Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Negative Calorie Diet?

What if there was a way to lose weight and still eat? Apparently there IS. It's called the Negative Calorie Diet. I was tipped off on this by Fantastagirl, she is using supplements as well as following a diet and exercise plan.

You see, there are certain foods that use more calories being digested than they contain - that means you can eat them feel full and by digesting them be left with a caloric deficit.

Lets say a piece of apple pie is five hundred calories, you use up 100 calories digesting the pie but gain 400 to your fat stores (thats a fancy way of saying thighs by the way)

If you eat an apple though, - I know the numbers aren't right just play along - lets say it takes the same 100 calories to digest the apple BUT the apple only contained 85 calories - that means 15 calories are taken away from your fat storage (thighs) to burn the apple.

This is the basis of the Negative Calorie Diet. From a bit of research online I found an actual ebook you can download for 25 bucks that will tell you the 100 foods that contain negative calories. (these are called Thermic vegetables/fruits)

But I am very cheap. No way I am spending 25 bucks for some foods when, with a bit of research I am sure I can find some more.

Just from my conversation with Fantastagirl, I have the basics for a good HEALTHY diet plan - one that will NOT leave me hungry.

Check it out - If you know of any foods that are Negative calories that are not on the list, please tell me!

1. Drink 80 to 100 ounces of water per day

2. Exercise

3. Veggies are:

Green Beans,
snow peas,
etc -

fruits -

4. Meat :
You can eat 8 oz of

all LEAN and not fried or breaded...

5. Salads...

6.You can eat as many "Thermic Veggies as you want - whenever you want

And for dessert : Sugar-Free Jello - any time you want -

Coffee is fine - Black

No where on the list do I see carbs like breads and pasta - this saddens me as I LOVE sandwiches, toasts, and pasta. However, last year I went on a no/low carb diet. It was very high in protein and I took the zero carb rout with it. I lose 15 lbs in a month JUST by cutting out the carbs.

I can see where the Negative Diet has benefits. Being able to chow down on fruits or veggies when I am snackish - which I am constantly will be a huge help with being able to stick with a diet.

this post is quite long. As it is past midnight here I will end this now, But I will keep you updated on how I do on this diet - for example - finding an exercise that works for me - with my back issues will be challenging!

With the no carb diet I had a hard time finding something easy, quick, to eat as a snack.


Mel said...

Good luck! Let me know how it goes! I have been on this diabetic diet since june. I cant eat salads because of the blood clotting meds I am on and there are very few veggies I like so I am turning into a green bean LOL

Shelli said...

That sounds awesome, Blue. The only problem I have is that there are No No foods. I think when you have No No foods, it makes it a little harder to adhere to.

I think you can do it, though. You have awesome will power and you dance a mean DDR. ;)

Fireflower said...

I couldn't live without carbs. The doc I went to for the gestational diabetes told me that I had to eat a certain low level of carbs every day or my insulin injections wouldn't work right. Or I'd go insane. Either way, I was happier with a small amount of "allowed" bad stuff. And I'm rooting for your dieting plans to work out!

Anonymous said...

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vijay said...

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