Wednesday, January 30, 2008

School Interveiws part the two

Tonight at 5:45 we have PTI with Rainbow Man's teacher. This is our second "official" one, but His teacher and I talk VIA the daily planner, through emails and by phone several times a week.

I make it a point to schedule these official appointments for a time when Hubs can attend with me. I think he deserves to be involved with the schooling of our kids as much as possible. Generally, I am in charge of homework, depending on the subject. I find that even with third grade math I cannot do an adequate job explaining the process, so hubs steps in there and helps.

Since the end of Christmas break almost a month ago, we have been trying different things to get RM to take a bit more responsibility with his schooling. He has issues with forgetting his homework, or, bringing it home and not having a clue what he is supposed to do with it.

Right now we are using a notepad with his class schedule printed on. After each class, RM is to write down what he has not finished, or, if he HAS finished all the work in that class. At the end of the school day, RM signs it and so does his teacher. I have to sign it at home.

In theory it is a good plan. the actions of having to go over the list just before back pack packing time should remind him to bring home subject X y or z. In reality, he still forgets over half of his work at school.

I have only one thing on my agenda this interview, and that is to push for his teacher to allow him to take his back pack into class. This way, instead of writing down what he has to bring home, he can simply say "Oh I still have three spelling questions" and into the bag it goes.

I'd also appreciate it if hubs could got through this interview without spilling coffee on himself. Again


Anonymous said...

If he can't have his backpack in class with him, how about a folder with pockets? PeeChee brand comes to mind. At the end of each subject's time, he just puts the unfinished work in the folder. It wouldn't take up much room and add to the clutter - if that is the teacher's concern. Should be a small step from there to get the folder into the backpack at the end of the day - note, I said SHOULD BE...Hope the meeting goes well.

Lexi said...

Can't have a backpack in class? I've never heard of such a thing....what's the reasoning for that one?

Lexi said...


Coffee Mom said...

I'm glad to see that I am not the only mom going through the same thing. SBW quite often "forgets" his spelling words. He is suppose to get the new ones every friday and then he has a test on the following thursday. Well he "forgot" on friday and he has been sick the past 2 days, so now there is a spelling test today and he hasn't studied.

Is it parent teacher interveiws already???