Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Restraint : I'm Doing it Wrong

Yesterday I ran to the local grocery store to pick up a box of feminine products. That's it. that is all I went to the store to get. One item.

Unfortunately I cannot seem to pass the isle that contains the dog and cat supplies without going down it, and I cannot go down it without buying treats for the wee fur covered brats!

Sigh. The dog doesn't even LIKE doggy biscuit and yet, I keep bringing home boxes of them, thinking she might like this flavor or maybe she will like the tri-colored ones. And the cat is so spoiled that she comes to the door now for treats!

I need someone to stage an intervention!


It's official. Summer is over. Want to know how I know? It's seven AM and I am up, showered, and dressed.

I have not been up this early in eight weeks - or thereabouts!

Now we have to get the house and yard ready too! The pool has already been drained, but I put it up to dry in the back yard and of course - it started to rain. i still need to get back there and scrub it out, so I guess it is not that horrible that it is wet, after all, I will have to get it wet to scrub it, won't I?

The dog house needs it's light put in and it's door hung. Smokey does not spend a whole lot of time outside in the cold, but if and when she does need to be outside this winter, I want her to be warm. (my dad told me that a lightbulb in the dog house, so long as the dog house is off ground and is solid, with a good door covering, will heat the house up enough for the dog to be comfortable.

I also need to find the patio furniture covers. I misplaced them last year already, and I saw rust on my beautiful bistro table this spring! I thought they were in the furnace room, but we looked for them last year there. I might just have to give in and buy a new set, but I want my table covered!

I am NOT ready for snow. hell. I don't feel ready to send my boys off for another year of school!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fat Cat

So we have this cat. her name is Tigger and she is three years old. She has always been a bit on the chubby side, but it wasn't until we brought home Smokey the Dog that she began to get fat. It didn't take long for us to realize that Tigger was Nomming down the dog food, along with her daily ration of CAT food as well as any type of human food she could get her grubby paws on!

It got to the point that we were considering putting the cat not just on a diet, but on some sort of diet pill ( maybe Leptovox). Then this summer I got tired of all the blasted dog hair blowing down the halls and bunching up on the furniture.

We bought this nifty dog brush - It is called the furminator - We decided to try it out on the fat bastard fat cat- only to realize that she might not be as fat as she looked!

In a matter of minutes we pulled off enough hair that if we had a laboratory, we could have made a brand new kitty ( FRANKENKITTY!!!! Run for your Lives!!)

Then, further proof of her not so fatness came this month when we took out the clippers and shaved Tigger.

I guess this is just more proof that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover - or a fat cat by it's fur!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I measured the back splash in my kitchen today.

It will cost me almost 300.00 to get enough six inch tiles (at 17 cents a piece) to cover it all. and thats just the tile, it doesn't include the grout! Nasty!

Hubs suggested that we use our home depot card to buy the tile and grout and instead of having to pay one big lump sum, we can pay a little every month. I hate the idea, although, If we did that I could update our sinks with new Delta faucets ( I REALLY want one of those faucets with the spray attachment! OMG - life would be awesome with one of those!) (seriously) (No really I have wanted one of those attachments since 1997 - yes, that would be the very first time I moved out of home!) (my dad had one at his house and I really miss it) (although I bet the boys would have water fights like me and my sister did)

Anyway, Home Depot usually has one of those pay before this date and no interest deals going on, so I am sure we could out it on the card and not have to worry about it, I just don't want the extra added monthly bill, you know? Especially when you never know when something ELSE might need to be replaced - like the dishwasher!

Going So-So

I recently started taking a weight loss drug - remember it's really important to talk to you r doctor and read reviews of drugs (from real people) before you start taking one. There are plenty of places like Fenterdren reviews and the like where you can get info).

After a week of taking it I stopped while we went on vacation, and I keep forgetting to take it in the AM when I wake up. Since the drug I am on can cause trouble sleeping if you take it too late and you are to take 2 pills a day, If I forget in the morning, the day is shot!

i have pretty much decided that I will resume taking it on the 27th of August. When parker takes his pill in the morning, i will take mine as well!

It's a good plan! (Especially since I am pretty sure that taking a dose here and there is not going to help me lose weight! I need to take it every day.As it is, the first week I was on it, I lost 3.4 pounds (according to my wii fit) Hopefully in the last three weeks ( I had a months worth of pills, but took one weeks worth already) I will still lose 10 or so pounds!

