Friday, March 07, 2008

Saturday Nights

A long time ago we began a weekly ritual with the boys. Every Saturday night we sit down as a family and watch an episode of Smallville. We but he season DVD's as they come out becuase our cable provider is well known for deciding to not play a show whenever they feel like it. No really. it will be on the listings, saying it is up next, but some other show will go on.

So. A Season's shows only take us to February, so we then switch to renting a movie for Saturday night. The nice thing about this is we can be a bit more lenient with the day we choose as our family night.

For example, tonight, which is Friday will be our movie night - we rented Mr.Magoriums Wonder Emporium - becuase Saturday night My BFF kiss is (finally) off work. (She usually has to work two or three weeks before days off)

basically, I am writing this post to tell you I get to go for Coffee with my BFF on Saturday and I could not be more excited!

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