Thursday, May 13, 2010


I (pre)ordered my iPad at 12:42 am on the 10th of May.

I started refreshing the apple home page at 10pm on the 9th, knowing that the Canadian apple headquarters are located in Ontario, and my ten pm is their midnight.

My dad, brother, sister in law and (step) mother stayed up later than normal with me, we all, I think, grabbed at this wee excitement and used it to forget, you know?

The iPad did not end up going on sale at 10pm, or even midnight on the 10th, (my time) and by the time i did go on sale, everyone (but me) had already gone to bed.

I stayed up every night, until Tuesday night when I got home to my own bed, till 3,4 and sometimes 5am. One night, I snuck off to bed only when I heard my step mother coming up the stairs (she wakes up disgustingly early)

In any case. I might not have a clue what phentremene means, but I do know that I will have my ipad in my hands on the 28th of may, and that is something I am looking very forward to. It brings a smile to my face when I think of it.


I want to address the fact that There was recently a death in my family, and that I do not feel up to really speaking about it yet. More, I don;t feel up to conversing about it. My sister had a lot of friends online, and as they saw her facebook status, updated by me, telling of her passing, they have been flocking to my email to find out what happened. It's killing me to write it over and over, to read their condolences, and most of all, to read their memories of her.

But, even though I'd rather be doing anything, even reviews on best prenatal vitamins, than speak to them, they, as her friends deserve to know what happened. Becuase they are online friends, they need a sort of closure that only I can give.

My dad is on facebook, but he doesn't do anything with it, nor does he email. My brother doesn't do that sort of thing either, and that leaves just me to answer questions.

I'm going to be posting a lot in the next 48 hours. I need to get my fingers used to moving over the keys again, get my mind used to speaking in fonts. I think I am in danger of leaving the internet entirely, if I cant get over this hurdle. I should never have avoided the internet this past week, I should have stayed, written, accepted my virtual hugs and let my online friends lift me up and help me be strong.

Saturday, May 01, 2010


I just looked, really looked at my blog header. I am in serious need of a blog make over! that baby on the far right? He is turning SIX this summer.

Pretty soon the one on the far left will be giving out Rocky Patel cigars on the occasion of the birth of his first child, OMG - no, not yet, I've got at least ten more years before that, I hope!

(I better!)

So now I need suggestions of someone willing to A change my layout for free, or B, do it for real cheap. Oh and I will need a new picture, won't I?

shit. I dunno what pic I would use at all!


help me out people. the third color down is PINK, isn't it?

I mean, I'm sitting here, worried about asbestos cancer mesothelioma, dangerous trips up to the attic, possible falling off of roofs, and my friend Sheila is arguing with me that it is NOT pink, but brown.

What the hell people?

She is OFF her rocker, fo' Shizzle...right?

And ... Ima put PINK on my eyes! Hell, Ima put MAKEUP on my eyes, and that pretty much terrifies me just about as much as spiders do!

Rain Rain Go Away

The guys - meaning my father in law and husband, were all set to head up into the dark and icky and possibly crawling with spiders, to check out the sky light.

*I* want to tear it out completely, re -roof over it and be freaking DONE with it, But my husband and father in law want to just buy a better (read :expensive) skylight and replace the old one!

Our house is only 8 years old so there is no worries about the insulation causing Mesothelioma Cancer but the truth is, no matter what, attics are dangerous, having to wade through the insulation that IS up there, making sure to only step on beams, its dark, its hot, its closed in, its just not fun.

SO. I;m kinda glad that we got to put it off lol, if only for the weekend, plus it gives me more time to work on them about not replacing the damn thing, but removing it!