Is it summer?

My back - MY BACK of all things - has broken out in the past week with nasty acne. NASTY. Now, I know that acne is caused by oil or something along those lines clogging up pores, so this break out MIGHT be caused by the heat wave we have been dealing with the past week, but still, it's gross!

I need to get some sort of acne treatment that is not greasy so that Hubs can apply it to my back! Hubs HATES grease. Thats actually one of the things we fight about too!

See hubs has natural red hair and the fair fair skin that goes with it, so he burns very very easily. Yet he refuses to put sun screen on - ever. Each summer I have to deal with him burning, and then whining about said burn and it gets VERY annoying - especially when I point out that the pain could have been avoided if he had just put sunscreen on in the first place!

Hmm. How on earth did I turn a rant about acne into a rant about Hubs? Now That's talent!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Snail Tales

I'm pretty sure Gary is dead.

Gary is one of our two snails, Larry is his tank mate. Their jobs are to clean the various ick the fish, Fishy and Fishum, leave behind.

But tonight when I opened the tank to feed the fish, I saw Larry right away, sliding along the wall of the tank, but I could not see Gary. I turned the tank and saw Gary, lying on his side, - or I saw Gary's shell, I could not see Gary inside the shell at all.

Hubs said to leave him be, that we should use the Wait and See approach.

Between you and me though? I'm worried!

Edited to add : Unfortunately, both Gary and Larry have been given a funeral at sea. We shall have to pick up new snails! or one of those sucker fish. What are those called?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Speaking of books...

I brought two books along with us camping, but should have brought more as I read both of them before the first day was half done. Luckily hubs brought a series called the Belgariad, and I began immediately reading them!

I am on the last book of the series, its been slow going as I have to wait for hubs to finish his before I can start reading it. As soon as I am done this book, Enchanters End Game, I will move onto the continuation, its a series called the Malloreon.

i am pretty open to the type of book I read, from fantasy/sci-fi, romance, murder mystery's and poetry. What is your favorite book or series that you would recommend for me to read?

Fun Center

This morning I clicked on my desktop calendar and was horrified to see that there are only 12 days left until the boys go back to school. Where did our summer go?

A few days ago i had thought, maybe I should take the boys to the fun center at Fuddruckers, something FUN before school starts, but did not bother to phone for rates. After finding out there are only 12 days left, though, I Google'd Fuddruckers and got the rates.

It's only 4.00 for two climbs up the wall. its a 24 foot high wall, and they say it has all the different skill levels. I am sure that my six and eight year olds will do fine. My eight year old is almost all monkey as it is, he is always climbing. Not so sure the four year old will be able to do it, but we will see. And of course, Hubs could climb up side by side the baby so that if he gets scared up high, hubs can help him out.

So then I clicked over to the page that said Putt and Bounce. 31.50 for our family to play a round of mini golf. Not that horribly high, but not as low as some places, however, the course looks a LOT nicer than many other courses we play on.

I got off the net and on the phone to my sister in law who is staying at my dad's house while my brother is out of town working. My dad and his wife are very into golf, but my step mother broke her arm BADLY at the start of summer and has not been able to golf. I wanted to invite them all down - sis in law has a 2.5 year old.

Unfortunately, Sis in law seems to be having contractions. Her last two were 29 minutes apart, and she has started to time them to see if they are real or just Braxton hicks. We all hope they are Braxton hicks as my brother does not get home until August 20th!

(He works on the rigs 14 hours away from us) (Good money, but he sure does miss a lot of family life) (Seriously, I could never do what my sis in law does! I NEED hubs help!!)

Anyway, I am waiting on sis in law to call back with whether or not she has another contraction, and I am waiting for Step mom to call back to ask if they want to come golfing - so long of course, Sis in law is NOT in labour!

I have already discussed with the boys that if their aunt is having the baby tonight or tomorrow we will not be rock climbing, but that there are ten more days we can go to Fuddruckers, and that the place is open till 11 pm, so we can go on a weekday as easily as a weekend!

Will update as soon as I know more!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Do you eBay? I need your help

I bought an item on eBay today, and have run ito some trouble with the seller. If you know anything at all about disputing with eBay, please go here and help me!!

Pee Ess: 12 days since my last post? WTF?? I can blame a lot of that on going on vacation (YAY VACATION!!) and even more on the headaches I have been having but 12 days?

I apologize!