Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Remember this?

We will be picking up the burgundy paint for the back wall this Saturday. I figure it will take at least three coats of paint, because I am too lazy to get a red tone undercoat.

I'm so excited to finally be able to start this project!

I think it will take a good amount of time to actually get it all done. The burgundy wall must be crack filled in the scratches the cats made as hyper active evil kittens, and then washed down. then painted, like I said, three coats. After that is dried, the rest of the walls must be crack filled, again from the kittens and one drawer corner I dropped into the wall by accident when I was trying to move something that was too heavy for me to move even thought the Husband told me to wait until he could do it.

Then those three walls must be painted the yellowishy color we haven't picked out yet. That has to dry for... uhm. a long long time, because then I will stencil a billion and six circles on it and try to paint IN THE LINES with the burgundy, pinks and greens and whites, to match this pillow:

So. Who wants to come out and help me?

Pee ess: I will be posting photos of the work as we get it done LOL

Spring Time Allergies

Blue Boy Has Asthma. It's not a bad case of it, in the winter, if he gets colds, he is more likely to need his inhaler.

In the spring time it is a different story all together! He really reacts badly to all the little white fuzzy shit flying through the air. Add the dust blowing and we have a problem. In the Spring he will use his inhaler daily.

We are taking him camping again this summer, and since he did not have problems with the campfire smoke last year, I don't expect problems this year. I will be bringing both his inhalers, rescue and daily, just in case.

His doctor had said that he will eventually outgrow his asthma, and that it was likely caused by his intubation and medications during his surgeries.

Wouldn't it be nice to see a cure for some sort of disease sometime during our lives? Asthma, cancer, alzheimer's... anything would be great!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Oh My Eyes!

So right now I am blogging outside. One might think that it is wonderful. The kids can play and I can safely keep an eye (and ear) out for them while surfing.


See, First I tried to blog on the driveway. I had my chair and table set up with my coffee and phone, but the glare. Oh My God. The glare!

The screen was completely black from it, there was no way to see, I tried positioning the screen a million different ways in hope that I would suddenly have Some visibility!


So I moved into the garage. I set the table and chairs up. I poured another cup of coffee. I turned off the lights and crossed my fingers.

Obviously I can see somewhat better, but it is rather distracting to see my typing across the reflection of my face! Look! I am typing on my chin!

Hi chin!

Is there some sort of screen cover that gets rid of the glare? My glasses have an anti glare coating, why cant my monitor?


Spring Cleaning

How many of you have an organizes garage?

Not me. From the first warm day of summer, the toys are brought out, bikes taken off the wall hooks and there is no room for the car in the garage.

Yesterday The Husband And I spent all day cleaning the garage. We took down a shelf the previous owners had put up, hopefully now we will have more room come winter, when the car is in.

we ruthlessly threw out a bunch of stuff that should have been tossed not packed, when we moved here.

Oh the dust! Blue Boy had to use his inhaler, and after that he was kicked out of the garage!

we got the garage about halfway cleaned. But what bugs me is that within a month or so I figure it will be right back where we started!

How do you keep your garage organized?

Friday, May 25, 2007

My Next Tattoo

Me and BFF Kissy are getting matching tattoo's.

Here is what we are getting.

We are both getting them done on the insides of our forearm.

Mine will be bigger. I am getting it because I want something pretty, colorful and girly. I also want it somewhere where I can see it often.

Kissy is getting hers to cover a scar from childhood. Hers has to be smaller due to work.

What tattoo's do you have internet?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Days Of The Week

Does anyone else get the days of the week mixed up?

I'm not talking about trying to say them in a row, I'm an expert at that! But thinking all day that it is Tuesday only to fond out it is really Wednesday?

For me, once I screw up a day in my head, all week long I get confused as to what the day of the week is.


I can't wait for the weekend, we have nothing, absolutely nothing planned. If it warms up we might take the kids for ice cream, but I doubt it will warm up so ...maybe we will rent a movie.

Something slow and lazy.

I like lazy...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The May Long Weekend

In Saskatchewan it is important for a few reasons. My favorites being that it is the accepted date at which we can plant our gardens without fear of frost, and that it is the official start date of camping season.

With the rain (CONSTANT) we have been having the past few days, I haven't even been out to till the garden, and will the rain (AGAIN - CONSTANT) I don't even want to think about camping.

