Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer Is over

Welcome to the first day of fall.

I hate fall. Fall means winter is coming and winter means it is cold and that I am going to have nasty dry itchy skin and the flu and catch colds and freeze my toes all day long.

All last winter I posted about how I wanted to lose weight, I researched online (and off) on how to lose belly fat , I bought work out DVD's and carrots and celery. I drooled over the bags of chips but (for the most part) did not put them in my shopping cart.

All last winter, my goal for summer was to be skinny. And here we are, On September 21st, the very first (calendar) day of fall and I am fat as ever :o(

So. What now?

Mondays and Wednesdays, Logan is in school and I have the house completely to myself. There is no one to watch me sweat and swear as I lumber through my videos. No one asking me for a cookie at 10 am making me want one too.

THIS is the winter I am going to lose the weight. I have scaled my goal down by a lot. I've decided that I need to give myself a reasonable goal this winter. You see. my goal ths winter is NOT to lose weight!


My goal is to fit into the jeans on my top shelf by the first day of summer. One size. that's all I want to lose and I want to do it without looking at the scale!

Wish me luck!!

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