Saturday, March 29, 2008

As the TV Turns

When I last talked about my plans for a TV mount for the bedroom, I had just found the perfect one! It went on easy, was light weight - but easily held the weight of the TV and it was on these little arms so we could move it left/right/up/down, which was a worry for me becuase I wanted it close to the corner, but becuase of the DVD slot, it had to be X number of inches away.

We were literally days from ordering the new lcd mount (I was waiting for $ to go into my account) when the phone rang. Someone was buying the snakes - finally!

Now that the snakes were going we no longer had a need for the mount. We moved the TV up on the tallboy dresser where the snakes had lived and all is well.

Except I miss the actually idea of a wall mounted TV. It's just cool, you know....

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