Thursday, July 07, 2011

Lah Di Dah!

Today I went to a fancy shmancy tea party. We all dressed to the nines, and four of the attendees even wore great big hats, like the brits wore to the royal wedding! It was pretty freaking awesome.

Technically, the tea was a birthday tea for my Sister in Law who recently turned 50. She was down from mexico, and my other sister in law was down from texas, so it was really just a reason for all of us to get together, and act silly.

It was a girls only tea, minus Issac, who doesn't really count because he isn't even two yet, so we were free to giggle about babies (My niece is pregnant) and sexy wedding lingerie - Two of my sister in laws are attending two different weddings this weekend, so that was a hotish topic LOL.

I one hundred and fifty percent was convinced I would have the crappiest time EVER. Who throws a tea party? Seriously? We had wee sandwiches, with no crust, fancy desserts, like you wouldn't believe, bone china cups, and six or eight different teas! But, as much as I thought I would hate it, i loved it, it was a BLAST!

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