Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rockband annoys me

My husband loves RockBand and I cannot stand it. Oh how I hate the noise, the "characters" n screen who look like they are overdosing on weight loss vitamins, the size of his drum set, and the noise. Mostly the noise.

But he loves it, and I love him so I put up with it. I just pout while doing so LOL.

Unrelated - who can guess what my husband is doing *Right Now*?


I want to go lay down on the couch and rest, not sleep, just lay down, but if I lay down he is gonna assume I want to nap and will stop playing his drums. On one hand, YAY! no more noise, but on the other hand, he loves his rock band.

I assume the boys will come home tomorrow - they have been staying at my inlaws the past few days, and once the boys come home, its not like he can play RB after 8PM anyway. (Eight is bedtime here for 2/3 of the children)

Anyway. I'm gonna get some ice water and my book and go lay down with my blankie. I'm soooo cold!

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