned one, to tell me.


Shopping Lists!

So we finally got the Insurance bill in the mail. I've been calling them since May, since the flood, asking what our bill amount was gonna be - once you put in a claim, your insurance goes up :( - I wanted to know what the amount was gonna be so that we could take time and save up to pay it off. Now, September 30th, they finally sent the bill, and we owe damn near 500 bucks. The worst part? it has to be paid in LESS than a month, on October28th.

Luckily, I got a job, unluckily, its a very part time job, 12 hours every payday, at 9;50 an hour, doesn't net you much. BUT, it will pay for half the bill, by the time we need to pay it. Hubs is gonna snag a few hours overtime, and that will pay the rest, but dammit, its not fair. Why are they allowed to give so little time to pay such a big bill? If we had time, we could have set money aside every month and this wouldn't be a stress at all, but even as early as two weeks ago, I had called and asked for a total and they refused. Its fricken MEAN!

SO. Shopping lists! I had plans for my paychecks. The one I get tomorrow I wanted to buy Blakes present from santa, (A long board) the one after, I planned on buying Logans drum set (santa too) then, who knows/ I'm not putting names to stuff, but I wanted to check out luminox watches at too!

Of course, its only September 30th, we have tonnes of time before Christmas, but dammmmn it. I am not happy with my insurance peeps!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sammi saga

This past month I noticed that samantha had a loose tooth, and that seemed wrong. She just turned three in August, why were her teeth loose? Within two weeks, she had three teeth loose and her gums around those teeth were receding. We didn't have insurance to cover this kind of thing, so i was pretty damn worried.

We simply could not afford a huge vet bill, but faced with the knowledge that her teeth were progressively getting worse, and in a short time frame, we had to do something!

I took her for an estimate at her normal vets office and was quoted 483.24 for a cleaning, tooth extraction, and iv fluids. I was horrified. They have no payment plan, and we don't have the extra cash knowing Christmas and house insurance is coming up soon.

I posted on facebook about our woes, about it costing nearly 500 smacks to fix Sam's mouth, and my groomer said "Call me,. I know a different vet".

Well Sam went in yesterday morning and had a cleaning, three teeth extracted and iv fluids, and we paid a whopping 220.00. Thats it. Less than half of the other estimate, for the same service. What the hell?

Last night sam was groggy and kind of funny, but today she is back to her old self. her teeth are sparkling white and she looks to be healing very well on the extraction site. I'm disappointed in our vet, on the over charging (in my opinion, it is over charging), but i will continue to go to them for the girls annual shots and check ups.

And don't tell Smokey, but I'm gonna start saving for her to go in and get her teeth cleaned.....

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Christmas Is Coming

Like I said on Facebook last night, I am super anxious to get my Christmas shopping done. I have my list of people to buy for, and what I want to get them, now I need to start buying, ASAP!

I've already bought for my littlest nephew, and that just puts me even more on edge, wanting to finish. I don't worry about christmas gifts from husband, as the husband type dude always has that in control, but its pretty much up to me to decide what everyone else gets - he has his say too, but I generally come up with an idea and he says "Go for it!"

Personalized gifts are an awesome choice, I always find.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New car! YAY!

reading about subaru wrx custom floor mats reminded me that we got a new car and never bothered to tell you all about it!

It's true! Its an Impala, and it WAS in excellent condition - but the day after - seriously, the very second night we owned it, it hailed. Damn near golf ball sized hail, which of course, left a few marks just about |EVERYWHERE!|

Ignore the hail damage (because we are) and its a damn sweet car. Only 90,000 KMs on it, and the interior is mint! the trunk is tonnes bigger then the Taurus, and that is most definitely a bonus!!

From what I can tell, its better on gas and is a smoother ride as the shocks were on their way out, in the Taurus.

All in all, it was money well spent!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Learning the hard way!

Recently I was contacted about a video of my sin that was on youtube. A television station wanted to give me thousands of dollars to license and use it for two years, did I have the original file?

Uh. Yeah, but it is stuck on a laptop that died due to a kid induced water immersion!


It was at this point we learned the importance of backing shit up. Using a document imaging software an external hard drive, or whatever other things there are out there, just. DO.IT.

