Tuesday, December 08, 2009


We bought the "big" item for Christmas.

We wanted to get the boys a netbook to share between the three of them. They all three like to play little internet games, webkinz, and the like, and Parker is now bringing home homework that must be done online* and I hate having to share my laptop while he does his work.

Also, having the netbook will give me a tiny bit of peace of mind in terms of if my laptop suddenly dies. I work online quite a bit, and am rather addicted to facebook, so if my laptop suddenly dies, at least I could check my crops and get my work done while waiting till we could afford a new one.

Its just a small thing. it;s blue - I forget the actual make of it, but its 10.1 inches big (screen size). It doesn't have enough computer memory for them to play PC games or store pictures, but it will be good for online play and even has a webcam so they can skype their Nana and Papa this winter while they snowbird of in Phoenix.

Its a great relief to have it bought and hidden, becuase now, no matter what happens, money wise, at least they will have one** great gift waiting for them under the tree.

*I do not think it is right to assign homework that must be done online. Not every family has access to the internet!
**we are actually about 99% done our Christmas shopping, but I meant to post this a week or so ago. My bad!

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