Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rockband annoys me

My husband loves RockBand and I cannot stand it. Oh how I hate the noise, the "characters" n screen who look like they are overdosing on weight loss vitamins, the size of his drum set, and the noise. Mostly the noise.

But he loves it, and I love him so I put up with it. I just pout while doing so LOL.

Unrelated - who can guess what my husband is doing *Right Now*?


I want to go lay down on the couch and rest, not sleep, just lay down, but if I lay down he is gonna assume I want to nap and will stop playing his drums. On one hand, YAY! no more noise, but on the other hand, he loves his rock band.

I assume the boys will come home tomorrow - they have been staying at my inlaws the past few days, and once the boys come home, its not like he can play RB after 8PM anyway. (Eight is bedtime here for 2/3 of the children)

Anyway. I'm gonna get some ice water and my book and go lay down with my blankie. I'm soooo cold!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Le Sigh. Candy addict

I sent Parker three doors down to take an insulated coffee mug and a back scratcher to my inlaws, something I had forgotten to send with the boys yesterday when they went on their sleep over.

When he got back home he had a baggie FILLED to the brim with hard candies that my mother in law got on sale at Sobeys. they are the Christmas hards, and they are awesome. I love them, BUT. I am trying, halfheartedly to lose weight. I cant seem to enjoy physical activity so I figured i would cut out sweets, but dammit! I love sugar. And even when I use all my will power to not buy them during shopping so they are not in the house, soemthing like this always happens and I am presented with wonderful sugary candy.

It begs the question, does alli work? Cus maybe the risk of crapping my pants would be worth it....maybe teach me how to say NO when the candy is right in front of my nose :0/

Friday, January 14, 2011

An Old SpongeBob Rug

A few weeks ago, we did a big clean up of the boys rooms. we went through every book, every toy and ever item of clothing, we moved dressers, shelves and the bed and cleaned EVERYTHING.

At that time our eleven year old expressed some dissatisfaction with his thread barren SpongeBob Square Pants rug. When we bought it, Parker was six and it was the perfect thing, but now he is just a wee bit old for it. That and it is in really bad shape.

i was looking at beading tools online today and came across the hook for a latch hook kit and was struck by inspiration. I made a pattern of Doctor Who's Tardis :

I turned it into a 22 page pattern, and it will require more than 25,000 individual pieces of yarn to make it.

When it is done, it will be 2footx4foot, and be epic. As well as the Tardis rug, I have ordered some vinyl Dalek wall stickers, and we are planning on purchasing a space themed wall mural.

His room will be epic.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little wants

I want a new tattoo. Actually, I want two new tattoos, but I want one more than I want the other. I want to get one with my stem momma, in honor of my sister who passed away May fifth, 2010.

I want a better computer. preferably one with multiple monitors set up, not so that can work more efficiently, but becuase its damn cool!

I want to get a sectional couch for the living room, and a HUGE love seat type chair, matching of course.

None of those are gonna happen any time soon, but keeping goals in mind help me to see where we are, and where I want to be. It helps me see what i am working towards :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cross them, NOW

My husband is sick. So sick he is home from work. He saw the doc and got a prescription for antibiotics.

My son (the eldest) is sick, a slightly lesser version of his daddy's cold. If his cough gets much worse He will have to head to the doctors as well.

So far the two little guys are fine, but the big issue here is me. I CANNOT get sick.

Can't. Can't. CAN'T!

In a weeks time I am getting all my upper teeth pulled and the last thing I want to do is be worrying about coughing or having a sore throat or having burny-ouchy breathing like my husband has now, at the same time as I am dealing with a healing mouth!

Please, please, please cross you fingers and hope I stay healthy!

Monday, January 03, 2011

common ailment

You know how women who are abused will say they fell down the stairs or they ran into a door nob? Yeah. I haven't fallen down the stairs in a while, but I constantly hit my arms on the handlesets as I pass them, or worse, the edging of the door - that leaves a nice bigggg bruise :(

Best yet, the other day I was lifting a stool over a desk, paying attention to the desk to make sure I did not hit it with the legs of the stool when the leg crashed into a closet door jamb. the stool of course hit me smack in the mouth giving me a bloody lip. but who on earth believes a woman with a a fat lip who says "Oh, yeah, I hit it on a stool"


Oh! Oh! Wait! I have one better! back when our now eight year old was about 8 months old or so, I was walking with him in my arms and stepped on a toy which bloody hurt and I fell. I put out my one arm to catch myself so I did not break the baby I was carrying and ended up with a sore wrist. I ignored it, but when my husband got home from work he insisted I have it x-rayed as it was quite swollen.

At the clinic, the doctor tried to get me and my baby to hide away at a shelter and arrest my husband for beating me.

Uhm. yeah.

I know that people do get beaten, and I know kit sucks and I should be glad that there are people who care and who try to assist the victims, but it makes it damn awkward to be a clumsy person, when there are people who care LOL

Another whine

I'm so sick. And I am sick of being sick. My tummy hurts and i constantly feel full. I cant even drink coffee because one cup of coffee makes me feel so full I feel like I will toss my cookies.

Forget about a colon cleansing, all I need is to drink water fast to clear out my insides!

Im super tired, and can;t wait for bedtime, and about the only thing I cannot complain about is that I currently do not have a headache.

I want to feel myself again so i can get out with my new camera and explore the town from behind my viewfinder. I want to go hiking to see if i can find that fox everyone (except me)keeps seeing, and I want to be able to play with the kids, most of all!!

2 weeks

In two weeks I will be laying back in a dentists chair having all my upper teeth pulled. Sounds like fun, eh?

Yeah. not so much.

In any case, at this time, 14 days from now I will be laying in bed (hopefully on Luxury sheets) propped up on my pillows, with the tv on, and pouting about my poor painful pitiful mouth.

I fully admit that I am a big baby and will probably be a bear to live with for a few days after the pulling.

Can you blame me?