Thanks to facebook and some super peeps there, I got my photos and videos off the dead laptop, but I should have had a back up in the first place to avoid the needless panic I went through!

(We now have an external back up system!)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

:( <--sad face

Summer is nearly over. It's August 18th, and School starts back up again on the 31st :(

It seems like just yesterday the boys came home with their used up notebooks and broken crayons, but nope, school is nearly in session :(

I wish we had done more this summer. We went camping, we went to the EX, we went swimming at the pool more times than I can count, but we didn't go anywhere big, or special :( You know what would have been fun? Hitting a beach with metal detectors, or going somewhere where we could hike nature trails all day, or best of all, somewhere where they had an ikea!!

(I live that store, LOL)

I even looked up home schooling regulations in this province to see if it was viable, but its just not.I'm gonna miss the kids :( I put my application in at a few places, but if I don't find work, I'm gonna be bored out of my skull again this year :( :(

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Men *eyeroll*

So we were on the way home from the lake tonight, when Micah said "Oh! I should play rockband when we get home"

Since he plays the DRUMS not the wii guitar, I rolled my eyes and said it's nearly midnight. He laughed and agreed, and is now sitting and reading a book, eating jelly belly jelly beans by the hand ful.

(Try jelly belly jelly beans, if you haven't)

I think Micah should take on some of those rock band competitions. If they had one just for drumming, I betcha he would win it, the man is DYNAMITE on drums, I am amazed at how well he plays even when I am simultaneously annoyed at the noise he makes!

The Lake

Micah, the boys, and I went to the lake with BFF Kissy this afternoon/evening, and it was a blast! I am kind of horrified that this lake has been under an hour from us the whole time we have lived here, and neither Micah nor myself have ever been to it!

Sitting on the Adirondack chairs, icing my finger which I burnt trying to play in the fire pit, the dragon flies swooping and eating bugs, the kids laughing and playing in the dirt, it was just the best evening we have had in a long long while.

I'm not positive that Micah and I will take the boys there to camp , though, as it is a boat-centric lake, not so much swimming, and kids do need to be entertained, but Micah and I will be going out there as a couple, with BFF kissy in August, a just adults weekend, and holy sweet jebus am I looking forward to it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Must redecorate!

I started out this morning moving just the end tables to the kitchen so I could vaccumm up the dog hair, all the dog hair. I ended up moving the couches out taking the computer desk downstairs, bringing up shelving, a complete redecoration. All because I wanted to get rid of the dog hair!

And it feels good, cleaner, more open, right now. Sure, I might want the computer desk back another day, but for right now, I'm happy with it sitting on the coffee table when not in use. But oh! Did i ever sweat! its probably close to 30, and very humid in here because we have no working furnace at the moment, so Forget diet pills that work, I sweated off last nights pizza dinner moving furniture!

Now though, I want to redecorate this blog. How freaking old is that picture in the header? Logan is seven now, he was a baby with a sippy cup in that picture!

I've forgotten everything involved in template codes, so unless I can figure it out, I will have to have a plain jane template. I'm gonna look for some tutorials online though, first, before I go the plain jane route, and hopefully the next time you stop by, there will be a more updated photo of the bratlings up!

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Well, its the wee hours of Sunday morning. Hubby goes back to work for Monday. it seems like his vacation hasn't even started - we spent most of it at his moms house, as his sisters had come down to visit.

Every morning I cleaned the house so that if Hubs wanted to be Inviting Company over, the place would look decent, but my efforts were in vain - we have no AC so no one wanted to come to our oven of a home LOL

We even only had ONE campfire, because none of his sisters wanted to sit outside and watch the fire with us, and that really made me sad as I was looking very much forward to sitting my the fire :(

Ah well. we still have plans to head to the Exhibition in August, so there is that, at least, to look forward to.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Lah Di Dah!

Today I went to a fancy shmancy tea party. We all dressed to the nines, and four of the attendees even wore great big hats, like the brits wore to the royal wedding! It was pretty freaking awesome.

Technically, the tea was a birthday tea for my Sister in Law who recently turned 50. She was down from mexico, and my other sister in law was down from texas, so it was really just a reason for all of us to get together, and act silly.

