Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The other night, Both Micah and I had gone to the cupboard to get glasses for a drink at the same time. Micah got their first and opened the door to grab the cups. He made a face and I commented on it.

His reply was "Well, don't you smell it?"

I smelled nothing and told him so. See, the cupboard he had opened was the one we store the cups - and spices in. The bottom shelf is all drinking glasses and the next two are the various spices a kitchen needs in order to function. Apparently, for the last FIVE YEARS it has been bugging Micah to have the spices in the cupboard. I guess when he opens it, he gets a big whiff of spicy air and its "Gross".

I had no idea, like I said, I had never smelled it. Micah figures its becuase I am shorted, and when he opens the door, his face is right level with the spices (He is a foot and a bit taller than I am).

Not that it matters. If there is a smell and it is bugging him, and HAS been for the PAST FIVE YEARS, why did he not say anything???

He figured it was "no big deal".

*I* figure it is no big deal to move all the spices out, bleach the cupboards and move the spices to where we keep the coffee mugs and the mugs into the spice spot.


No lie it took me less than 20 minutes to do it all, including the bleaching.

As for the OMG! EWWW! title? In the very top of the spice cupboard, at the verrrry back I found a container. One that I didn't remember seeing before. I opened it up and found pablum. Have you ANY idea how long it has been since I have needed pablum in my house? FIVE YEARS. WTF? And there is no need for me to buy diet pills online either, becuase I found three bottles of pills up there. Kinda reminds me of that time last month when I cleaned a different cupboard and found Prenatal vitamins LOL.

Four of the nine upper cupboards have been cleaned, I plan on cleaning the last five next week, and then I want to clean the pantry, the laundry and the linen closet too. I'm saving the worst for last though. The lower kitchen cupboards. No joke. we have SIX catch-all drawers that are filled with odds and ends and bits of crap! Ugggggg.

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