Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my child is adorable

Logan got a drum set for christmas, and he is just the cutest thing ever! the other day micah brought out his drum set, its like the sd7pk electronic drum set, but a little different. In any case, Micah brought out his drums, and Logan started dragging out his drum set! It.Was.So.Cute! OMG Just look at him!

The firce concentration on his face is so adorable! He was watching micah hit and was trying to hit the same pad as his daddy. I LOVED it. It was super loud, but it was too cute to stop!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I went shopping tonight with my BFF. We hit quite a few stores, and bought nothing that wasn't on sale! I got a mid thigh wool coat for 20 bucks, and a bunch of shirts regular 20$ for 2.99$ which pleased me.

We also bought stuff like seaweed body cream and a tonne of flavoured lip balms, just because! I Was going to buy some yoga pants, but I put them back because bras were on sale and I finally found a comfortable bra. Because it was comfortable - and I have been searching fro more than a year for one that fits nice, I bought the same bra in four colours, and even when a bra is on sale, they are still pricey things, so the pants had to stay. Next time, there is always a next time!

I am super pumped about the coat though, not just because of the price, but because I have been looking for one like it all winter. I *may* have put on *cough* a bit of weight, and my current coat *might* be tight in the shoulders and the buttons *might* not quite button up...so yeah, pumped about the coat :D

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What do you think...

Of my new header? its my two youngest messing around on the iPad (1). the feather is his moustache, if you were wondering.

I hate the couch they are sitting on, its uber heavy, and I never fail to hurt my back when I am moving it to clean under it. I wish it was on casters. Then again, if it were on casters, I can just see Smokey (the bog one) jumping onto the cough and the couch zooming across the room, knocking everything in it's path over.

Oh well.

it's minus 46 right now. yeah. seriously. Its gross outside. I asked my neighbour to drive me to work because if I drive myself to work, my car will be frozen before the end of my shift, and then I will be screwed. This way I can get a ride to work, and Hubs will pick em up and everybody wins.

as for the cold, I just keep reminding myself that there are only six weeks left. I can survive six weeks....right?

Christmas is officially over

One would think that this late in January everyone would just assume that of course Christmas is over, what are you insane? Christmas? No way! It's January, but then, if you thought that, you would be wrong - at least in our house!

You see, the boys all got gift cards to various stores. The youngest two were easy to deal with. The littlest one bought games and stuffed animals and a nerf gun and was happy, and the middle guy spent exactly half of his gift card amounts on toys, then requested we purchase the rest of the gift cards from him so that he could save that money for our trip to Edmonton.

Smart kid, huh?

But our oldest was hard. Dude, its not like we were looking for gifts for girls, because believe me, girls are SUPER hard to shop for, no! we were looking for something a 12 year old could spend his money on, and be satisfied, but each time he went to the store he came home with gift cards unspent, until finally, this weekend, when he hit the mall with his daddy and spent his money.

....And so I say, now, on January 17th, Christmas is FINALLY done!

Knock Knock?

long time since my last post - so much has happened - Christmas (new desktop) My boy got two stripes in Kempo at his term grading, and my job was sold from one owner to another. I'm still working, with the new owners - who are great, but I am working a sight more hours, and as such, I'm often exhausted by ten PM.

I work Monday and Wednesday for 6.5 hours in the day, then I work Thursday for 7 hours in the evening, so really, Compared to what a regular person works, I'm hardly scratching the surface, but for me, its been a real challenge!

As for my depression, I am happy to report that I am doing good, more than good in fact, I am doing great!

In fact just this Saturday I went to my bosses house to attend a "passion party" with my neighbour and co-worker, and I had fun. actual fun. I didnt sit off to the side worried and anxious and feeling like a sore thumb, I felt good. It was awesome!'

I also managed to drive through rush hour traffic with my boy, to a place I;d never been, and not once did I have an anxiety attack! I dunno if I want to hug my doctor who gives me the pills, or the wonderful girls on facebook who supported me and pushed me until I went to the doctors. Probably both LOL