It was a girls only tea, minus Issac, who doesn't really count because he isn't even two yet, so we were free to giggle about babies (My niece is pregnant) and sexy wedding lingerie - Two of my sister in laws are attending two different weddings this weekend, so that was a hotish topic LOL.

I one hundred and fifty percent was convinced I would have the crappiest time EVER. Who throws a tea party? Seriously? We had wee sandwiches, with no crust, fancy desserts, like you wouldn't believe, bone china cups, and six or eight different teas! But, as much as I thought I would hate it, i loved it, it was a BLAST!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Logan!

On Monday Logan turns seven. (Insert *wahhh! My baby is all grown up* here).
Today we had his birthday party, and it went REALLY well. Like super good. The on;y issue we had was the one color of icing on his cake was off. I wasn't paying attention when I mixed it, and made it too yellowish.

Last night we started the birthday celebrations by hitting the theater and seeing Thor. What a fricken good movie! I absolutely enjoyed it, and would recommend it to all.

We also saw a set of plastick blue testicals tied onto a truck hitch, in the parking lot. People, that is SOME funny shit right there, but that is NOT the intended use for trailer hitches!

The boys were SO amused to see it, though!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Out and about

Boy howdy, do I ever wish I had gone to a business printing site and had cards similar (or the same even, these are damn near perfect)made up! I could have used them by the dozens today.

When did people stop caring about social conventions? About the rules of the road? Is parking no longer taught in schools? The worst I saw today was a car parked SIDEWAYS on the parking lot, taking up three spots. I was uber amused to see that two cars had parked, one at the nose and one at the tail, blocking it in tighter then tight, but still, WTF? It wasn't even a nice car!

And bad parkers aren't event he half of it, i need cards (tied to rocks) to throw at the bad fucking drivers. We went to Costco today and were almost in an accident because some idiot cannot read the signs. One way means ONE FUCKING WAY, ASSHOLE.

People should have to re-take their drivers test every three to five years. seriously.



Fighting hard

My aunt had her first chemotherapy treatment on Thursday. She reported it went fine, no nausea, no adverse reactions, so that is good to hear. Later we will worry about hair loss treatment. Much later. For now all I care about is the chemo getting the cancer. All of it. Its stage four so I am worried, scared.. but trying to be hopeful.

I can't for the life of me recall how many treatments she was going to have, but at least they have started. It was a long wait, she had some drainage issues after her mastectomy that had to be dealt with first :(

My cousin, The daughter of my aunt, is Due with her first child in a months time. I'm hoping that this baby is giving my aunt that extra boost that is needed to fight for her life, because this is going to be a damn hard fight.

This is the same aunt who heard I was in labour with my second sin and drove all night to be by my side first thing the next morning, she was our first visitor.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


First of all, am I the only one who immediately thinks "Raptor" when they hear Rapture? I keep picturing people running, creaming down the street as hungry raptors chase after them, picking off the slow ones!

But I digress. rapture apparently has happened all over the world and now we have to worry about Zombies. Or soemthing. I admit I am a bit fuzzy on the details. In any case, I have my corpse rake, and my baseball bat, canned foods and a flame thrower, all I need is motorhome insurance, a motor home and several bags of beef jerky, and I can be on my way to ...well. I dunno, actually.

South for sure, becuase I don't want to be fighting zombies in the snow - although, snow has its benefits too, the zombies will freeze solid in the middle of winter, and with a toque and mittens I suppose an enterprising person could just go out and chop off their frozen heads in relative safety, and be home for hot cocoa in time for Wheel of Fortune.

Then again, as easy as that sounds (though messy) I could use a warm weather vacay, even if it does mean I will be dodging and smashing Zombies!

Happy Rapture day, everyone!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Proud Mom Moment

When I checked the mail the other day, I was startled to see a letter from my son's high school, addressed to me. Be honest now, the same thing would have popped in your head as did mine if you had gotten a letter like that!