I love camping, but NOT when it is cold and wet!

One other thing that starts on the may long weekend is bear hunting season. My father in law got home Monday night and has shot two bears.

This morning he came over to borrow our camp stove. For some reason he plans on boiling the heads of the bears to get the skulls.


It's a beautiful day

... insde.

RM woke up to his alarm but had some trouble turning it off this morning. I had trouble too, but we figured out the volume and The husband had mentioned ( i think) that after an hour the alarm would turn off on it's own, so that works just as well.

Except that it woke up the other kids.

It's nearly time for lunch and I am getting tired of making soups or sandwiches or KD, anyone have some interesting KID FRIENDLY ideas for lunches?

Also, someone come over and make me more coffee, the pot is nearly empty.

the wait

in twenty five minutes my sons new alarm clock will go off. I'm pretty excited. Knowing that I have a back up, even if he is only seven, makes me feel really good.

His alarm clock has two settings, tone and radio. we are trying tone first, in hopes it will wake up the intended boy and not his brother.

The coffee is done. BRB

Mmmmm coffee IS the drink of the Gods.

I bought this late last night on eBay. Heh! I used my gmail email address and eBay finally let me join! excitement I tells ya.

Oh and I am done reading the Harry Potter series. I knew I should have waited till end of June to start them. Actually I was quite surprised with what I had forgotten from the series in the past seven years. I was caught completely off guard when Serius died. Heh. I threw my book down and said I wasn't reading that book nor were we going to bother buying the last one coming out in July either.

and that lasted about twenty seconds...

Monday, May 21, 2007


rain rain go away come again - NEVER

I know I said I would stop complaining if only the snow would go away, but serious cant we PLEASE have a nice sunny warm summer day? PLEASE...

And the biggest kick in the pants is that this is the May Long Weekend.

The weekend where I get to plant my "garden"

uhm well not really garden, just a twenty foot long by two foot wide patch of dirt that grows carrots and peas quite well.. but I digress.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

My seduction style~

Found this gem at Finns, and duchy's and well, all over the net really. Do the quiz ( its short) tell me your seduction style in the comments!

Friday, May 18, 2007

A funny thing happened ...

OK so it wasn't all that funny. I wrote a whole post about how I was going to sleep in and how badly that sucked. do people realize that when i say sleep in its not fifteen or thirty minutes, but till noon?

Anyway the brat has no school today.

And I put up two new picture posts in the photo blog.

and I really love my new lap top

And I am gonna eat cookies for breakfast.

And uhm yea, not funny is it? Told you so the first line!

Pee ess: It is so windy outside right now I am worried my apple trees will snap in half. Any ideas? They are already staked to a post with cloth ties top and bottom...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mornings suck

Thismorning I stumbled out of bed and made the coffee. I forgot to turn on the timer last night.

I waited and waited and ate my mini wheats and waited some more for the coffee to brew and when it finally did i got up to grab a cuppa that heavenly juice.

I took my cup from the sink, I used it all yesterday and last night i had just put it int he sink. I filled it and I drank the whole cup.

I thought my coffee tasted a bit off, but it is morning, am I eve awake enough to notice things like that?

Finally, as I get to the last quarter of coffee in the cup I glanced in the mug . Guess what I saw.

sunflower seeds. Hot damn! I forgot i had used my mug to spit out the seeds last night while I was surfing and this morning I just poured and drank.

Next time I'm gonna look, even if it IS morning!

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Lot

"Whats cooler than a box of crayons?"

I keep seeing this every time I go to my blogger dashboard. And with three different blogs, this means I see it an awful lot!

And quite frankly I am sick of it!

Whats cooler than a box of crayons?

How about:

Scented Markers - those rock. their only draw back is that your nose ends up looking like a rainbow after four minutes of sniffing. And they do NOT taste like they smell.

or what about

A sunny day with a cool breeze - lately we have warmish days with a six million mile an hour "breeze" the kids are cold in short sleeves still. they need coats. A nice warm summer day, that's cooler than a box of crayons.

A set of good knives - way way cooler than crayons. And way more useful.

I wish blogger would ask one of the seventy million blog authors for suggestions for the template layout line. I am sure any one of them could come up with a better tag line!

What about you? Do you know something cooler than a box of crayons?

Blah Monday

I don't know if it is because I had a rough night last night or if it is the fact that it is Monday, but today I am BLAH BLAH BLAH

I found myself nodding of during deal or no deal, if you can imagine.

