Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Rejoyce! Rejoyce! The mercury rose above zero today! We actually hit PLUS one! The snow was melting (Yay! Icy roads tomorrow morning) I even heard BIRDS singing when I went to get the boys from school!


I'm anxious for it to get just a little bit warmer so that I can start taking walks in teh afternoon, I am hoping to get both a little vitamin D and a little exercise. The sin is actually helpful in clearing a lot of skin issues, acne included, so I ether need to get out under the sun or pick up some more clearpores!

I won;t be taking the dogs out from now until the snow finishes melting though, that is just too much of a mess for me. What we do when it is either too wet or too cold outside is we play fetch, throwing a ball down the long hall over and over and over until the dog wears herself out retrieving and goes to lay down.

Much better then a mud covered dog (and floors) or going for a run in minus forty!

The BEST Timing

On Tuesday, March 22, my eldest son turned on the PS3 and discovered it was dead. Neither myself, my husband nor my sons had heard of this issue plaguing the PS3's before - yellow light of death, and yet, there we were, the green/yellow/red/green/yellow/red light of doom blinking in our faces!

My husband and son were crushed, of course, they are horrendously addicted to games and TV and movies - its a wonder really, that they are both so skinny, and Thank Sock for the invention of antennas for digital tv! And DVR.

I set the DVR on Monday to record all episodes of Nanny 911 for me. I like that show, it reaffirms what a wonderful job I am doing with my children!

Anyway, back to the dead PS3, it had lived a good life, we have had it for three or four years, it's the original ps3, not even the slim version, it was pre-slim, even! So, lucky for my husband and sons, the ps3 died on Tuesday, and we filed our taxes- getting a very nice return, on Wednesday, so the boys went out and bought a play station 3. Very good timing becuase if not for the taxes being filed there is no way they could have afforded a new one :D

Monday, March 14, 2011

Putting things into perspective

This morning I woke up and everything was going wrong. I cant really get into details, but everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

I went on twitter and pouted for a while about how horrible my life is and wah wah wah, poor me. And then I went for a four hour nap with my youngest son who was home with a migraine.

Then I woke up and remembered I have a friend who recently lost her daughter, whose son is in a coma, still fighting to wake up, and I realized that the little crappy bits in my life are nothing, NOTHING compared to what others are dealing with. The thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of homeless in Japan, the mothers who have lost children, who am I to complain? Really.

Sunday, March 06, 2011


This afternoon we met my dad and his wife at mcDonalds for Shamrock Shakes. While we were all sitting around, my step mama asked about the new video camera we had bought. I just happened to have tossed it in my purse - its the size of a cell phone- so I pulled it out and clicked play on a random video stored on the card.

AND OMFG people. Logan had been the last person to have played with the video camera, and he had gone the bathroom with it, and had made a lovely video of his poop.

How sick! That's the LAST thing I wanted to see while trying to enjoy a milk shake - at least it wasn't a chocolate shake LOL