"What's he done this time"

What he had done, was make the high school honor roll for third term. YEAH. beat that! His mark in French was 88, which means he is officially way smarter then his momma who cannot speak a word of french - competently that is. For example. Parker could tell you that the machine I am using right now is called Ordinateurs. Myself, I call it a computer :D

I had to take french from grade 7 to grade 9 and I failed each year. The rest of the kids in the class had all taken french class from kindergarten on, and many of them had french speaking family at home, but not me, so it sucked and I very much disliked it! Parker seems to be enjoying himself though, so that is good :D

Men are weird.

Men are strange creatures, aren't they? Both my husband and my father in law reacted to the water streaming out of the roof* and onto our heads by getting angry, testy, yelling at everything that moved, while my mother in law and i reacted by gathering towels, buckets and children and starting clean up.

At one point I thought that it might have been a good idea to have gotten term life insurance quotes before this as I was pretty sure my husband was gonna have a coronary with each new waterfall discovery!

*no pictures for this one, there just wasn't time, honestly, it never once occurred to me to stop clean up and grab a camera! We had a toilet malfunction in an upstairs bathroom adn gallons and gallons of water went through the ceiling to the basement, ruining the floor and the furnace and hopefully nothing else, though the restoration company is a bit worried about the upstairs bathroom floor where the flood started. I am crossing my fingers that the floor will dry properly and we will be able to get away with just having to fix the basement!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

kids = LOL

My middle son, Blake (9) had his friend Max over today for the afternoon. At one point the boys decided they were too hot to stay outside and came in. After a bit of television, they wanted juice but I told them they could have water (cus I'm mean, dont'ya know!)

Blake took Max into the bathroom, the boys keep a drinking cup in there, and was going to have max use his cup - i put a stop to that right quick! But while they were in the bathroom, they started making faces in the mirror and Max commented that Blake had dark circles. Blake said "Yeah and I like them cus they make me look like I might be a vampire"


I had let the boys stay up til nearly 12AM last night( no school today) so Blake was noticeably sleep deprived. I was meaner but more sensible tonight, and had them in bed by nine. I have no tips on how to get rid of dark circles and see no need for vampires in the house!

Besides, Blake is having a sleepover tomorrow night, so he will need a good nights sleep tonight!


I read the UK online newspaper, the Sun, and today they have a story about a mom who gives her daughter - age seven - botox fillers in the forehead and lips, has tattoo'd her daughters eyebrows, and plans on tattooing her seven year old kids lips next year. And its not illegal!

The mom says she wants her seven year old to be famous like Willow Smith - but the thing is, willow smith is famous 'cus her dad is famous, not becuase her parents inject her with crap and tattoo her innocence away.

Im just shocked as hell this is allowed. To me, its child abuse.

Apparently the mom took a make up course four years ago, and studied botox injections on chat rooms and forums online, so she knows what she is doing (Yeah right!) I could spend day and night on and still know nothing about either supplements OR working out, yet this lady thinks she is qualified to inject her kid with this crap!


A seven year old shouldn't be concerned with her looks at all, yet this one is obsessed, thanks to her mom and It's a damn shame!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bored at Home

I had a parent teacher interview this afternoon for Logan - He is doing great. Better then great, considering where we were at the start of the year :D

Logan wore his crown and carried his scepter to the interview - I had made the crown by sewing triangle bits of felt to the bit I had cut off my jeans when I hemmed them. It took me less than an hour to make the crown, and that includes having to search through a gazillion totes to find the felt!

His teacher commented on the crown remarking that it was great - I explained it was just something I had done out of boredom. Seriously people. try sitting home, alone every day, with just dogs for company, and see if you don't go batshit crazy. I should get a job, even a sales jobs to keep myself busy, but the fact is, I'm damn lazy. I like being able to sleep til noon!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why the wait?

So we cashed the tax refund check. And were told we have to wait 3-5 days for the funds to appear in our account. UHM, it's a freaking GOVERNMENT check, of course its good! Why the wait? Imagine if they did the bullshit 3-5 day wait when you cashed a paycheck? You'd have no choice but to get cash advances every shopping day!

It annoys me SO much that they do this. Blakes birthday is on the 23rd, but his party is on the 16th, and we slightly need to buy his gifts. We left it this long becuase we knew the tax refund was coming, but now if we have to wait five stupid days we will be shopping the day before the party!