Speaking of deal or no deal. does anyone remember a few months back, that man who umped on the tracks when a boy fell, and covered his body as the train went over the two of them with his daughters watching?

He will be on Deal or No Deal next Monday. I cannot wait. if there is anyone who deserves to win, it is that man!

his first thought when the train finished were of his daughters. Tell my girls I am OK, he said.

I am in awe of that man!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Garage Sale Season!

I LOVE garage sales/ LOVE. THEM.

my Mother in law held a garage sale this weekend and we tossed a bunch of junk cluttering up the house her way and made twenty bucks. Doesn't sound like much, but me and the kids went down to the candy store and spent it all.


sounds really bad, but truly, in a small town things are horribly expensive. Chips are four bucks a bag, my dip was almost six dollars, so Right there was 14 dollars of candy.

besides, most of the crap was the stuff the kids ignore now, so didn't they deserve a treat?

I cant wait until next weekend so I can scout out more sales!

I am on the hunt for a skateboard for the baby.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm A Geek

In a week and a half I am going to a wedding. I baby sit the brides daughter five days a week and I have known the bride since we were in school together.

OMG in school together?

Do you know what this means? DO YOU?

Basically the wedding will be a ten year high school reunion.

I will see a billion people I haven't seen since high school ten years ago.

and they will see me, and meet my husband and three children

and my fat rolls

I should have started my diet sooner!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ok A Couple Of problems

the biggest problem I have is With Stuperman. Last night just the tops of his shoulders were sun burnt. It was a bright red, but I did not really worry about it. This morning when he woke up the sunburn had spread past his elbows.

Obviously I did something wrong last night. I put him in a cool bath and had cool cloths on his shoulders as well. I really need to get some aloe, and I REALLY need to remember sunscreen!

My other problem is that last night we were supposed to eat at the In Laws, but they had to go out of town, so they postponed it until tonight. Doesn't sound horribly bad except for the fact that I am going to coffee tonight.

Usually when we go to the In laws, we stay until it is bed time for the kids. Tonight I will have to leave right after supper, and I feel that this is rather rude.

Ordinarily I would just postpone coffee with BFF Kissy until later, after bedtime, but I have to get soem things in the city as well.

I need to find something to wear to a friends wedding that is coming up soon, and I want to get some up to date sunscreen, SPF 3058925 preferably, as well as something to put on Stupes burns.

The burns seem to be bothering me more then him, by the way.

So. What do you think, Should I stay till eight at the in laws and then go to coffee, which means I will have to make a second trip into the city another night this week, or should I make excuses, save the gas and do it all at once tonight.

Postponing coffee to another night doesn't work as we have to schedule our coffee nights around BFF Kissy's work schedule.

Le Sigh.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Le Sigh X 64

Ok. I remembered to spray them with bug spray. Did I remember the suntan Lotion too?


I know aloe vera lotion is good on sun burns, but do I just stop at a store and try to find some? Is it in the pharmacy section? Is there anything else I can use on a burn?

Its not that bad, reddish cheeks and fire red shoulders, but on a two year old who doesn't understand why his arms hurt, its bad enough.

Oh! and does sun tan lotion expire? I know they have expiration dates on them, but do they Really really expire?

What kind of suntan lotion do YOU recommend?


is an almost perfect day

the sun is shining - too hot in the back yard, but just right in the front

the mosquito's are not out in full force

only one spider has crawled on me and since I had just gone pee, I kept my panties clean

we took out the wading pool.

I am not letting them get their clothes wet, but their feet hands and water guns have been thoroughly soaked.

and Popsicles.

the only thing that would have made this better is me with a fudgesicle.

Monday, May 07, 2007


So I keep having trouble when it comes to sleep. I go to bed at night and BOOM! I'm asleep, i never ever lay there awake and wanting to be asleep, I just fall asleep, But in the morning, even after eight or nine hours of rest, I am exhausted.

If I went back to bed i think I would be just fine sleeping till four or five in the afternoon. But it wasn't always like this, I used to have energy.

I started a new vitamin with lots of iron in it, in hopes that it is just my iron low that is making me so sleepy. I have had it two days in a row, and yesterday was fine, but today, not so much.

this is one more thing I will be bringing up with my doctor in June!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

You Would Be So Proud

So after last months fiasco with the Tax man, we are determined to be prepared for next year.

