Saturday, January 19, 2008

The choice was taken from me

Each winter my in laws desert me and run off to Arizona for six to twelve weeks. I hate them for it. A lot.


They tend to take the boys every weekend for a few weeks before they leave to give us time to get things done [insert kissy kissy face here] They took the boys last night and we decided to see a movie.The question was : which of the many movies out there is The One that we really want to see on the big screens. Chances are good that this is the last movie we will go out to see until the in laws get home.

two movies that both of us really wanted to see were Cloverfeild and I am Legend. In th end we decided that Cloverfeild needed to be seen on the big screen more than the other. Except Cloverfeild was SOLD OUT [pls read that with flashing lights] so we had no choice but to see I am Legend.


I am Legend is quite good by the way.


Anonymous said...

Just as well:
The word from the teenaged male grapevine around here is that Cloverfield is not even worth a discount ticket. And you know how unpicky that demographic is...

Not a Granny said...

You need to talk them into coming to Florida instead of Arizona. That way I can meet them!!