Wednesday, January 30, 2008

School Interveiws part the two

Tonight at 5:45 we have PTI with Rainbow Man's teacher. This is our second "official" one, but His teacher and I talk VIA the daily planner, through emails and by phone several times a week.

I make it a point to schedule these official appointments for a time when Hubs can attend with me. I think he deserves to be involved with the schooling of our kids as much as possible. Generally, I am in charge of homework, depending on the subject. I find that even with third grade math I cannot do an adequate job explaining the process, so hubs steps in there and helps.

Since the end of Christmas break almost a month ago, we have been trying different things to get RM to take a bit more responsibility with his schooling. He has issues with forgetting his homework, or, bringing it home and not having a clue what he is supposed to do with it.

Right now we are using a notepad with his class schedule printed on. After each class, RM is to write down what he has not finished, or, if he HAS finished all the work in that class. At the end of the school day, RM signs it and so does his teacher. I have to sign it at home.

In theory it is a good plan. the actions of having to go over the list just before back pack packing time should remind him to bring home subject X y or z. In reality, he still forgets over half of his work at school.

I have only one thing on my agenda this interview, and that is to push for his teacher to allow him to take his back pack into class. This way, instead of writing down what he has to bring home, he can simply say "Oh I still have three spelling questions" and into the bag it goes.

I'd also appreciate it if hubs could got through this interview without spilling coffee on himself. Again

Friday, January 25, 2008

Magical Vacations!

I love looking at all of the hotels Las Vegas has. They really are architectural masterpieces. Sure some of them are garish beyond belief, but every single one of them are an experience.

I remember, during a grade eleven school trip on the way to Disney Land, Stopping for the night in Las Vegas. Our supervisors drove us down the strip and then stopped to let us walk through Freemont street.

Our hotel amazed me, and it was not even one of the big name hotels!

What was cool about it was that the rooms were three stories high and in two parallel lines across from each other. Suspended from the balconies on them was a huge cement pool. There were no support pools under it, and to me it just seemed so magical that it was floating there, mid air!

Confessions of a closet Hypochondriac

I hate reading blogs by people who are sick.

There I said it.

My problem is that as they describe their symptoms and what they are going through I start to believe I have it to the point where I have panic attacks. I can't sleep at night for fear!

Here is a good example. Late last night, using the Stumble tool bar I came across a blog written my a woman who has breast cancer. Immediately I had her symptoms. I knew I should click the X, leave the page and try to forget about her heart wrenching story, but I read on and on. I did [enter random number here] self breast exams, in the shower, sitting, laying down, searching for the lump I knew had to be there.

Thank God there was no lump, but still, I found it really hard to close off my mind to the possibility that night when I tried to fall asleep.

I have taken on symptoms of Irritable Bowel syndrome, restless leg, fibromyalgia and even bad colds, just from reading other peoples posts.

I try my best to not read them, but I think it is like passing a car accident on the highway, I just cannot look away, and int he end I suffer the consequences by spending hours google-ing symptoms, having panic attacks, and suffering from insomnia.

T-Minus Seven days. And Counting

Every winter my in laws desert me for the warmth of Arizona. I dread the weeks they are gone. One very important reason is that in the winter it is really, REALLY cold. I worry about the boys walking to school in minus 35 weather.

The other reason I miss them is that they take the boys - on average - two nights a month, letting me and hubs have quality Alone time together.

It's hard for me to be excited for them when they call to tell us how the planning is going. This year, it's almost like they have bought a second hometo stay in!

They will have a full sized fridge and stove, washing machine and dryer, TV with cable and High Speed Internet access. They are looking forward to going, and I hate to rain on their parade by whining about it...

But I feel how I feel, and how I feel is deserted!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Home Security

When the door bell rings, and lets face it, even when the bell doesn't ring - but a plastic bag blows on the road in front of our house , our very own brand of alarm system monitoring starts barking.

When the kids next door come out to play in the snow, our alarm barks. When the wind blows, and the trees dance in the front yard, our alarm barks.

In the months that we have had Smokey, not once has someone come to the door unannounced.