Oh and the cake? He requested a Coral Snake. LOL

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up pretty quick here - It's already over in the UK, theirs was on April 3. Last year was the very worst of all Mothers days ever, period. I was at my dad's, helping him plan the funeral for my sister. The Worst.

Actually, yo be honest, Until that Sunday when the kids pulled cards out of the suitcase, I had pretty much forgotten about it, but it was still bad.

This year has be better. I mean, It can't be worse, that's' for damn sure!

I've already hinted QUITE unsubtly that I want one of those mothers necklaces. You know the kind? It has the birth stones of all your kids on it, in whatever arrangement you choose. A family necklace, with Micah's and my own birthstone as well as the kids would be cool too, But I would rather that be a ring.

The boy's birth months are October, April and June, so ...Opal, Diamond and pearl. Wowzers! What a monochromatic necklace that will make! Micah and I are both reds, ruby for me, garnet for him, so if we are added, at least we would have a bit of color LOL

Anyway. We got a sweet tax return, so I am looking forward to this Mother's Day :D

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Rejoyce! Rejoyce! The mercury rose above zero today! We actually hit PLUS one! The snow was melting (Yay! Icy roads tomorrow morning) I even heard BIRDS singing when I went to get the boys from school!


I'm anxious for it to get just a little bit warmer so that I can start taking walks in teh afternoon, I am hoping to get both a little vitamin D and a little exercise. The sin is actually helpful in clearing a lot of skin issues, acne included, so I ether need to get out under the sun or pick up some more clearpores!

I won;t be taking the dogs out from now until the snow finishes melting though, that is just too much of a mess for me. What we do when it is either too wet or too cold outside is we play fetch, throwing a ball down the long hall over and over and over until the dog wears herself out retrieving and goes to lay down.

Much better then a mud covered dog (and floors) or going for a run in minus forty!

The BEST Timing

On Tuesday, March 22, my eldest son turned on the PS3 and discovered it was dead. Neither myself, my husband nor my sons had heard of this issue plaguing the PS3's before - yellow light of death, and yet, there we were, the green/yellow/red/green/yellow/red light of doom blinking in our faces!

My husband and son were crushed, of course, they are horrendously addicted to games and TV and movies - its a wonder really, that they are both so skinny, and Thank Sock for the invention of antennas for digital tv! And DVR.

I set the DVR on Monday to record all episodes of Nanny 911 for me. I like that show, it reaffirms what a wonderful job I am doing with my children!

Anyway, back to the dead PS3, it had lived a good life, we have had it for three or four years, it's the original ps3, not even the slim version, it was pre-slim, even! So, lucky for my husband and sons, the ps3 died on Tuesday, and we filed our taxes- getting a very nice return, on Wednesday, so the boys went out and bought a play station 3. Very good timing becuase if not for the taxes being filed there is no way they could have afforded a new one :D

Monday, March 14, 2011

Putting things into perspective

This morning I woke up and everything was going wrong. I cant really get into details, but everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

I went on twitter and pouted for a while about how horrible my life is and wah wah wah, poor me. And then I went for a four hour nap with my youngest son who was home with a migraine.

Then I woke up and remembered I have a friend who recently lost her daughter, whose son is in a coma, still fighting to wake up, and I realized that the little crappy bits in my life are nothing, NOTHING compared to what others are dealing with. The thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of homeless in Japan, the mothers who have lost children, who am I to complain? Really.

Sunday, March 06, 2011


This afternoon we met my dad and his wife at mcDonalds for Shamrock Shakes. While we were all sitting around, my step mama asked about the new video camera we had bought. I just happened to have tossed it in my purse - its the size of a cell phone- so I pulled it out and clicked play on a random video stored on the card.

AND OMFG people. Logan had been the last person to have played with the video camera, and he had gone the bathroom with it, and had made a lovely video of his poop.

How sick! That's the LAST thing I wanted to see while trying to enjoy a milk shake - at least it wasn't a chocolate shake LOL

Saturday, February 26, 2011

With wee tiny marshmallows

I just put the kettle on so that I can make a mug of hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate, and to hell with diet pills, I love it the best when it has wee tiny marshmallows on it!

