Saturday, February 20, 2010

Late Night TV

I know that all areas have different stations playing on different channels, but one line up that we have, is on Friday nights, we have the Friday FrightMares, where they play "horror" movies.

Except. They keep playing the same movies over and over and over. And they aren't even scary. Seriously.

I'd rather sit and watch commercials about proactiv all night long, than watch PromNight one and two again. Probably the tenth time this year too. it's like they have ten movies in their line up and put them on a rotation.

And The Friday frightMare is such a great idea too! It has such potential, and it makes it that much more of a shame that they have ruined it by replaying Shitty movies over and over and over again!

The Bald Truth

Today Logan and I were at the doctors office and as mean as this sounds, there was a bald woman there.

I mean. I, and everyone else on this planet have heard and seen bald men, and while hair loss for men products are a huge seller, baldness in MEN is widely acceptable.

However, for woman, baldness is a shameful secret, and yet this lady, she walked in with her receding hair line, back straight, head held high, a smile on her face. She was not ashamed of her thinning (VERY) hair. She wasn't hiding it under a wig and she wasn't wearing a hat.

It was. Well it was both weird - because you just don't SEE this kind of thing, but it was also really cool to see a woman who was so self confidant that she was able to walk around in public, head held high, a smile on her face. It was great.

....But I'd still rather keep all my hair, thank you very much!

A lucky find

I was reading some accutane reviews, and saw a link for this game, Bubble Shooter.

I had had this game bookmarked a long time ago, but one day when I clicked on it, the link had expired and the game was gone.

I had tried a few similar games, but they all sucked in one way or the other, so finding this game is sooooooo Super! It's kind of sad, actually, how happy finding this link made me!


I need to get out more.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Treasure Map

So the sweet find of the pablum and the prenatal vitamin has me thinking. When I finally finish cleaning out all the cupboards and closets in my house, what sort of treasure am I going to find?

I've decided to make a list of possible finds :

  • All the batteries we are sure we have bought but can never find.
  • the working pens. As opposed to the six zillion pens that do not work when you NEED to write down important information while on the phone.
  • Atlantis and Amelia Earhart
  • All of the missing socks
  • My sanity
  • Flashlights. Oodles and Oodles of flashlights. We have bought at least fifty over the last ten years. WHERE ARE THEY?
  • Approximately 900 lighters
  • Six dollars and ninety-eight cents. And eighteen Canadian tire dollars.
  • A hidden forest complete with unicorns, sparkle princess fairies and Edward Cullen.
  • twenty five hundred lego pieces, six Bionicle legs, Four temporary tattoos and a partridge in a pear tree.


The other night, Both Micah and I had gone to the cupboard to get glasses for a drink at the same time. Micah got their first and opened the door to grab the cups. He made a face and I commented on it.

His reply was "Well, don't you smell it?"

I smelled nothing and told him so. See, the cupboard he had opened was the one we store the cups - and spices in. The bottom shelf is all drinking glasses and the next two are the various spices a kitchen needs in order to function. Apparently, for the last FIVE YEARS it has been bugging Micah to have the spices in the cupboard. I guess when he opens it, he gets a big whiff of spicy air and its "Gross".

I had no idea, like I said, I had never smelled it. Micah figures its becuase I am shorted, and when he opens the door, his face is right level with the spices (He is a foot and a bit taller than I am).

Not that it matters. If there is a smell and it is bugging him, and HAS been for the PAST FIVE YEARS, why did he not say anything???

He figured it was "no big deal".

*I* figure it is no big deal to move all the spices out, bleach the cupboards and move the spices to where we keep the coffee mugs and the mugs into the spice spot.


No lie it took me less than 20 minutes to do it all, including the bleaching.

As for the OMG! EWWW! title? In the very top of the spice cupboard, at the verrrry back I found a container. One that I didn't remember seeing before. I opened it up and found pablum. Have you ANY idea how long it has been since I have needed pablum in my house? FIVE YEARS. WTF? And there is no need for me to buy diet pills online either, becuase I found three bottles of pills up there. Kinda reminds me of that time last month when I cleaned a different cupboard and found Prenatal vitamins LOL.

Four of the nine upper cupboards have been cleaned, I plan on cleaning the last five next week, and then I want to clean the pantry, the laundry and the linen closet too. I'm saving the worst for last though. The lower kitchen cupboards. No joke. we have SIX catch-all drawers that are filled with odds and ends and bits of crap! Ugggggg.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Winter is

Today Micah and I were talking about how ready we are for summer to come back - that we would readily accept spring, anything but the snow and cold cold COLD. But then I was thinking about it. Its already February 6th. December and January absolutely raced by, And to be honest it feels like maybe its been a month since the snow came.

Not that I would knock a vacation, but this winter I am not actually begging to go find Kauai vacation rentals to escape the cold!

February is a short month, there are only three more weeks of it, and it sometimes, not ofthen, but sometimes, starts tow arm up in march, but for sure by the end of April it will be melting, and summer warmth cannot be long after that.

I can do this winter thing. I've been so cold, so often the last few months but at the same time, I feel that it's OK, and that it IS going to pass, I'm not so desperate and bitchy for summer this year, and its a nice change!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mad; Bullet form

SO many things are pissing me off right now. Here are a few:

  1. People who send mass messages on faccebook. Not so much that they send a mass message, but that people are so stupid that they need to hit "Reply All" instead of replying to the person who sent the message. WHY? Why do they do this to me? Not only do I not care, but when its, for example, a call for addresses for Christmas cards, hitting Reply All means you are sending your address to everyone. THINK, people. THINK. And stop annoying me!
  2. My back. And hips. And sacrum. STOP HURTING ME. For the love of all that's chocolate, all I want to be able to do is bend over and put my socks on without crying from the pain.
  3. My hard drives. Seriously. Stop being full. You have zero right to be full. NONE.
  4. Something I can't blog about becuase it involves someone who reads my blog. STOP IT.
  5. Winter. I'm so cold. I can't get warm. And the worst part is that it hasn't even been a bad winter. twice we have had week long stretches of really cold weather, but other them that its been between -10 and -20, which is, trust me, very nice for winter weather.
  6. BONUS HATE: That stupid groundhog.