Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The BEST Timing

On Tuesday, March 22, my eldest son turned on the PS3 and discovered it was dead. Neither myself, my husband nor my sons had heard of this issue plaguing the PS3's before - yellow light of death, and yet, there we were, the green/yellow/red/green/yellow/red light of doom blinking in our faces!

My husband and son were crushed, of course, they are horrendously addicted to games and TV and movies - its a wonder really, that they are both so skinny, and Thank Sock for the invention of antennas for digital tv! And DVR.

I set the DVR on Monday to record all episodes of Nanny 911 for me. I like that show, it reaffirms what a wonderful job I am doing with my children!

Anyway, back to the dead PS3, it had lived a good life, we have had it for three or four years, it's the original ps3, not even the slim version, it was pre-slim, even! So, lucky for my husband and sons, the ps3 died on Tuesday, and we filed our taxes- getting a very nice return, on Wednesday, so the boys went out and bought a play station 3. Very good timing becuase if not for the taxes being filed there is no way they could have afforded a new one :D

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