We still crate her when we leave the house, but very soon I feel that we will be able to trust her loose int he house - just based on how weekends go. Friday and Saturday night, becuase we are able to sleep in if she is rowdy in bed, we let her join us in bed. This morning she stayed in bed with us, with our bedroom door open, until we woke up at 12:30.

There were no things chewed and she had no accidents waiting for us to step in on the floor. I feel that if she can go twelve hours loose and basically unsupervised (me and hubs sleep like the dead) that she will be fine if she is loose while we go for a coffee.

When that time does come, I know that I will feel a lot better about leaving the house empty. You see, her barks are a threat of imminent tongue slurping not bites - but wanna be robbers don't know that!


When we bought our house almost three years ago, all of the exterior lighting worked. Now, int he past month, one by one they have all burned out. This sucks becuase I turn the lights on in the morning to light the way for the little girl I babysit and her dad. Stairs can be slippery int he winter, and light helps!

Why on earth are the sizes of light bulbs not printed inside the fixture or on the light bulb itself? We spent 25 bucks buying light bulbs - cool blue ones - last weekend and this afternoon hubs went out to change them, and what do ya know?

They don't fit!

Want a free MP3 Player?

Of course you don't! And since you don;t I won't be telling you about the blog, Five minutes for Mom who teamed up with Best Buy to give one away.

Nope. This does not interest you at all..

I ..uh.. have to go now....

pee ess This is open to US and canadian residents!

....and then I got High...

Does anyone else remember that song? My cousing used to sing/hum that song all the time. Is it any wonder that he was booked into drug rehab last weekend?

I wonder what part of his addictions the music he listened to had. Was that the last straw when a person is faced with school pressure and pressure from friends?

I wonder why people first invented drugs? Who was the first person to pick up a slime and LSD coated frog and say "I wonder what will happen if I lick this thing?"

The choice was taken from me

Each winter my in laws desert me and run off to Arizona for six to twelve weeks. I hate them for it. A lot.


They tend to take the boys every weekend for a few weeks before they leave to give us time to get things done [insert kissy kissy face here] They took the boys last night and we decided to see a movie.The question was : which of the many movies out there is The One that we really want to see on the big screens. Chances are good that this is the last movie we will go out to see until the in laws get home.

two movies that both of us really wanted to see were Cloverfeild and I am Legend. In th end we decided that Cloverfeild needed to be seen on the big screen more than the other. Except Cloverfeild was SOLD OUT [pls read that with flashing lights] so we had no choice but to see I am Legend.


I am Legend is quite good by the way.

Friday, January 18, 2008

On a Roll

Last week I shelled out three bucks for a scratch lottery ticket. I won five. I paid three bucks for another one, and won ten. Then I paid three bucks and bought another one and won five.

This was on three consecutive days. so I'm up what? i dunno ten bucks? Math is hard for me.

Then my in laws came home and started picking the boys up from school again so I stopped buying tickets but still had the cash in my wallet.

Today I went to get Rainbow Man from school, but first I stopped off and paid three more bucks for a scratch lotto ticket - and won fifty bucks.

I rock!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I need a shower

Last night I had a bath, the first in almost a week. A new record for me! I stopped taking baths to see if the bath and the various things I put in my bath - bubbles, bath bombs, oils and lotions - were aggravating the exema on my arms.

And while I have seen a marked decrease in exema spots, I could not hold out any longer and had a bath last night!

However, when I had my bath, I had hairspray and gel in my hair and the steam has made it stick together in clumps, plus I have been wearing my toque all day (inside too!)

I bought a new shampoo last weekend, a minty kind and while it feels awesome on my scalp, it freaking burns when it gets in my eyes. Why is it I cannot wash my hair without getting soap in my eyes? It's not like I just learned how yesterday!

Ebay makes me Cry

On the 24th of December I bought something off eBay. According to the message I got from paypal, it was shipped on the 27th of December. Pretty darn fast for over the holidays, huh?

It is now the seventeenth of January, ten days shy of a month since it was shipped first class international and I still have not received my order.

I sent a message through the eBay message system to the seller asking if they had a tracking number for my order at nine this morning but have not received a reply. I do not expect a reply, to be honest becuase when I was paying for my order I sent a message to the seller asking them to double check shipping -0 it seemed awful low compared to what other sellers were charging for the same item - I did not get a reply from them at that time.

