Saturday, March 29, 2008

Date Night Inadequacies

My new laptop is about a month old. I wish i had paid attention to the dates so that i could shower it with love and attention on it's birthday ... but that is a whole other story.

I was very VERY against windows Vista when I first bought this laptop. I had heard So many bad, horrible and nasty things about it! The first day I used the vista system was annoying, having to make the system accept all the different sites I go to as non-risks. but after a time, and a little fiddling, me and vista began to get along, and get along quite nicely at that!

One thing I love about it is that the icons on my desktop show actual images of what it is. for example, if I am writing a blog post that has multiple images I have downloaded of the internet, instead of searching for, or having to rename as I save them to desktop, now I can just glance and see immediately which image I want to upload. And then again, in reverse, I can see at a glance which thing I want deleted.

Sooo. last night Hubs and I went on a date night, the first one in months (his folks are snow birds and just returned home). We decided to see the National Treasure sequel, (it's WAY better than the first one). But imagine my surprise when one scene of the movie suddenly made my sweet little Vista seem like some barebones computer! I guess though, to be honest, compared to this guys set up, the pentagons computer would seem like a pocket calculator!

Those of you who have already seen the NT movie already know what I am talking about, the scene when he is in the bathroom at the castle and he pulls apart iPods and phones and who knows what else and ends up with this supercomputer that he uses to take over Buckingham Castles security systems!

In any case, I do recommend you see national treasures, especially if you liked the firs tone,a s this one was excellent, but just be prepared for a little gadgetry envy...

As the TV Turns

When I last talked about my plans for a TV mount for the bedroom, I had just found the perfect one! It went on easy, was light weight - but easily held the weight of the TV and it was on these little arms so we could move it left/right/up/down, which was a worry for me becuase I wanted it close to the corner, but becuase of the DVD slot, it had to be X number of inches away.

We were literally days from ordering the new lcd mount (I was waiting for $ to go into my account) when the phone rang. Someone was buying the snakes - finally!

Now that the snakes were going we no longer had a need for the mount. We moved the TV up on the tallboy dresser where the snakes had lived and all is well.

Except I miss the actually idea of a wall mounted TV. It's just cool, you know....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pissed off at facebook

There is an application on facebook called owned. what happens with it is people can buy your photos. Not really buy them, but .. whatever, everything on face book is fake, just pretend you know what I am talking about and pay attention.

When I put owned on my face book I immediately "bought" my BFF Kiss. Then some dick went and out bid me. I bought her back the second I got my out bid on facebook e-mail, but the asshole is not getting the hint. he keeps buying her back and I turn right around and grab her again. I even told him that she was mine but he will not quit.

What the hell am I supposed to do? I refuse to back down, I will own BFF kissy, no doubt about that!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Riddle Me This : Housework Edition

On Sunday, at some time, (NEVER early morning) I clean the kitchen. Dishes are done, floors are swept, counters and handles scrubbed and sterilized with Lysol wipes.

Monday, I wake up with clean counters and a nice shiny sink. I keep up with the dishes all day Monday. Tuesday my goal is to keep my sinks shining. But By Wednesday, the dishes pile up and don't get done until after that days meals are all completed.

By the time Thursday comes, the dishes wait all day..and then all night. By Sunday my sinks are over flowing with dirty dishes and we are running out of spoons. Why spoons, I have no idea.

So, whats with that? I LOVE how my kitchen looks when it is clean. It makes me happy. When my kitchen is clean, my whole house seems so much cleaner. Everything seems possible.

So WHY on earth do I let it slide mid week? What is my issue?

And uh. What is the hourly rate I should be paying you all for letting me lie on your virtual couches?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

If I Won

A few days ago on Bluepaintred I mentioned that we got 4 out of six numbers on a lottery ticket. That equaled 44 dollars. Had we gotten 6 out of 6 we we would have walked away millionaires.

One of my commenter's asked what I would do with millions of dollars.