To this end we bough some file folders. See, because I run "DayCare" ....Can I call it a day care when I only babysit one child and she is..well she is like one of my own, I have seen her five days a week since she was one year old!

Anyway that doesn't matter. What matters is that the Tax Man said I need to keep track of all of my daycare expenses. I can claim house hold bills, such as energy and water..blah blah. I can also claim any groceries that She eats and cleaning and paper products and what nots.

So. I think I am rambling. Sigh. Anyway I have all of my home bills organized and in the folder and tonight I spent over an hour highlighting and stapling and pushing buttons on the calculator and getting all of the grocery receipts in order.

Did any part of this post make any sense at all?

Any tips for me in regards to organization?

I should go have a nap now, shouldn't I?


So wow. What a difference one day makes!

Dude! I feel GOOOOOOD!

What do you think, am I out of line to call the doc I saw and leave him a message thanking him? I mean I know it's his job to "fix" me, but serious the difference between two days ago and today is like night and freaking day!

Also. We have way too many mosquitoes out. Freaking things. We had to leave the park and go home because there were so many.

Stupid bugs.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


tomorrow ( Friday) after my doctors appointment, me and JJ are going to go see a movie. Since the MIL will have the kids in the afternoon anyway, she is planning on taking them to the MacDonald's play land - which they love- and keeping them over night

my problem, is what movie shall we go see? I would really really like to see disturbia. but i don't even know if it is out yet?

What about you? Seen and good movies lately


Cats and Kids

We have a cat. Her name is Tigger. She is a very vocal cat.
We have a child, His name is Stuperman. he is also very vocal.

The problem?

Stuperman meows. A lot. He will go all day sometimes, speaking only in cat talk.

"meow I need a cookie meow" he will say

"Meow, how are you?"

"Meow no"

At first it was cute. Now, its just annoying. Really really really annoying.

make him stop please.



I'm sorry but this sucks. its may third and i am sitting here with my feet trying to climb up my jammie pants while i type. i am freeeeeeeeeezing.

what is with this stupid weather? yesterday it was so windy the radio dude was cracking comb over jokes!

today he said, it will be 27 but its also going to rain. huh? come again?

I'm tired of it. I want to give the kids Popsicles, but they get too cold after they eat them and then have to come inside.

I cannot wait till I can send them out in bare feet! what heaven that will be!

I have to go get some socks now, hope there is no frost bite in my toes


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Got Any ideas...

For bath toys? Last November we bought Stuperman this neato pirate ship with little pirates and seamen and treasure chests. We bought plastic dollar store sharks and octopuses and whales and jelly fish for the tub too.

Now, just a few months later all of the arms are off of the wee seamen and pirates, the treasure chests are in three (Or More) pieces and the boat, formerly one large piece, is in about fifty smaller parts, ladders, sail posts a top and a bottom, the port hatches (or whatever they are called)

Now, Stuperman loves pirates and sea things, so I would like to stay int eh same theme, but since the arms are being washed down the drain, which is going to lead to clogged pipes, its time for me to get the old out and the new in.

I do not like traditional bath toys that let in water that let water come in, but not out. They get icky dirty inside.

So.. Any ideas for no traditional bath toys?

I have a friend

Today i woke up to the door bell ringing, which is great cus my hair was a mess. But dude! I have a friend!

BFF kissy came over today to play with me. She drank my coffee and laughed at my kitties nails - oh did i tell you we put red soft claws on her? they are too cute. Tigger hates them, but i don;t think that really matters in the long run, does it?

We put the kids outside and sat on the couch and giggled and talked.

Oh and we drank coffee!


in ten minutes I will be calling my doctor for a new appointment. Sigh. Here's hoping i get in soonish!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stop the world so I can get off

SO staying away from the computer hasn't worked. If anything, today I felt more dizzy than normal. I hate to say it, but I am beginning to get worried.

I love my doctor and a lot of other people do too, that's why there is such a long waiting list to see him. I have decided that tomorrow I am going to phone the health line - that's a free line that connects you with a nurse - I will explain to her whats what and she can tell me if I should call my doctor and ask to be seen sooner, or if I should go into the ER to be seen by a doctor there.

Quite frankly, I am sick of being sick!

Fingers crossed people, I will call tommorrow during nap time