(ebay sellers are like commodity brokers, when they have something everyone wants they can charge as much as they want for the item and still get it, so I was shocked that while the price of the item was par with the other eBay sellers, the shipping was 1/3 what every one else was charging!)

I wonder what I do? Keep waiting? Try to contact the seller again? Contact eBay?

what would you do?

Monday, January 07, 2008

Wrong. Just Wrong.

My inlaws are getting the newspaper from a friend who is on vacation. Every morning they bring it over to my place - in fact, my father in law just brought todays paper to me.

While there are a lot of ways to read local news online, I do love the paper - not enough to get a subscription though!

A few days ago I read an article in the paper. In the spring of 2007, due to a problem with the cities NOT THE HOMEOWNERS drainage, a bunch of peoples houses were flooded - with sewage.

The city has fixed the problem, the home owners insurance has paid for the fix, and it will not happen again.

The problem is that now the home owners who were flooded - through no fault of their own, who have a written letter from the city for insurance providers explaining about why the flooding happened and what has been done to ensure it does not happen again- the home owners cannot get insurance.

No one, not even SGI, the government owned insurance company will give them coverage.

For some, this is a scary problem, they are not covered from theft, fire, nothing, for others it is even more of an issue.

When we got our mortgage one of the clauses is that we carry home owners insurance on the house. If the insurance lapses, our home will be foreclosed.

I can understand that the companies do not like to pay out to fix things, but they are getting monthly or yearly payments to cover the things they fix. Also, the flooding will not happen again, there was a problem with the city and its inability to deal with spring run off. Its fixed. its done.

At the very least, the insurance companies ought to give them coverage for everything but flood - after all they are refusing them on the grounds of the flood, so why not give them the rest?

I think they are just being cheap bastards and I hope like hell nothing happens to the home owners while their houses are uninsured!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Negative Calorie Diet?

What if there was a way to lose weight and still eat? Apparently there IS. It's called the Negative Calorie Diet. I was tipped off on this by Fantastagirl, she is using supplements as well as following a diet and exercise plan.

You see, there are certain foods that use more calories being digested than they contain - that means you can eat them feel full and by digesting them be left with a caloric deficit.

Lets say a piece of apple pie is five hundred calories, you use up 100 calories digesting the pie but gain 400 to your fat stores (thats a fancy way of saying thighs by the way)

If you eat an apple though, - I know the numbers aren't right just play along - lets say it takes the same 100 calories to digest the apple BUT the apple only contained 85 calories - that means 15 calories are taken away from your fat storage (thighs) to burn the apple.

This is the basis of the Negative Calorie Diet. From a bit of research online I found an actual ebook you can download for 25 bucks that will tell you the 100 foods that contain negative calories. (these are called Thermic vegetables/fruits)

But I am very cheap. No way I am spending 25 bucks for some foods when, with a bit of research I am sure I can find some more.

Just from my conversation with Fantastagirl, I have the basics for a good HEALTHY diet plan - one that will NOT leave me hungry.

Check it out - If you know of any foods that are Negative calories that are not on the list, please tell me!

1. Drink 80 to 100 ounces of water per day

2. Exercise

3. Veggies are:

Green Beans,
snow peas,
etc -

fruits -

4. Meat :
You can eat 8 oz of

all LEAN and not fried or breaded...

5. Salads...

6.You can eat as many "Thermic Veggies as you want - whenever you want

And for dessert : Sugar-Free Jello - any time you want -

Coffee is fine - Black

No where on the list do I see carbs like breads and pasta - this saddens me as I LOVE sandwiches, toasts, and pasta. However, last year I went on a no/low carb diet. It was very high in protein and I took the zero carb rout with it. I lose 15 lbs in a month JUST by cutting out the carbs.

I can see where the Negative Diet has benefits. Being able to chow down on fruits or veggies when I am snackish - which I am constantly will be a huge help with being able to stick with a diet.

this post is quite long. As it is past midnight here I will end this now, But I will keep you updated on how I do on this diet - for example - finding an exercise that works for me - with my back issues will be challenging!

With the no carb diet I had a hard time finding something easy, quick, to eat as a snack.