  • First of all, a family vacation. I'm thinking a Disney Cruise or Disney land. Something fun and kid orientated.
  • Then, when the family vacation was done, I would ship the kids off th the inlaws and go on an adults only vacation. I want to take a cruise. I want to travel the world. I want to swim with sharks.
  • Then I would hire an architect and help them plan the home of my dreams. It's not a huge house. The one we are in now is Five bedrooms, and I could sure use an extra one, and maybe a screened in/ glassed deck. With a hot tub. A pool in the back yard. And! My mother in law has central vac, and in her kitchen, when she sweeps, she does it toward this thingy. When all the dirt is in front of it, she opens it up and it SUCKS the dirt away! like Magic! I want that!
  • I would buy two new vehicles. One for hubs and one for me.
  • And then? I would hire a personal trainer and sign up for one of those services that send you the appropriate meals and snacks for the day.
  • The natural step after my time with the trainer would be SHOPPING! WOOT!! I would buy so many pairs of socks. And thigh high boots. And purses. And nail polish. Lots of nail polish!
Please do not even attempt to tell me that you have not planned out in detail what you would do if you won the lottery. I would never, EVER believe you!

Strike : Over But Who Cares?

So I guess the writers strike is over, but who really cares. There was nothing good on TV last year when they were still all "working"

I guess I should qualify this post with the fact that I rarely watch TV. But then again, one of the reasons I rarely watch it is due to the stupidity of all the shows.

I spent some time thinking about what shows I actually like.

  • Deal Or No Deal. I love this show. I would LOVE to be a contestant on it. And, as an added bonus, unless the commercial lied to me, next Monday the contestant will win the million! (squeee)
  • Smallville Series. But to be totally honest, after season three ended and our cable provider decided to re run season three instead of playing four, we stopped watching it on the television and instead have been buying the seasons as they come out. We watch an episode with the kids every Saturday until it is done (Usually by February - then rent a movie for Saturday nights.)
  • Two and a Half Men. This is a weird show. While I like to watch it, It does not bother me in the least if I am busy online or in the bath and miss a nights episode. Also? It bugs me that every time I see Charlie Sheen I think..isn't he one of the Baldwin Brothers?
  • Family Guy. Of all the cartoons, this is the one I love. Naturally Stewie is my favorite character, actually, I find it extremely doubtful that anyone who watches Family Guy has anyone other than Stewie as their favorite...And my favorite skit? "Mom. Mom. Mom.Mom. Mummy.Mummy.Mummy. Lois.Lois.Lois. Mum ......" Makes me LOL just to think about it!
And really, Thats it. Other than the Smallville series, which , because we buy the season DVD's doesn't count, even the shows in my list I would not cry over if I missed. In fact, I think Family Guy is on every night, but I probably only catch it..oh..maybe three times a week.

What about you? Got a favorite show?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Niles the kid created alien. *EDIT*

Fingers crossed that this video works!1

**begin EDIT**

Ok, I had some unavoidable technical difficulty over at BPR, you see I needed a video for my post tonight and my camera decided it hates me. Which, really? Thats rude. I push her buttons and stare appreciatively at her screen all day long. I make sure she is clean and dry AND I recharge her battery whenever she needs it!

So anyway. The video up there? My camera took a two minute clip and decided it needed to be 89MB. WTF? Seriously? When a video file is that big, it takes HOURS to load into photobucket*, and it will not load on YouTube at all.

Luckily I have Nobody on my side. He sent me a link to a free converter that took that huge ass file from 89MB to 7 MB. While i was busy whining about my video size I loaded it up in bloggers video upload, which, thankfully, is not afraid to handle a big load! Then, I had a link to this post with the video while I converted the file, uploaded it to YouTube and eventually, imported the actual video to the Bluepaintred post.

Oh. I needed The video for this post! Check it out!

*also, apparently photobucket videos do not work on wordpress!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Office Hours? FAIL!

Remember the brat worried about his spacer getting knocked out of his mouth by a ball the day after his spacer had been cemented in.

