Monday, December 28, 2009


So I've just been informed that my husband would like me to purchase him a led hdtv in the 40-50 inch variety, for his birthday on January 13th.

Oh man, I've never laughed so hard!

I mean. We Do have a credit card, so I guess I could buy it for him, but ..uhm... no.

We have a perfectly good TV now and I am not about to go into debt for a TV for his birthday!!!

I was thinking more along the lines of getting him a game for his PS3 or a new hoodie. Something that can be bought without going into debt.

But hey, lets not tell him just yet, we can let the boy dream, can't we?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting an Education - Online

Right now, ANY job is hard to find, much less a good one, so it is important to keep what you've got. that doesn't mean that you cannot work to better yourself in the mean time, by getting more education.

More and more people are turning to online university educations becuase it is flexible - you do you work when you can, you work the nine to five or the night shift. Online education is a great idea for stay at home moms like myself too. I cannot afford the cost of a babysitter or daycare, but with the convenience and flexibility of online classes I could do my work load during naps or after the boys had gone to bed.

Western Governors University is a non profit university and it offers nationally and regionally accredited online bachelor’s and master’s degrees. WGU offers degrees in teaching, the medical field, technology and business.

I think that if you are looking to climb that next step, online degree programs are a great way to get an education the way you want it, when you want it!

*I was compensated for giving my honest thoughts about the online university program*

weird dream

OMG. The boys and husband were watching Octopussy on the TV, its a James Bond movie, for those who don't know, so I decided to go and have a nap.

When i woke up though, I had had the weirdest dream ever. EVER.

At least, the weirdest that I can remember!

I was dating James Bond, in my dream, much like how he "dates" women in his movies, and I was well aware that there were other women involved, but didn't care. It got pretty steamy between us! (I liked those parts the best!)

I had decided that the best way for me to show him that I didn't care about the other women, was to get him a gift from the hotel gift shop.


But what I wanted to get him from the gift shop...well.. you know those fuzzy things you can put on toilet seats? It was one of those, except it went on a suitcase, not a toilet, AND it was in the shape of an animal! I wanted to get him a tiger or bear or lion, something strong and manly, becuase, after all, he IS James Bond. Unfortunately, all I could find were carps, an iguana, a frog and a lady bug.

I was in my hotel room, crying my heart out over the injustice of not being able to buy him the perfect gift, when my step mother walked in. She sat on the bed and told me she had something to tell me and proceeded to tell me that while my mother was still alive, my dad had had an affair - with her son! This is when I woke up, so I never did find out which of my two step brothers my daddy had an "affair" with, but you can bet I will be giving them, all three, weird looks over Christmas.

Dreams are So weird!

Friday, December 11, 2009

14 DaysTil Socksmas!

Thats right! In just two more weeks Sockta comes to our houses while we sleep and leaves wonderful amazing socks under all of our Socksmas Trees! I'm so excited!

In between pricing ceramic tiles and tracking my new shoes - Which crossed Canada Customs at 2:38 Am this morning, I have been counting down, frantically, until Socksmas Morning! I know of at least six pairs of thigh high socks that will be waiting for me under the tree (becuase I bought them) And who knows, maybe my husband took the hint and there will be more!

Merry Almost Socksmas Everybody!

A Rant: Brought to you by the new Light Bulbs

So those enw light bulbs/ the swirly energy efficient ones that are supposed to last for ten years or some shit like that?

They are burned out. Not just one here or one there, but every month one or two die. And it isn't like you can run out to the store and buy the old kind and use those, oh no! Those light bulbs are no longer sold, you HAVE to buy the new ones, and they cost a freaking MINT.

I dunno if you noticed, but bathroom lighting is really important. Walking in to a darkish bathroom makes the whole room seem dirty and small and I hate it.

Two of the tree light sin the light thingy over the dining room table have burned out in the last week. Four of the seven in the bathroom have burned out in the last month.

I never, ever had this kind of problem when I was using the old bulbs, I could easily get six months to a year from them instead of the six weeks (on average) with the new kind!

/end rant

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


We bought the "big" item for Christmas.

We wanted to get the boys a netbook to share between the three of them. They all three like to play little internet games, webkinz, and the like, and Parker is now bringing home homework that must be done online* and I hate having to share my laptop while he does his work.

Also, having the netbook will give me a tiny bit of peace of mind in terms of if my laptop suddenly dies. I work online quite a bit, and am rather addicted to facebook, so if my laptop suddenly dies, at least I could check my crops and get my work done while waiting till we could afford a new one.

Its just a small thing. it;s blue - I forget the actual make of it, but its 10.1 inches big (screen size). It doesn't have enough computer memory for them to play PC games or store pictures, but it will be good for online play and even has a webcam so they can skype their Nana and Papa this winter while they snowbird of in Phoenix.

Its a great relief to have it bought and hidden, becuase now, no matter what happens, money wise, at least they will have one** great gift waiting for them under the tree.

*I do not think it is right to assign homework that must be done online. Not every family has access to the internet!
**we are actually about 99% done our Christmas shopping, but I meant to post this a week or so ago. My bad!