Saturday, May 28, 2011

Out and about

Boy howdy, do I ever wish I had gone to a business printing site and had cards similar (or the same even, these are damn near perfect)made up! I could have used them by the dozens today.

When did people stop caring about social conventions? About the rules of the road? Is parking no longer taught in schools? The worst I saw today was a car parked SIDEWAYS on the parking lot, taking up three spots. I was uber amused to see that two cars had parked, one at the nose and one at the tail, blocking it in tighter then tight, but still, WTF? It wasn't even a nice car!

And bad parkers aren't event he half of it, i need cards (tied to rocks) to throw at the bad fucking drivers. We went to Costco today and were almost in an accident because some idiot cannot read the signs. One way means ONE FUCKING WAY, ASSHOLE.

People should have to re-take their drivers test every three to five years. seriously.



Fighting hard

My aunt had her first chemotherapy treatment on Thursday. She reported it went fine, no nausea, no adverse reactions, so that is good to hear. Later we will worry about hair loss treatment. Much later. For now all I care about is the chemo getting the cancer. All of it. Its stage four so I am worried, scared.. but trying to be hopeful.

I can't for the life of me recall how many treatments she was going to have, but at least they have started. It was a long wait, she had some drainage issues after her mastectomy that had to be dealt with first :(

My cousin, The daughter of my aunt, is Due with her first child in a months time. I'm hoping that this baby is giving my aunt that extra boost that is needed to fight for her life, because this is going to be a damn hard fight.

This is the same aunt who heard I was in labour with my second sin and drove all night to be by my side first thing the next morning, she was our first visitor.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


First of all, am I the only one who immediately thinks "Raptor" when they hear Rapture? I keep picturing people running, creaming down the street as hungry raptors chase after them, picking off the slow ones!

But I digress. rapture apparently has happened all over the world and now we have to worry about Zombies. Or soemthing. I admit I am a bit fuzzy on the details. In any case, I have my corpse rake, and my baseball bat, canned foods and a flame thrower, all I need is motorhome insurance, a motor home and several bags of beef jerky, and I can be on my way to ...well. I dunno, actually.

South for sure, becuase I don't want to be fighting zombies in the snow - although, snow has its benefits too, the zombies will freeze solid in the middle of winter, and with a toque and mittens I suppose an enterprising person could just go out and chop off their frozen heads in relative safety, and be home for hot cocoa in time for Wheel of Fortune.

Then again, as easy as that sounds (though messy) I could use a warm weather vacay, even if it does mean I will be dodging and smashing Zombies!

Happy Rapture day, everyone!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Proud Mom Moment

When I checked the mail the other day, I was startled to see a letter from my son's high school, addressed to me. Be honest now, the same thing would have popped in your head as did mine if you had gotten a letter like that!

"What's he done this time"

What he had done, was make the high school honor roll for third term. YEAH. beat that! His mark in French was 88, which means he is officially way smarter then his momma who cannot speak a word of french - competently that is. For example. Parker could tell you that the machine I am using right now is called Ordinateurs. Myself, I call it a computer :D

I had to take french from grade 7 to grade 9 and I failed each year. The rest of the kids in the class had all taken french class from kindergarten on, and many of them had french speaking family at home, but not me, so it sucked and I very much disliked it! Parker seems to be enjoying himself though, so that is good :D

Men are weird.

Men are strange creatures, aren't they? Both my husband and my father in law reacted to the water streaming out of the roof* and onto our heads by getting angry, testy, yelling at everything that moved, while my mother in law and i reacted by gathering towels, buckets and children and starting clean up.

At one point I thought that it might have been a good idea to have gotten term life insurance quotes before this as I was pretty sure my husband was gonna have a coronary with each new waterfall discovery!

*no pictures for this one, there just wasn't time, honestly, it never once occurred to me to stop clean up and grab a camera! We had a toilet malfunction in an upstairs bathroom adn gallons and gallons of water went through the ceiling to the basement, ruining the floor and the furnace and hopefully nothing else, though the restoration company is a bit worried about the upstairs bathroom floor where the flood started. I am crossing my fingers that the floor will dry properly and we will be able to get away with just having to fix the basement!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

kids = LOL

My middle son, Blake (9) had his friend Max over today for the afternoon. At one point the boys decided they were too hot to stay outside and came in. After a bit of television, they wanted juice but I told them they could have water (cus I'm mean, dont'ya know!)

Blake took Max into the bathroom, the boys keep a drinking cup in there, and was going to have max use his cup - i put a stop to that right quick! But while they were in the bathroom, they started making faces in the mirror and Max commented that Blake had dark circles. Blake said "Yeah and I like them cus they make me look like I might be a vampire"


I had let the boys stay up til nearly 12AM last night( no school today) so Blake was noticeably sleep deprived. I was meaner but more sensible tonight, and had them in bed by nine. I have no tips on how to get rid of dark circles and see no need for vampires in the house!

Besides, Blake is having a sleepover tomorrow night, so he will need a good nights sleep tonight!


I read the UK online newspaper, the Sun, and today they have a story about a mom who gives her daughter - age seven - botox fillers in the forehead and lips, has tattoo'd her daughters eyebrows, and plans on tattooing her seven year old kids lips next year. And its not illegal!

The mom says she wants her seven year old to be famous like Willow Smith - but the thing is, willow smith is famous 'cus her dad is famous, not becuase her parents inject her with crap and tattoo her innocence away.

Im just shocked as hell this is allowed. To me, its child abuse.

Apparently the mom took a make up course four years ago, and studied botox injections on chat rooms and forums online, so she knows what she is doing (Yeah right!) I could spend day and night on and still know nothing about either supplements OR working out, yet this lady thinks she is qualified to inject her kid with this crap!


A seven year old shouldn't be concerned with her looks at all, yet this one is obsessed, thanks to her mom and It's a damn shame!