My mouth dries out fast, I need to have water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, gum, hard candies or soemthing in my mouth pretty much constantly, so I have a wiiiiiiiide variety of hot cocoas, teas and flavored coffees to choose from :D

Right now I am loving the Acia Berry tea, but i really want chocolate, so the hot chocolate won out!

The only part about the kettle that I dislike is the way it screams at me when it is done. OMG SHUT UP you stupid kettle!!!

Ordering online

I ordered a Kodak Playsport video camera (in Blue) online the other day, and it should be arriving on Monday or Tuesday.

It has some pretty good reviews and my sister in law has one as well, so I felt pretty comfortable with the the purchase. I feel more comfortable buying electronics online then supplements, I worry about being caught in a hoodia scam or that I will get catnip or some other unidentifiable instead of what i wanted, so I buy my stuff in person.

But online there are a lot of safe places to shop for things you want, and I prefer to go straight to the source and buy from the store, I bought my iPad from apple, and so on.

I can;t wait till my playsport arrives becuase I am gonna be annoying you all with SO MANY videos of my kids and my dog and even, if you are lucky, ME!

Monday Morning Plans

First thing Monday morning I need to call the vets office. Samantha is 3 weeks overdue for her annual shots, but more concerning, she has a big patch of dry flaky skin on her elbow..knee..uhm...front leg joint!

Anyway I need to know if she is gonna need eczema treatments or has an allergy or is developing a hot spot or WHAT!

Sam is soooo precious to me, so the idea that she may be ill or have a medical problem, bothers me SO much.

The boys have their cleanings on Monday as well, so it will be a busy, busy day!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


OMG how funny.

My sister and brother in law are ridiculously religious. Like, REALLY religious. That is an important point. Please remember it.

Last week they went on a Jamaican vacation. Unfortunately, they didn't check the fine print over too well, and ended up at a CLOTHING OPTIONAL resort.

My sister in law was laying on the beach and looking towards the ocean, She though, "Gee it looks like those men out there are not wearing anything..." and then they turned around and their "dangles were dangling" LOL

Even in the restaurant there were people who ate totally nude!

My sister in law always takes pictures, LOTS of pictures while on vacation, she has to charge her toshiba laptops batteries seventeen times before she can download all her pictures (Joking, that's an exaggeration LOL) But exaggeration aside, she takes a tonne of photos (And we "get" to look at them all, YAY!) so I very VERY much look forward to bugging her about the photos - or lack there of!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reno Plans

With our mortgage payment on Friday, our remaining mortgage balance left the 70K mark and entered into the 60k's. That's right,m just 69K more to pay on our home and it is ours free and clear.

Imagine what you could do with a paycheck, if you did not have a mortgage payment coming out of it.

I'm super happy about the new amount, becuase the less we owe, the less interest we pay, and the less we pay on our mortgage, the more I can spend fixing up the house. The house is in good shape, but cosmetic changes need to be made. The pain on the living room, hall and kitchen MUST go, and I would love to put up glass tile as a back splash, and outside, I want a sidewalk put in, from the side to the backyard.

Anyway. Micah is watching some stupid show on TV, so now is a great time for me to go soak in the tub :

Bubble Time!

Im so looking forward to tonight's bath. I piggy backed onto Blake's Library card this afternoon when I took him to the library to return the old, and pick out new books.

I had been wanting to read Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, but was very leery knowing it was CO-written by him, not solely written by him, so i was pleased to find it in the library today. I did not see the rest of the series with it, but that doesn't matter, becuase if the book is good, i will buy the series myself.

Blake passed up reference books on hgh pills to bring home a book on Great White sharks, As well as two encyclopedic type books, one on Siberian Tigers, and one on Komodo Dragons.

Very soon I will be gathering a nice thick towel, pulling a bottle of ice cold water from the refrigerator, and sinking into a HOT, bubble filled bath, and that makes me happy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Six weeks, tops

Logan was complaining about the cold today - he had reason too, it was -28 and very very windy. I told him to buck up because it's the middle of February already, we have 12 days or so to go and we are into march. march is the last "cold" month. April can be chilly but its usually not cold, and when it IS< It is one day of cold to a week of cool.

