Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today at work I asked the waitress to bring me "anything cold" As she waled away I cursed myself for not thinking to say, "But no root beer" Because I hate root beer!

What never occurred to me, is that she might bring beer beer. Like the alcohol drink, beer. It was over the noon rush, and i didn't figure anyone drinks during the day in real life, it just never occurred to me she might bring that. It was a mix between a lime beer (?) iced tea and seven up. And.. it tasted good, I took a biiiig drink, about an inch, and complemented her on the mix and just as she was getting around to telling me what was in it, my ears started to buzz...uh oh. Beer.

Better call the roadside assistance club because I am very very allergic to beer! Le Sigh.

Lucky, I only had 25 more minuets of work to bumble through, and there was only one order come in while we waited, I spent the majority of the time trying to prep garlic bread, but that scant inch I drank was really wreaking havoc on me. I got home, took off my pants (LOL) and crashed on the couch.

I got up long enough to put pants on when the kids got home and then crashed again til now, 7 pm-ish.

Next time I ask for a cold one, Ima specify NO BEER> root or other wise!

Monday, October 17, 2011


So I survived the split shifts. Barley. By the lat one, I was grouchy, exhausted and had gotten a cold. I still have the cold, but am no longer exhausted. The cold is sucky though. What do people do when they have to work, and have a cold? Am I supposed to call in sick to work? I mean, i work with food and stuff, and I will be coughing and blowing my nose. Now, *I* know that when i cough it will be hygienically, and that i will wash my hands after I blow, but the customers in the dining room might here me cough, and THEY don't know I plan on washing well. Also, What if I get my co-worker sick?

Bah. I will head in, and if I get sent home, then I will know!

I was in the bathroom getting another roll of toilet paper to blow my nose into (HOLY SNOT!!!) and guess what I saw? Yeah. A spider. Little bastard thinks he can come inside MY house to stay warm? I think NOT! Seeing as I didn't have an handy flats fishing guides on hand to stop that MF'er, I uncoiled the central vac hose, plugged it in and sucked that jerk into oblivion. I hope.

Do vacuums really kill spiders? Or have I set a spider death trap in the basement, and my poor husband will go downstairs to empty the central vac thingy and instead be attacked by the spiders I have sucked up?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Down, Two to Go

Well there we go, One split shift down, two to go. My co-worker J is SUPER patient with me, and never looks or acts upset when I ask him the gazzillion questions that I do. LOL.

I did have a thought today, it would be way cool if they got a fake bull for fake bull riding at the bar. How fun would that be? Maybe they are super expensive and my boss would need merchant financing, who knows, but I think it would be a blast!

I worked six hours today (three and three) which is what I worked each of the three first weeks I worked there LOL

Anyway, shower, eat and read my book is whats on my plans for the rest of the night - oh, and watch Glee, my hubby PVR'd it for me :D

i work again at ten AM tommorrow

Not Looking Forward to the Week

Ugg. I like having a job, and I asked for more hours, but I got assigned to work the 10-2 and then the 5-9 shift at work for this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Its not that I don't like the work, I'm actually looking forward to tonight because it's wing night and I know what to do, I am a bit nervous about Wednesday because I think that's burger night and I still don't remember what goes on what burger :(

What I am worried about is how tired I am going to be and how to feed Micah and the boys supper while I am gone. But mostly Im worried about the tireds.

My co-worker Suzie said I got these night shifts because she is on vacation this week, and if thats true and this is a one time thing, great, But in the future Id prefer to work no nights, or if I have too, one per week, max.

Speaking of having a case of the tireds, I snapped this photo the other night. We got back from the in-laws around 11 and all three boys were wiiiiide awake so we rented a movie. Ten minutes into the movie, this is what we saw :