Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is it summer?

My back - MY BACK of all things - has broken out in the past week with nasty acne. NASTY. Now, I know that acne is caused by oil or something along those lines clogging up pores, so this break out MIGHT be caused by the heat wave we have been dealing with the past week, but still, it's gross!

I need to get some sort of acne treatment that is not greasy so that Hubs can apply it to my back! Hubs HATES grease. Thats actually one of the things we fight about too!

See hubs has natural red hair and the fair fair skin that goes with it, so he burns very very easily. Yet he refuses to put sun screen on - ever. Each summer I have to deal with him burning, and then whining about said burn and it gets VERY annoying - especially when I point out that the pain could have been avoided if he had just put sunscreen on in the first place!

Hmm. How on earth did I turn a rant about acne into a rant about Hubs? Now That's talent!

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