Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Online Education

My youngest had his first day of school this past Monday and I was bored stiff. I thumbed through the paper classifieds and then some online ones for my area and quickly realized that I am not qualified to do ANYTHING outside the home.

It has been over ten years since I was last in the work force and everything has changed.

Since Micah and I only have one car, for me to do anything, in terms of ensuring I have the right qualifications for a job, I started searching for online courses, and that brought me to Masters of Science in Information Security.

Now, obviously I love computers, I'm on mine at home all day long, so this perked my interest. The fact that it is an accredited University that offers Masters Degrees is just perfect. There is an option to enroll on a campus, instead of online, but like I said, the car thing - and distance! The faculty you would be learning with is very impressive and the courses seem to cover a broad range of computer specialize programs.

I know that I am not the only one who is looking to further my employment opportunities, and while I am reasonably sure that I could snag a job as a waitress or gas jockey, If i'm going to work, I'm going to do something FUN!

With that in mind, here are some links that I think you would find interesting - if you are interested in online courses, anyway.

Information security courses: A 35-Credit hour program offering Computer organization, Data networking and many more subjects (even intrusion detection, response and recovery)

I'd never make it as a copy writer, so I;m going to quote a portion of the website:

Careers in Information Security

The Lewis University Master of Science in Information Security has been developed for individuals seeking to provide a more secure IT environment. Businesses, organizations, and government agencies everywhere need highly trained professionals capable of assessing threats and of designing and implementing counter measures in IT security.

And finally, here is a handy dandy FAQ to help answer any more questions you have!

(Pee Ess: Financial Aid is available for those who qualify!)

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