Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun Center

This morning I clicked on my desktop calendar and was horrified to see that there are only 12 days left until the boys go back to school. Where did our summer go?

A few days ago i had thought, maybe I should take the boys to the fun center at Fuddruckers, something FUN before school starts, but did not bother to phone for rates. After finding out there are only 12 days left, though, I Google'd Fuddruckers and got the rates.

It's only 4.00 for two climbs up the wall. its a 24 foot high wall, and they say it has all the different skill levels. I am sure that my six and eight year olds will do fine. My eight year old is almost all monkey as it is, he is always climbing. Not so sure the four year old will be able to do it, but we will see. And of course, Hubs could climb up side by side the baby so that if he gets scared up high, hubs can help him out.

So then I clicked over to the page that said Putt and Bounce. 31.50 for our family to play a round of mini golf. Not that horribly high, but not as low as some places, however, the course looks a LOT nicer than many other courses we play on.

I got off the net and on the phone to my sister in law who is staying at my dad's house while my brother is out of town working. My dad and his wife are very into golf, but my step mother broke her arm BADLY at the start of summer and has not been able to golf. I wanted to invite them all down - sis in law has a 2.5 year old.

Unfortunately, Sis in law seems to be having contractions. Her last two were 29 minutes apart, and she has started to time them to see if they are real or just Braxton hicks. We all hope they are Braxton hicks as my brother does not get home until August 20th!

(He works on the rigs 14 hours away from us) (Good money, but he sure does miss a lot of family life) (Seriously, I could never do what my sis in law does! I NEED hubs help!!)

Anyway, I am waiting on sis in law to call back with whether or not she has another contraction, and I am waiting for Step mom to call back to ask if they want to come golfing - so long of course, Sis in law is NOT in labour!

I have already discussed with the boys that if their aunt is having the baby tonight or tomorrow we will not be rock climbing, but that there are ten more days we can go to Fuddruckers, and that the place is open till 11 pm, so we can go on a weekday as easily as a weekend!

Will update as soon as I know more!


Blogarita said...

Our Fuddrucker's has overpriced hamburgers and grilled chicken sandwiches. No climbing walls or mini-golf. :(

Anonymous said...

Baby news?