Wednesday, August 19, 2009


OMG we did it again!

Quite a while ago I decided that the only way for us to remember when to change our furnace air filters, would be for us to do it on GST months.

For those of you not in Saskatchewan, every three months we get a "GST" check, its a rebate check, based on your income for a portion on the taxes you spend over the year. Our checks come January, April, July and October.

It should be super duper simple to remember the air filter on those months because we also have birthdays those months! And yet, once again it is NOT a GST month and I suddenly realize we've forgotten again.

This is like the 9457923475th time in a row people.

From now on YOU are responsible for reminding me to change the filter. I expect a comment or ten reminding me to do it next November.

And yes. I AM serious!

1 comment:

phinz said...

Print this out and tape it to the November page of your calendar"


You're welcome.