Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Bald Truth

Today Logan and I were at the doctors office and as mean as this sounds, there was a bald woman there.

I mean. I, and everyone else on this planet have heard and seen bald men, and while hair loss for men products are a huge seller, baldness in MEN is widely acceptable.

However, for woman, baldness is a shameful secret, and yet this lady, she walked in with her receding hair line, back straight, head held high, a smile on her face. She was not ashamed of her thinning (VERY) hair. She wasn't hiding it under a wig and she wasn't wearing a hat.

It was. Well it was both weird - because you just don't SEE this kind of thing, but it was also really cool to see a woman who was so self confidant that she was able to walk around in public, head held high, a smile on her face. It was great.

....But I'd still rather keep all my hair, thank you very much!

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