Friday, July 24, 2009

What I am doing right now

Right now I am google'ing time zones, trying to figure out if Alberta is the same time as us right now.

After I make sense of the time zone thingy, I need to find a place online that will tell me what radio stations I can expect to pick up on the highways we will be traveling.

About the only thing I don't need to Google is cell tower and their placement because we don't have a cell phone.

I thought about buying an el cheapo cell phone, the kind you activate and then put minutes on with a pre-paid card, for the trip, but then I couldn't figure out the pre paid cards website, what kind of fees (roaming) that I would be paying using the cell out of Province.

You know, going on vacation is a LOT of work...but I am sure it will be worth it.

But for right now, I need to quit wasting time on here, and go figure out those time zones!


It's after ten PM here and it is plus 22 Celsius. In Fahrenheit, that's 71.6. It's very humid and very hot, and we do NOT have air conditioning.

Add the fact that I had to cook in the oven today with the fact that I have been washing, and drying clothes today, it's even hotter inside.

It's nasty.

I've been running from early this morning, trying to pack for a trip, getting the dogs ready for their vacation - yes we send our dogs on vacation, what of it?

I have absolutely zero need for diet pills lately, I'm sweating off all my extra weight!

And you know? I'm more than willing to deal with the heat, the sweat and the uncomfortableness, so long as it doesn't rain on our vacation.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Speaking of Perfect Shoes

How cute are these?

I bought these shoes last night. I just fell in love with them! I'm a tiny bit worried about the ears, bows, eyes and nose coming off, but it looks like they would be easy to re-apply with the help of a glue gun.

And I'm worried about the ankle strap. I don't think my ankles are ready for weight loss supplements quite yet, but there was one time I was shopping with BFF Kissy and tried on a pair of shoes with an ankle strap and the strap didn't fit! It did not go around my ankle with enough room for it to still be able to be buckled in.

Now. Those particular shoes might have just had a shorter than average strap, BUT, it will be horrible if I cannot fit these shoes when they come! They are too cute NOT to wear!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Perfect pair?

Does the perfect pair of shoes exist? I can't see how it ever would. I mean. There are so many occasions, so many different outfits, so many different moods, so no, I don't think there is a perfect pair of shoes out there for a woman to magically stumble upon.

That isn't stopping me from trying though!

I posted a photo on Bluepaintred the other day of me in a pretty blue dress., I was worried that the top would be too..revealing... but according to the internet, the top is fine. NOW, I just need to find a good pair of shoes to wear with that dress.

My most important consideration in a pair of shoes is that they must be comfortable, I've spent a few hours today, literally, two or three HOURS searching women shoes online. I'm kind of looking for something in the wedge family, because the dress is right to the floor, it drags a tiny tiny bit and I would like to wear a wedge to ensure I am not stepping on my hem.

I'd also like something that's in the peep toe family because I really think my toes are quite nice and I don't mind having them on display. Plus, it's a great excuse for me to paint them!

So anyway, I saw some great shoes today. Buuuut. I'm not ready to buy any yet...not quite yet.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Little Reminders

I went into the bedroom this evening to make a call. I was ordering Chinese takeout for dinner. The number was busy, so I decided to call my dad and see how his day had gone. He answered the phone with "Joe's Morgue. You stab 'em, We'll slab 'em". I promptly told my dad that it is just way too soon for me to be hearing morgue jokes from him, seeing as five days ago he was very close to getting his own personalized toe tag!

He told me that he refuses to stop living because he almost died, and that in fact, almost dying has made living to him that more important.

I guess this is just one of the changes, besides the new diet and lifestyle changes, that I will be seeing in dad the coming months.

It's just that it was SO scary, to walk into that room and see him laying on that gurney. I honestly though he was already gone.

And all around me little things keep happening to remind me of that day. I want so badly to forget it but things, like when Micah snuck up behind me the other day, startling me, I yelped " You almost gave me a heart attack" or seeing a woman with a heart shaped pendant at the movie theater tonight.

When will little sayings, or glimpses of heart jewelry, or the sight of an ambulance rushing through traffic stop making me sad?

Tonight at the theater, Micah was putting the ticket stubs in his pocket and said "Oh look what I still have" and pulled out the parking ticket for parking at the hospital dated July Fourth. I almost cried.

It's done. It's over. My dad is home and on the road to recovery. He is more than willing to make the lifestyle changes the doctors want, he is gung ho to follow both the cardiac diet and the diabetes diet. He is getting exercises - slowly because he tires easy, and he is going to be FINE.

But I still flinch every time the phone rings. I reach for it wondering if it is going to be that call again.

When will it stop?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Little dusty round these parts!

Wow! I've been quite around these parts, haven't I? It's OK, it was me, not you!

Lot's and Lot's of stories to tell!

First up, the Story of Herman.

My In-laws have always had good timing, but they really out did themselves this time! You see. Every summer, they invite my niece S down for a week, and take my three boys for the week, and just spend the entire time, hanging out, doing kid related things with them. It's awesome for the parents, its great for the kids to spend quality time with Nana and Papa, and this time, it's been a life saver, an absolute miracle, that they planned their week with the kids for this week.

You see. My father had four heart attacks Saturday Morning, and instead of trying to lose my head finding a place for the kids, I was free to run to my fathers side!

I' was chatting with my inlaws last night and they told me about Herman. Herman came to the Pool with a Rash Guard shirt on that was designed to look like a tuxedo shirt, neon green swim trunks and a baseball cap. He was around my eldest sons age, and that was enough for Parker to go up to him and ask him to play.

Parker has a quirk. If he has not heard a word before, obviously he doesn't understand it, and will substitute another word in its place with no qualms. That quirk came in handy back when he was a LOT younger and we had been listening to a song that has the word "sex" in it. Parker did not recognize the word "Sex" as an actual word, and while singing the song, replaced it with "stuff".

So Parker walks up to Herman, and introduces himself and Herman resonds in the same manner, telling Parker his name is Herman and of course he would like to play with him!

My mother in law said Parker cocked his head to the side, but began to play. A few minutes later, Parker stopped and said" What was your name again?" To which the boy replied "Herman". She told me "Parker was quiet for a second. You could tell he was tring to make sense of what the boy had said, but no matter how he turned it in his head, "Herman" was just not a word he could process.

So Parker asked "Can I just call you Steven?"

And today, when my mother in law took the boys and my niece back to the pool to play, Herman was there, and when Parker yelled "Steven! Come play" He came immediately and the two boys played the whole afternoon, with my mother in law giggling every time she caught Parker saying "Steven".

The end.