Friday, January 25, 2008

T-Minus Seven days. And Counting

Every winter my in laws desert me for the warmth of Arizona. I dread the weeks they are gone. One very important reason is that in the winter it is really, REALLY cold. I worry about the boys walking to school in minus 35 weather.

The other reason I miss them is that they take the boys - on average - two nights a month, letting me and hubs have quality Alone time together.

It's hard for me to be excited for them when they call to tell us how the planning is going. This year, it's almost like they have bought a second hometo stay in!

They will have a full sized fridge and stove, washing machine and dryer, TV with cable and High Speed Internet access. They are looking forward to going, and I hate to rain on their parade by whining about it...

But I feel how I feel, and how I feel is deserted!

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