Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Men are weird.

Men are strange creatures, aren't they? Both my husband and my father in law reacted to the water streaming out of the roof* and onto our heads by getting angry, testy, yelling at everything that moved, while my mother in law and i reacted by gathering towels, buckets and children and starting clean up.

At one point I thought that it might have been a good idea to have gotten term life insurance quotes before this as I was pretty sure my husband was gonna have a coronary with each new waterfall discovery!

*no pictures for this one, there just wasn't time, honestly, it never once occurred to me to stop clean up and grab a camera! We had a toilet malfunction in an upstairs bathroom adn gallons and gallons of water went through the ceiling to the basement, ruining the floor and the furnace and hopefully nothing else, though the restoration company is a bit worried about the upstairs bathroom floor where the flood started. I am crossing my fingers that the floor will dry properly and we will be able to get away with just having to fix the basement!

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