Sunday, August 30, 2009


So this morning I was Google'ing random things, like puffball kittens and Orange New Jersey cosmetic dentist, just your basic random searches, you know? Something to waste the last five minutes before my crops on Farmville were ready to harvest (ADD ME AS A NEIGHBOUR IF YOU PLAY FARMVILLE)(My farm is awesome)

So just as I am switching from Google to facebook to harvest my tomatoes, I crossed my legs. Or attempted to. The pain was unbelievable, which is odd, considering its been almost two weeks since my stitches and the pain was in my knee itself, not my stitches.

The pain was so bad in fact, I waited till noon for the clinic to open and went to see my doctor.

I just got home.

Turns out I took the doctor too seriously when she told me to "try not to bend you knee, the stitches may break open", and I have lost, she estimates, 35% of mobility in my knee and will have to see a physical therapist to regain the movement.


Only *I* could do something like this over nine tiny stitches. OMG

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


OMG we did it again!

Quite a while ago I decided that the only way for us to remember when to change our furnace air filters, would be for us to do it on GST months.

For those of you not in Saskatchewan, every three months we get a "GST" check, its a rebate check, based on your income for a portion on the taxes you spend over the year. Our checks come January, April, July and October.

It should be super duper simple to remember the air filter on those months because we also have birthdays those months! And yet, once again it is NOT a GST month and I suddenly realize we've forgotten again.

This is like the 9457923475th time in a row people.

From now on YOU are responsible for reminding me to change the filter. I expect a comment or ten reminding me to do it next November.

And yes. I AM serious!

Personal space

Dogs just do not understand personal space. Normally, this is a non issue. Is there anything better than wrapping your arms around a big, warm, furry animal and hugging it?

But sometimes, a person NEEDS that space. Case in point. Up there,^, at the word furry, I had to stop typing and scream, then cry a little bit and finally, ask my husband to pass me an ice pack because our dog was sitting on the couch beside me, watching me type. She saw something out the window and jumped up, off the couch to go see it.

The problem? She used my knee, the one I just got nine stitches in, as a starting board to push herself off.

Earlier today I had a similar problem with her. She likes to come up to us and when we start to scratch her ears or chin, she quickly turns so we scratch her back. The turning part, she crashes into our legs. Each time, until I made her go lay down in her bed, she would crash into my knee.

We have a bark collar for Smokey, but I think wee need to invent some sort of wireless alarms so that I can program it to beep and warn me before she is going to cause me this amount of pain again.

Seriously, my knee is ON FIRE right now!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Picture Proof

So we are home from vacation! I posted some pics on facebook, some on Bluepaintred, and some just a few minutes ago on Where Was I?.

However, there are some pictures that are NOT going to make online sites. Except this one, just to help "show" my problem.

I had a great time on vacation, But after the first day, when this* was taken, I pretty much refused all other picture opportunities where I was the subject of the photo. I took my laptop with us so that I could empty my memory card each night and was HORRIFIED to see this fat blob prancing around with MY kids, In MY dress.

*this :

Sigh. I knew, realistically, that I was gaining weight, and that because of the weight gain, I naturally looked different, but truthfully, I must be in denial when I look into the mirror because I DO NOT see myself like this. I see a slightly overweight girl, with a few problem areas, but not like this. Not this person with a huge ass and a pregnant looking belly. And when did my arms get so fat?


I need to get a weight loss pill that works, and I need to get ACTIVE.


This has gone on way way too far.