Six weeks at the most before we have springy weather. Don't look for me to get out some zamberlan hiking boots, because I;m not that kind of girl, but dammit, I picked up a sweeeeet lounge chair for my back yard last fall, and I am super anxious to get out there and use it! YAY!

It is supposed to be cold all weekend, then warm up, -9ish for the next week, and in my books, -9 is effin AWESOME!!

Ready for an 8 Hour trip!

SO. An eight hour trip with a six year old. Sounds horrible, right? Not really. All you have to do is be ready.

I have my iPad fully charged - 11 hours of battery, and loaded with the movie Despicable me, and Marmaduke. I have my husbands ipod Touch fully charged (4 hours and 53 minutes) and loaded with the movies Space Pups and Scooby doo and the Vampire island.

I downloaded twenty or more free apps from the "kids and family" section of iTunes, and I downloaded two books for myself for the evenings for the ebook readers.

I have a bottle of juice and two bottles of water. Licorice whips and a bag of goldfish. In short, I am ready for anything :D

I will let you know how it goes - oh and he has his game boy as well1

Friday, February 04, 2011


My inlaws think that feeding me a ham dinner (YUMMY! Scalloped potatoes!!) and keeping my boys over night is payment enough that I won't be mad they are ditching me for Arizona for 7 weeks.

Jerks! I want them to stay home! butttttt nooooooooooooooo! They hate winter and want to head south where it is sunny and warm and htere is no snow anywhere. And also, They might hate me. What other reason would they ahve for ditching me like this?

Le sigh. I'm gonna be stuck here, in the snow and cold, while they buy silver coins, watch road runners and work on their tans.


And worst of all? I'm gonna miss them :(

The light bulb is dead. YAY!

So. abnormal reaction, I know, but it really is cheer worthy that a light bulb is dead. Way back in August we removed our skylight that leaked and put up a fake wall and these lights.

Uhm. Well the picture is upside down lol. that's Odd. Oh well. As you can see, one of the bulbs is burnt out and I am GLAD!
We paid sixty bucks for those bulbs (total, not each) and they are so crappy we prefer to elavet he lights of then turn them on!

AND. why is that one out and none of the others? First of all, those lights are supposed to last four years, and yet one is out.

Le sighkitchen lighting...damned if you do, damned if you don't

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rockband annoys me

My husband loves RockBand and I cannot stand it. Oh how I hate the noise, the "characters" n screen who look like they are overdosing on weight loss vitamins, the size of his drum set, and the noise. Mostly the noise.

But he loves it, and I love him so I put up with it. I just pout while doing so LOL.

Unrelated - who can guess what my husband is doing *Right Now*?


I want to go lay down on the couch and rest, not sleep, just lay down, but if I lay down he is gonna assume I want to nap and will stop playing his drums. On one hand, YAY! no more noise, but on the other hand, he loves his rock band.

I assume the boys will come home tomorrow - they have been staying at my inlaws the past few days, and once the boys come home, its not like he can play RB after 8PM anyway. (Eight is bedtime here for 2/3 of the children)

Anyway. I'm gonna get some ice water and my book and go lay down with my blankie. I'm soooo cold!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Le Sigh. Candy addict

I sent Parker three doors down to take an insulated coffee mug and a back scratcher to my inlaws, something I had forgotten to send with the boys yesterday when they went on their sleep over.

When he got back home he had a baggie FILLED to the brim with hard candies that my mother in law got on sale at Sobeys. they are the Christmas hards, and they are awesome. I love them, BUT. I am trying, halfheartedly to lose weight. I cant seem to enjoy physical activity so I figured i would cut out sweets, but dammit! I love sugar. And even when I use all my will power to not buy them during shopping so they are not in the house, soemthing like this always happens and I am presented with wonderful sugary candy.

It begs the question, does alli work? Cus maybe the risk of crapping my pants would be worth it....maybe teach me how to say NO when the candy is right in front of my nose :0/

Friday, January 14, 2011

An Old SpongeBob Rug

A few weeks ago, we did a big clean up of the boys rooms. we went through every book, every toy and ever item of clothing, we moved dressers, shelves and the bed and cleaned EVERYTHING.

