Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Going So-So

I recently started taking a weight loss drug - remember it's really important to talk to you r doctor and read reviews of drugs (from real people) before you start taking one. There are plenty of places like Fenterdren reviews and the like where you can get info).

After a week of taking it I stopped while we went on vacation, and I keep forgetting to take it in the AM when I wake up. Since the drug I am on can cause trouble sleeping if you take it too late and you are to take 2 pills a day, If I forget in the morning, the day is shot!

i have pretty much decided that I will resume taking it on the 27th of August. When parker takes his pill in the morning, i will take mine as well!

It's a good plan! (Especially since I am pretty sure that taking a dose here and there is not going to help me lose weight! I need to take it every day.As it is, the first week I was on it, I lost 3.4 pounds (according to my wii fit) Hopefully in the last three weeks ( I had a months worth of pills, but took one weeks worth already) I will still lose 10 or so pounds!

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