Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ebay makes me Cry

On the 24th of December I bought something off eBay. According to the message I got from paypal, it was shipped on the 27th of December. Pretty darn fast for over the holidays, huh?

It is now the seventeenth of January, ten days shy of a month since it was shipped first class international and I still have not received my order.

I sent a message through the eBay message system to the seller asking if they had a tracking number for my order at nine this morning but have not received a reply. I do not expect a reply, to be honest becuase when I was paying for my order I sent a message to the seller asking them to double check shipping -0 it seemed awful low compared to what other sellers were charging for the same item - I did not get a reply from them at that time.

(ebay sellers are like commodity brokers, when they have something everyone wants they can charge as much as they want for the item and still get it, so I was shocked that while the price of the item was par with the other eBay sellers, the shipping was 1/3 what every one else was charging!)

I wonder what I do? Keep waiting? Try to contact the seller again? Contact eBay?

what would you do?

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