At that time our eleven year old expressed some dissatisfaction with his thread barren SpongeBob Square Pants rug. When we bought it, Parker was six and it was the perfect thing, but now he is just a wee bit old for it. That and it is in really bad shape.

i was looking at beading tools online today and came across the hook for a latch hook kit and was struck by inspiration. I made a pattern of Doctor Who's Tardis :

I turned it into a 22 page pattern, and it will require more than 25,000 individual pieces of yarn to make it.

When it is done, it will be 2footx4foot, and be epic. As well as the Tardis rug, I have ordered some vinyl Dalek wall stickers, and we are planning on purchasing a space themed wall mural.

His room will be epic.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little wants

I want a new tattoo. Actually, I want two new tattoos, but I want one more than I want the other. I want to get one with my stem momma, in honor of my sister who passed away May fifth, 2010.

I want a better computer. preferably one with multiple monitors set up, not so that can work more efficiently, but becuase its damn cool!

I want to get a sectional couch for the living room, and a HUGE love seat type chair, matching of course.

None of those are gonna happen any time soon, but keeping goals in mind help me to see where we are, and where I want to be. It helps me see what i am working towards :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cross them, NOW

My husband is sick. So sick he is home from work. He saw the doc and got a prescription for antibiotics.

My son (the eldest) is sick, a slightly lesser version of his daddy's cold. If his cough gets much worse He will have to head to the doctors as well.

So far the two little guys are fine, but the big issue here is me. I CANNOT get sick.

Can't. Can't. CAN'T!

In a weeks time I am getting all my upper teeth pulled and the last thing I want to do is be worrying about coughing or having a sore throat or having burny-ouchy breathing like my husband has now, at the same time as I am dealing with a healing mouth!

Please, please, please cross you fingers and hope I stay healthy!

Monday, January 03, 2011

common ailment

You know how women who are abused will say they fell down the stairs or they ran into a door nob? Yeah. I haven't fallen down the stairs in a while, but I constantly hit my arms on the handlesets as I pass them, or worse, the edging of the door - that leaves a nice bigggg bruise :(

Best yet, the other day I was lifting a stool over a desk, paying attention to the desk to make sure I did not hit it with the legs of the stool when the leg crashed into a closet door jamb. the stool of course hit me smack in the mouth giving me a bloody lip. but who on earth believes a woman with a a fat lip who says "Oh, yeah, I hit it on a stool"


Oh! Oh! Wait! I have one better! back when our now eight year old was about 8 months old or so, I was walking with him in my arms and stepped on a toy which bloody hurt and I fell. I put out my one arm to catch myself so I did not break the baby I was carrying and ended up with a sore wrist. I ignored it, but when my husband got home from work he insisted I have it x-rayed as it was quite swollen.

At the clinic, the doctor tried to get me and my baby to hide away at a shelter and arrest my husband for beating me.

Uhm. yeah.

I know that people do get beaten, and I know kit sucks and I should be glad that there are people who care and who try to assist the victims, but it makes it damn awkward to be a clumsy person, when there are people who care LOL

Another whine

I'm so sick. And I am sick of being sick. My tummy hurts and i constantly feel full. I cant even drink coffee because one cup of coffee makes me feel so full I feel like I will toss my cookies.

Forget about a colon cleansing, all I need is to drink water fast to clear out my insides!

Im super tired, and can;t wait for bedtime, and about the only thing I cannot complain about is that I currently do not have a headache.

I want to feel myself again so i can get out with my new camera and explore the town from behind my viewfinder. I want to go hiking to see if i can find that fox everyone (except me)keeps seeing, and I want to be able to play with the kids, most of all!!

2 weeks

In two weeks I will be laying back in a dentists chair having all my upper teeth pulled. Sounds like fun, eh?

Yeah. not so much.

In any case, at this time, 14 days from now I will be laying in bed (hopefully on Luxury sheets) propped up on my pillows, with the tv on, and pouting about my poor painful pitiful mouth.

I fully admit that I am a big baby and will probably be a bear to live with for a few days after the pulling.

Can you blame me?