No? Here, try this time line. It might jog your memory :

Last Monday - Spacer is very loose. RM goes in to have it taken off and re-cemented back on.

Last Tuesday - RM is hit in the face with a ball, Spacer pops off. Again.

Last Wednesday - RM has to miss school to get spacer put back on.

Sunday. Today - Someone who will remain nameless is playing with his spacer and breaks it. However, he only breaks half of it so there is a jagged piece of metal poking around his mouth. Yay.

And of course, the dentist not only does not hold Sunday office hours, they do not have an emergency line. I left a message and hope to get him in on Monday. Because the spacer is broken, they will just be able to remove it. The, another one will have to be made! (yay)

I'm beginning to think that either I need to get his teeth onto an elliptical for some training or the dentist and I need to come up with something other than the kind of spacer he has in. Its just not working. The spacer has come out three times in seven days.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Son, He worries

Rainbow man, Eight, is a constant source of joy, amusement and worry for me. I worry, because he worries.

For example, after six months of pleading and bribing and finally giving up, he got up the guts on his own to go to the dentist and have his dental work taken care of. The work he needed was extensive, and I have never been as proud of him as I was that moment on the chair when I realized he was not going to chicken out (again).

he had three teeth removed and three different appliances put in. On the bottom, he got a large spacer to hold apart the teeth where they had removed them and to push his front teeth back into place.

yesterday he came home from school saying that when he chewed his apple his spacer on the left side kept popping up, but that he was able to push it down.

He went in last night and had the spacer removed and re-cemented on and all was well int he world.

until 12:03 this afternoon when the phone rang. He sounded SO worried, almost close to tears in fact, when he told me that during gym he was hit in the face with a ball and his spacer fell off. After asking are you OK, I immediately laughed, to me, the timing is hilarious, he was JUST in, getting it put back on, but to him, it was the end of the world.

He figured I would be mad, that he dentist would be mad. He worries like that. He was surprised when I laughed, so imagine what he will think when he finds out the receptionist at the dental office laughed too.

He goes back in tomorrow to put it on again. They do say that the third time's a charm, right?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

And the Planning Continues

In just about four years hubs will get an extra two weeks of paid vacation at work. When this happens, we are going on a trip. originally, We had planned for a cruise, but, as horrible as the thought is, Will my Mother and father in law be capable of watching our children while we go off into the sunset?

At the rate things are going, I doubt it. Therefore, we will save the cruise for when the children are much much older, and instead plan an awesome family vacation. I'm not a big fan of Disney, so that is out, but after researching online, I discovered Branson. Well. I personally, Did not discover it, but someone did, and I sure appreciate that they did.

Branson offers a huge variety of things to do.

  • They are the Live music capital of the world
  • Branson has several theme parks - the Silver Dollar City looks especially fun!
  • There are state parks, water rides and Go Karts
  • Caves and caverns are just waiting to be explored AND by the time we can go, all my boys will be old enough to join us on this one!
  • And of course, there is the shopping.
My biggest worry about going on a vacation is the planning. I worry that I will not plan enough money or time. I worry that I will pack the wrong type of clothing and where we will eat.

Branson, though, offers vacation packages for both couples and families.

The package I would buy is the
4 Days/3 Nights
Presidential Condo
2 adult ; 2 kids tickets (ages 4 - 11 yrs) to:
Darren Romeo
Ride the Ducks
Hamner Barber Variety Show

At under 1000 for this packages, it is very affordable, affordable enough that I would be able to extend our stay a few days! There is no way I would go all the way to Branson and miss the Caves, I've always wanted to go Spelunking!

What about you guys? Where do you go when it is time to plan a family friendly vacation?

Friday, March 07, 2008


I just thought you should know that I just baked brownies.

They are very good.

There will be no photographs of said brownies becuase my camera battery is dead and it takes six hours to charge.

No way in hell those brownies will still be around.

Anyone interested in a picture of crumbs?

Down Vrs. Up

A year ago we had only one computer in our house. The desktop that lives downstairs. It was a good computer, but the mobility the laptop provides makes me love it more.

