Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fighting hard

My aunt had her first chemotherapy treatment on Thursday. She reported it went fine, no nausea, no adverse reactions, so that is good to hear. Later we will worry about hair loss treatment. Much later. For now all I care about is the chemo getting the cancer. All of it. Its stage four so I am worried, scared.. but trying to be hopeful.

I can't for the life of me recall how many treatments she was going to have, but at least they have started. It was a long wait, she had some drainage issues after her mastectomy that had to be dealt with first :(

My cousin, The daughter of my aunt, is Due with her first child in a months time. I'm hoping that this baby is giving my aunt that extra boost that is needed to fight for her life, because this is going to be a damn hard fight.

This is the same aunt who heard I was in labour with my second sin and drove all night to be by my side first thing the next morning, she was our first visitor.

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