Sunday, August 30, 2009


So this morning I was Google'ing random things, like puffball kittens and Orange New Jersey cosmetic dentist, just your basic random searches, you know? Something to waste the last five minutes before my crops on Farmville were ready to harvest (ADD ME AS A NEIGHBOUR IF YOU PLAY FARMVILLE)(My farm is awesome)

So just as I am switching from Google to facebook to harvest my tomatoes, I crossed my legs. Or attempted to. The pain was unbelievable, which is odd, considering its been almost two weeks since my stitches and the pain was in my knee itself, not my stitches.

The pain was so bad in fact, I waited till noon for the clinic to open and went to see my doctor.

I just got home.

Turns out I took the doctor too seriously when she told me to "try not to bend you knee, the stitches may break open", and I have lost, she estimates, 35% of mobility in my knee and will have to see a physical therapist to regain the movement.


Only *I* could do something like this over nine tiny stitches. OMG

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