Until this afternoon, I had not touched the desktop computer in probably six months. In fact, I had to go and find a power bar before I could even turn it on. (I needed some photos off the desktop)

I think it is So weird that I got so used to looking at an lcd monitor (on the laptops) That I could barely see on the monitor downstairs.

I tried to use the photo shop program on the downstairs computer, thinking I would be saving myself a step, but when I would click to see a selection, the monitor was so blurry I could not make out the words!

So that got me thinking. Lots of people have jobs that deal with computers, and I think its doubtful that very many people will have the same make and model at home as they do at work, so is it hard to go back and forth from a regular monitor, (I can't think of the proper name for them right now) and an lcd monitor?

Or is it just me?

Headache Questions

In the past week, not a single day has gone by without me having a headache. It feels kind of like a cross between a sinus headache and a stress headache. (you know when your headache is caused by a sore neck - or whatever, your neck feels sore...)

Anyway. I was thinking, Can you get a headache from too MUCH sleep? I know you can get headaches super easy when you are lacking sleep. It just seems that when I have an extra hours sleep in the morning, I am guaranteed a headache.

the one good thing, is that the headaches go away (at least 90%) within an hour of taking Advil or Tylenol.

I have some "female" vitamins in my cupboard that I always forget to take, it says right on the bottle that taking vitamins will increase my energy. And iron pills are the same, right? If you have low iron you are always tired, or am i thinking or something else?

It seems to me that if my headaches are caused by too much sleep, taking some energy pills would do me good in more ways than one. (I always feel very groggy and have no ambition to do ANYTHING when I have slept too long)

Saturday Nights

A long time ago we began a weekly ritual with the boys. Every Saturday night we sit down as a family and watch an episode of Smallville. We but he season DVD's as they come out becuase our cable provider is well known for deciding to not play a show whenever they feel like it. No really. it will be on the listings, saying it is up next, but some other show will go on.

So. A Season's shows only take us to February, so we then switch to renting a movie for Saturday night. The nice thing about this is we can be a bit more lenient with the day we choose as our family night.

For example, tonight, which is Friday will be our movie night - we rented Mr.Magoriums Wonder Emporium - becuase Saturday night My BFF kiss is (finally) off work. (She usually has to work two or three weeks before days off)

basically, I am writing this post to tell you I get to go for Coffee with my BFF on Saturday and I could not be more excited!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

photoshop - I love thee

As of right now, I have next to no clue what I am doing on Photo Shop, but, I am learning. AND, Ree, from Confessions of a pioneer woman is planning on starting a Photo Shop tutorial blog, so I have high hopes!

Smokey has one blue and one brown eye, and every picture we take of her the red eye is ...odd. It is red in her blue eye but blue in her brown eye and my camera - which has auto red eye fix, and my camera programing on the computer have no idea how to fix the problem.

Enter Photo Shop. And yes, I am aware the color I used in her pupil is wrong, but I was trying to get it done in a hurry and just randomly selected a dark color. I will go in later and fix it properly.

I took the above picture 'cus my son is adorable. But then I got photo shop and decided to play with it. I have done this exact photo up in about a dozen different ways, but this one is a favorite of mine. Everything but My sleeping baby is in black and white. (Although, It needs less red in the face...)

Here is a perfect example of why Photo Shop is my latest obsession. This is the straight out of camera shot (SOOC) :

Had I not known the child involved I still would have found this to be a darling photo, but when I run it through Photo Shop, and do a simple color adjustment, THIS is the result

And really? That says it all, doesn't it?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I am trying to get out of a nasty routine I am in.

hubs gets me up at 620 AM and I crawl onto the couch at 625 every morning and fall back asleep until Rainbow man or Drama Girls parents wake me up.

March 28th is my last day with DG (Sigh) so I need to start staying awake.

But right now, all I want to do is go lay down.

Is it cheating if I take my book and a cup of coffee with me to the couch and pretend I am going to read when I know I will end up asleep?


904 Am and I have not been back to sleep! W00T~