Thursday, January 17, 2008

I need a shower

Last night I had a bath, the first in almost a week. A new record for me! I stopped taking baths to see if the bath and the various things I put in my bath - bubbles, bath bombs, oils and lotions - were aggravating the exema on my arms.

And while I have seen a marked decrease in exema spots, I could not hold out any longer and had a bath last night!

However, when I had my bath, I had hairspray and gel in my hair and the steam has made it stick together in clumps, plus I have been wearing my toque all day (inside too!)

I bought a new shampoo last weekend, a minty kind and while it feels awesome on my scalp, it freaking burns when it gets in my eyes. Why is it I cannot wash my hair without getting soap in my eyes? It's not like I just learned how yesterday!


Shelli said...

I know I live really close to Canada and all, but what the hell is a toque?

You get soap in your eyes when you wash your hair? I can't remember the last time I did that.

You're so cute!

Coffee Mom said...

try using products in your bath that are naturally scented not artificial scents.
The kids and I get eczema bad especially in the winter and we have scent free laundry soap (purex or Tide Free), bath wash, lotions, etc. But when the rash breaks out I use an over the counter hydorcortizone cream called cortef. KittyGirl just had a bad breakout on her face, her eczema turned to dermititis and this cream cured it within 3 days

Anonymous said...

Oooo, Oooo, Pick Me! I know the answer (and I live really close to Mexico)
Toque is what those ultra-northern types call their keep-my-head-warm-in-cold-weather kind of hats.
(Don't feel bad, Shelli, I only know cuz I asked Blue a while back when she sprung that new word on me!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and, Blue - CLOSE YOUR EYES!
(aren't I helpful?)